CJ-3B and M606 Military Jeeps


Pages on this website featuring photos and information on the military version of the CJ-3B Universal Jeep:

Military Jeeps in the Congo -- unprecedented archival photo series.

CJ-3B Jeeps in Vietnam -- pages of photos from soldiers and journalists.

Military High Hood Questions: CJ-3B or M606? -- what are the differences?

M606 Military Jeep Specifications -- summary of the principal features.

M606 Military Jeep Parts List -- rare surviving copy.

U.S. Army CJ-3B Still in Service -- parade Jeep at Fort Leonard Wood.

U.S. Army 1M 0599 -- restored to original olive drab.

U.S. Army MP Jeep -- unique 1965 photo.

General Davisson's Parade Jeep -- White Sands Missile Range, 1968.

1964 U.S. Army CJ-3B -- unrestored example.

Joe Caprio's 1964 U.S. Navy CJ-3B -- award-winning restoration.

Joe Notte's 1964 U.S. Navy CJ-3B -- ancestor of the Hummer.

U.S. Navy Crash Jeep Prototype -- what happened to "Little Squirt"?

Building a U.S. Air Force CJ-3B -- Strategic Air Command clone.

U.S. Air Force CJ-3B -- 1964 Jeep from Dover AFB restored.

Royal Canadian Navy Jeep -- finally we have a photo.

1958 Australian Army CJ-3B Trials -- report of deficiences now declassified.

Royal Australian Air Force Jeeps -- exclusive photos on the tarmac.

Two RAAF Brothers -- Air Force Jeeps restored and paraded.

Australian Army Ambulance -- long-wheelbase 1958 CJ-3B-L restored.

Jeeps of the Irish Defence Forces -- including 2017 restoration in UN paint.

The Carnation Revolution -- Jeeps and armored cars of the 1974 coup in Portugal.

Danish Army Jeep -- 1956 Willys with original accessories.

Armored M606 Jeeps -- 1970 photo from the Philippines, and more.

Operation Delaware -- M606 Jeeps in Iran, 1964.

Swiss Army Jeeps -- lots of Willys CJs, plus M38A1C gun Jeeps.

Swiss Army Night Maneuvers -- video from a 1955 newsreel of an all-night Jeep rally.

Swiss Army on Parade -- from Cold War television broadcasts.

1962 Military Jeep Restoration -- Swiss Jeep found in the Netherlands.

1953 Swiss Army CJ-3B -- parts replaced and repainted.

1956 Swiss Army CJ-3B Restoration -- including extensive bodywork.

Mitsubishi CJ3B-J4 Military Jeeps -- including the ambulance version.

Mitsubishi Military Jeep Photos -- around the Pacific, 1961-2001.

CJ3B-J4 Jeeps in J4 Magazine -- including the cutaway drawing.

Evaluation Of Diesel Engined Jeep (Japan) -- 1967 U.S. Army test report.

"Tall Hood Jeeps" from Military Vehicles -- history and the supernatural.

M606 Photos From Argentina -- remarkable historical photos.

1966 M606 in Argentina -- Jeep and trailer of Luis Mariano Paz.

M606 Displays in Argentina -- photos from the AACVM.

Malvinas M606 -- the lone flatfender of the 1982 Falklands War.

Ejercito Argentina 22071: 1967 M606 -- -- restored in camo.

Spartan Simplicity: 1966 M606 -- including a useful checklist under the hood.

The End of the CJ-3B: 1967 M606 -- one of the last high hoods.

Chilean Marine Corps Jeeps -- and what they were doing on Easter Island.

M606 Jeeps Escort JFK -- President Kennedy in Costa Rica, 1963.

Kaiser M606 in Brazil -- restored as used by the Brazilian Army.

The Blue Caps -- Hotchkiss and Delahaye Jeeps in Algeria, 1957.

Military Jeeps in Spain -- large numbers of VIASA and EBRO CJ-3Bs.

Spanish Army Diesel CJ-3B -- some surplus Jeeps escaped to England.

Royal Netherlands Air Force Jeep Ambulances -- CJ-3A and CJ-3B.

Military Jeeps in the Netherlands -- military CJ-3Bs and M38A1s.

Ecuadorian Army -- on parade in Quito in the 1950s.

UN Jeeps in the Sinai Peninsula, 1956-79 -- Peruvian M606, Danish 3B, and more.

Peacekeepers Go to War -- background on Jeeps in the Congo, 1960-1964.

Mercenaries vs. Rebels -- background on Jeeps in the Congo, 1964-1965.

Army Adapts to Guerilla War -- Willys CJ-3Bs vital in Angola, 1961.

Jeeps at War in Angola -- Lt. Oliveira and the Portuguese Army.

Military Jeeps in India -- restoration of military Mahindras.

Mahindra Jeeps at War -- photos from India.

Yugoslav Army Jeep -- 1966 Mahindra CJ-3B in Slovenia.

The Last Turkish Army CJ-3Bs -- Tuzla Willys Jeeps going out of service.

Turkish Jeeps in Army Service -- variations from the Tuzla Jeep factory.

Turkish Invasion of Cyprus, 1974 -- CJ-3B Jeeps in action.

The Military CJ-4M Prototype -- The Missing Link (continued) by Jim Allen.

The CJ-4MA Military Ambulance -- prototype found in a barn.

1953 24-Volt CJ-3B? -- mystery Jeep in Tennessee.

The Military Look -- Jim Boswell builds big Willys toys.

1954 Military Police Jeep -- imaginative restoration.

You're in the Army Now -- Len Davis restores a 3B as an M606.

Things Are Not Always What They Seem -- imitation military high hoods.

CJ-3B Restored as M606 -- Jens Buus finishes his 1953 project in South Africa.

Gone Military in Brasil -- 1954 civilian CJ-3B restored in Santa Catarina.

The CJ-3B in the Movies -- real and fake military Jeeps.

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