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Military historian Leif Hellström in Sweden has compiled a detailed and authoritative account of the use of Jeeps in the Congo conflict of the early 1960s. This complex and brutal war was unusual in a number of ways, including the fact that all sides in the conflict (including United Nations peacekeepers who became directly involved in the fighting) made use of interesting and varied collections of Jeeps. This 18-part series will draw on information and photos collected by Leif over decades, and is the largest research project published to date on CJ3B.info. -- Derek Redmond

Table of Contents

Introduction -- and Map of the Congo

Belgian Congo flag
Part 1: The Early Years -- The Belgian Congo to 1960

Republic of Congo flag 1960-63
Part 2: Going Into Decline -- Congo Central Government 1960-64

Katanga flag
Part 3: The Baluba Campaign -- Katanga 1960-1961

Katanga flag
Part 4: Katangese Armored Jeeps -- Katanga 1960-1961

Katanga flag
Part 5: Fighting the UN -- Katanga 1961-1963

UN flag
Part 6: ONUC Flatfenders -- Peacekeeping in the Congo, 1960-1964

UN flag
Part 7: ONUC Round-fenders -- Peacekeeping in the Congo, 1960-1964

Indian Army flag
Part 8: Indian Contingent -- Peacekeeping in the Congo, 1960-1964

UN flag
Part 9: ONUC Air Division -- Peacekeeping in the Congo, 1960-1964

Congo flag
Part 10: Standard M606s -- Congolese Central Government 1964-1966

Watch for additional pages to be added -- we are now planning 17 parts in this series.

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