CJ-3B Jeeps in Vietnam


Jeeps in Vietnam, 1961-1975 -- CJ-3B, M606 and J4

High Hoods in Vietnam: A Soldier's View -- Jeeps on the street.

High Hood Jeeps In Country: More Vietnam Photos -- everyday life, and death.

Street Scenes from Vietnam -- including the Willys Cargo-Personnel Carrier.

Life Goes On -- Saigon photos including great aerial shot of Tan Son Nhut Air Base.

100 CJ-3B Jeeps in Vietnam -- gifts from Michigan State University.

Sky Soldier Clones Vietnam Jeep -- Johnnie Peoples' memories inspire restoration.

CJ-3B Photos From Vietnam, 1968 -- recoilless rifles and the Battle of Hué.

Presidential Jeep in Vietnam -- and other Mutual Defense Assistance CJ-3Bs.

CJ3B-J4 Military Jeeps -- built by Mitsubishi in Japan, including the ambulance.

CJ3B-J4 Jeeps in Vietnam -- imaginary news clipping.

Jeeps in Vietnam, 1963-64 -- photos from the early days of the war.

3-Star General's CJ-3B on Parade -- customized Kaiser Jeep for reviewing the troops.

Cloning President Thiệu's CJ-3B -- parade Jeep in New Jersey.

LIFE Photographs CJ-3Bs in Vietnam -- pictures from great photojournalists.

Good Morning Vietnam -- a CJ-3B stars in the movie.

The Deer Hunter -- glimpses of CJ-3Bs in this classic.

A Bright Shining Lie -- Jeeps in the 1998 HBO film.

Platoon -- snorkel and sandbags on a high hood.

Fire Jeeps in Vietnam -- Wagoneer, MUTT, 6x6.

See also an M606 Model Kit and CJ3B-J4A Model Kit -- 1/35-scale Vietnam-era Jeep models.

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