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CJ3B-J4C Ambulance
The Willys CJ-3B was not the only high-hood Jeep used by theU.S. military. In the Vietnam era, the U.S. Army deployed Jeepsmanufactured by Mitsubishi in Japan, known as the CJ3B-J4 and CJ3B-J4C.

The picture above shows a CJ3B-J4C modified as an ambulance. It's a pretty ungainly-looking vehicle, with its extended-clearance top. And check out the rear view (below), with the doghouse added at the back, to enclose a stretcher. The J4C was a thoroughly military vehicle, however -- it had lifting shackles front and rear, and a 24V electrical system, unlike the CJ3B-J4 and the Willys CJ-3B.

See color photos of the J4C ambulance in the field, in High Hoods in Vietnam: A Soldier's View.

Ambulance Rear View

The rest of the photos on this page are taken from the Field Maintenance Manual for Truck, Utility, 1/4 ton, 4x4 Model CJ3B-J4, from U.S. Army Depot Command, Japan, August 1967. It superseded earlier technical manuals dated 1960 and 1961.

Mitsubishi started building military CJ-3Bs as early as 1953, and the J4 version debuted in 1956. The J4C was added in 1958, and both were produced into the late 1960s, when they were replaced by the J54A, which had essentially the same body, but with a 2.7 L 4DR5 diesel engine.

CJ3B-J4 rear viewThis photo shows the basic CJ3B-J4, powered by the MitsubishiJH4 version of the 2.2 L Hurricane engine, which had specs almostidentical to the Willys version. There are a number of visible minordifferences between this Jeep and the Willys, including headlightguards, towing hook at left front, dual rear-view mirrors, ventedtwo-piece windshield, and tool indents below the passenger door. The J4,like the Willys, had a 12V electrical system.

CJ3B-J4 front view

See a photo of the J4 at the Aberdeen testing ground, taken during U.S. Army testing.

The J4 was of course also used by the Japanese Army. Jeep fans in Japan have produced a perfect reproduction of the CJ3B-J4 manual, similar to the Willys MB manual, and carried in all J4's in the Japanese Army. Contact Morihisa Ochi (mutt@sage.ocn.ne.jp) for information.

Armor kitThe U.S. Army also documented an "Armor Adaptation Kit" for the J4.

Thanks to Mori for providing information for this page. -- Derek Redmond

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