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Here are some photos of surplus Argentinian military M606 Jeeps, restored and enjoyed by members of the Asociacion Argentina de Coleccionistas de Vehiculos Militares. These vehicles were built by Kaiser in the U.S., and exported in the mid-1960s. Many of them date from 1966 and 1967, a period when virtually all CJ-3B-type Jeeps being produced by Willys were apparently exported as military aid. (The AMC production figures show 9,428 CJ-3Bs built from 1966-68, and the CJ3B.info survivors list includes very few currently in North America.)


Six M606s

On 19 March 2017, the AACVM took a road trip to the Camp Mayo military base northwest of Buenos Aires. Six M606s were in the middle of the 19-vehicle convoy visiting Army Aviation Command, which is one of a number of units based at Camp Mayo. Click the photo above for a copy large enough to see the Jeeps ahead of the high hoods: 3 MBs and a GPW, M38A1 and M170 ambulance.

Six M606s

Luis Mariano Paz's 1967 M606 leads the half-dozen high hoods, with a string of other 1/4-tons behind, including 4 Mercedes Gelandewagens, a VW Iltis, an M151A2, and an M101.

M101The M101 is a unique Argentinian military Jeep, based on the version of the CJ-5 built by Industrias Kaiser Argentina.


LopezMaximiliano Lopez took the top off his Jeep to enjoy the sun and sand dunes of the Atlantic coast. Restored over four years by Maximiliano, this Jeep has original engine no. 4J398716 and serial no. 8105-130005.

ClarkeSome of the M606s carry functioning radio equipment. This M606 is owned by Felipe Clark, president of the AACVM.

ParadisoThis 1967 M606, restored by Miguel Paradiso, has original engine no. 4J449852 and serial no. 8105-139224. See a front view photo (70K JPEG). The original bolt holes for the side-mounted spare tire bracket can be seen, but Miguel installed a tailgate from another M606, with M38-style tailgate-mounted spare tire. Apparently some of the M606s arrived in Argentina in the mid-1960s equipped with the rear-mounted spare.

The RT68 radio, MP50 antenna base, and MP57 antenna were installed in some of these M606s, but were removed before the Jeeps were sold as surplus. Miguel located and re-installed the equipment as part of his three-year restoration.

Three M606sHow about this great shot of three M606s looking like they're back in service. They belong (left to right) to Miguel Paradiso, Maximiliano Lopez, and Hector Delia.

The circular insignia on Hector's Jeep is Argentina's national colors. See a closer photo of the right side (50K JPEG) including the fuel can rack.


Front viewDecember 8, 2000: the year-end meeting of the Asociacion Argentina de Coleccionistas de Vehiculos Militares. December marks the beginning of summer in Argentina, and the temperature averages 25 to 35 degrees centigrade, so it was a great opportunity for four M606-owners in the AACVM to line their Jeeps up, put the tops down, and admire each others' work. Note that two of the Jeeps have their spare tires mounted on the rear.

Side viewThese photos were taken by Luis Mariano Paz of Buenos Aires, who says they are all in quite original condition. Left to right, they are:

  1. 1966 M606 (Luis' Jeep -- see also more photos)
  2. 1967 M606 (repainted sand by the Argentinian army)
  3. 1967 M606 (with RT 68 radio equipment)
  4. 1964 M606


FaitaA closer look at Luis Faita's 1967 Jeep, with a jerry can bracket mounted on the passenger side. Photo taken at the same AACVM meet, held at the Gral Lemos Parade Square.

With M38A1sTwo M38A1s, as well as other vehicles belonging to members of the AACVM, were included in the display. The organization, inspired by similar associations in other countries, was formed in 1997, with the objective of preserving military vehicles as part of the history of Argentina.

Ejercito Argentino imported approximately 250 M606 Jeeps between years 1964 and 1967, as well as many M38A1 and twenty M170 Jeeps.

M38A1, M606Luis Mariano Paz says, "All the vehicles arrived painted olive drab, and later some were painted the terroso brown color with olive spots, like the M606 in this photo, from year 1967.

"Espero que de esta manera los dueños de otros M606 de la argentina se puedan contactar conmigo y formar una gran Asociacion."

Thanks to Luis Mariano Paz and the other Jeep owners in the AACVM for these photos. -- Derek Redmond

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