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Willys Parts Sources are now on their own page of links.

Rick's Home Made CJ-3B Jeep is in Washington.
53 Willys is in Vermont.
Randy's '53 CJ-3B is in Oregon.

Don's Jeep Garage is a CJ-3B project in Australia.
Chet Couvillon's "Agent CJ-3B" video is on YouTube.
1964 Kaiser Jeep CJ3B Dually is a modified former US Army Jeep.

Early high hoods in Spain: Willys-Viasa MB-CJ3B.
Club Jeep Willys Clasico de España is the Willys Club in Spain.
Jeep VIASA CJ-3B covers a Spanish model, in Italy.

A 1967 Mahindra CJ-3B Restoration in India.
Interesting story about an extra-long wheelbase Mitsubishi in Thailand.

Makoto's Jeep Catalogue Collection has Mitsubishi and Willys literature.
Hideo Yoshii's Jeep Forever has photos of his J53 in Japan.

Other Willys/Kaiser Jeep Web Sites

The CJ-2A Page is devoted to the earliest civilian Jeeps.

The CJ-3A Page and CJ-3A Information Page cover CJ-3As.

Farm Jeep and JeepChasm also cover early Jeeps.

Jeep f@mily is Hubert Cossard's amazing collection of drawings of all models.

eWillys collects info on Willys Jeeps for sale, plus other features.

Jeep DJ5 collects info on the 2WD Jeeps.

Richard Grover's Willys Jeep Trucks site includes Station Wagons.

Art Contoni has a Bantam Trailer Page.

The M38A1 Restoration Site is devoted to the military 1/4-ton of the 1950s.

G503: The WWII Military Jeep Website is headquarters for the MB and GPW.

Early Prototype Civilian Jeeps is Todd Paisley's collection.

FC Connection and Jeep Pickups cover trucks.

JeepWillysWorld.com has a big collection of Willys Jeep literature.

SellAJeep.com has Jeeps for sale and features including a listing of Jeep shows.

Willys Jeep Bulletin Boards and E-mail Lists

International Flat Fender Club has chapters around the world.
The Willys Tech e-mail group covers all classic Willys Jeeps and has a parts for sale board.
The CJ-2A Page has a CJ-2A Message Board.
CJ-3A, DJ-3A and CJ-3Bs at the 3A and 3B Community.
For CJ-5 and Dauntless V6 postings, see the Early CJ-5 Bulletin Board.
The Old Willys Forum is dedicated to wagons and pickups.
For other CJ and military Jeeps, see the G503 Message Boards.
The Bantam Trailer forum covers Jeep trailers.

See Willys Parts Source Links now on their own page.

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