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Scroll down to see all the tech pages available on this site. With Ken Bushdiecker's help, I have reorganized the Tech Tips according to the Group numbers from the Willys Parts List, which we hope will make it easier to find what you're looking for. You can also Search for your topic. -- Derek Redmond

Factory drawing


Dimensions and Service Specs

Serial Numbers


Paint and Trim

Operation and Restoration


Tech Tips (organized by Parts List Groups)

Elbow grease

Group 10: Engine

Group 11: Clutch

Group 12: Fuel System

Group 13: Exhaust System

Group 14: Cooling System


Group 15: Electrical

Group 16: Instruments

Group 17: Transmission

Group 18: Transfer Case

Group 19: Propeller Shaft

Group 20: Front Axle

Group 21: Rear Axle

Group 23: Steering

Parking brake

Group 24: Brakes

Group 25: Wheels

Group 26: Frame

Group 27: Springs

Group 28: Bumpers

Group 29: Fenders

Group 30: Hood


Group 31: Body

Group 32: Tools

Group 35: Special Equipment and Accessories

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