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Dimensions and Service Specs

Factory drawing

CJ-3B Specifications and Information Sources

Hurricane Engine Specs and Photos

CJ-3B Drawings and Dimensions

M606 Military Jeep Specifications

Willys Service Standards, 1952-54 Models

Willys Four: A.E.A. Adjustment Standards

Chek-Chart Willys 4 Service Instructions

Willys Engineering Dept. Calculations: CJ-3B and CJ-4

F4-134 Engine Horsepower and Torque

80" Wheelbase CJ Frame Progression -- changes from 1945 to 1965.

The CJ-3B Bookshelf -- brief reviews of lots of books mentioning the 3B.

Serial Numbers

VIN tag

Surviving CJ-3B Jeeps -- the serial number list!

CJ-3B Serial Numbers and Production Figures

Willys Production Figures 1945-61

Plotting Engine Numbers

1954 CJ-3B OB Serial Numbers

Kaiser Jeep 1960-67 Serial Numbers

Kaiser CJ-3B Serial Number Questions

Production Figures from AMC, 1977

Dating a CJ-3B by Interior Details

CJ-3B Frame Numbers

Where Are the CJ-3Bs? -- a map of Jeeps in all 50 U.S. states.

Willys Australia Serial Numbers -- factory records of 1200 1958 Jeeps.



Links to Parts Dealers on the Web

Jeep Parts Interchange List

CJ-3B Parts Illustrations

CJ-3B Pricing and Factory Options

1955 CJ-3B Details: A Photo Reference

Parts Change Service Bulletins, 1960-63

Hubbard's Halfcabs CJ-3B FAQ

Hubbard's Halfcabs 1954 NOS Parts

Sears Jeep Parts Catalog

Correct Fasteners for the CJ-3B

Willys-Overland Parts Boxes -- the old blue boxes.

1946-1978 CJ Bearing Identification -- part numbers for bearings.

M606 Military Jeep Parts List -- a lot of little differences from the standard CJ-3B.

Paint and Trim


Willys Paint Samples, 1953-54

Willys Paint Samples, 1955-58

Willys Paint Samples, 1959-65

Matching Your Jeep's Paint Color

4 Wheel Drive Tailgate Stencil

Engine Paint and Decals

Original Yellow Paint? -- rarely seen.

Spud Goes Green -- a trip to the paint shop.

Fred the Stretched 3B -- into the paint shop.

CJ-3B Seats -- early and late.

CJ-3B Upholstery -- early and late.

Operation and Restoration

Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About CJ-3B Speed -- and then some.

A Rebuild Diary -- a must-read before a first restoration.

To Upgrade or to Restore -- a small debate.

What Percentage Stock? -- what does original mean?

Towing a CJ-3B --- flat towing or trailer?

Driving in 4-Wheel Drive -- shifting and techniques.

Mach 1 in a 3B? -- how fast is safe?

Legendary X98 Brought to Life -- off-road clearance tips.

20 Cubic Feet of Firewood -- hauling wood and roadside repairs.

ICON CJ3B -- the 2010 replica vehicle.

Importing a Jeep Into North America


Tech Tips (organized by Parts List Groups)

Group 10: Engine

Elbow grease

Hurricane Engine Specs and Photos

Rebuilding an F-head Engine -- pages 1-8.

Hurricane Rebuilding Tips

Valve Adjustment on the F-134 Hurricane

More Engine Tips: Valves and Camshafts

Camshaft Gear Installation -- finding TDC.

Static Timing the F-head -- getting it running.

Timing and Tune-Up Tips

Engine Troubleshooting -- where to start.

Dye Penetrant Testing -- checking for cracks.

Engine Service Bulletins, 1960-61 -- head gaskets, PCV, valves.

Engine Oil for the Willys F-head -- viscosity and formulation.

Low and High Oil Pressure

Oil Level Indicator -- the dip stick.

Oil Filters for the CJ-3B


Dying Under Load: A Detective Story

Crankcase Ventilation

Hurricane Engine in a Low-Hood Jeep

Starting Up a Sitting Engine

Cold Weather Tips -- starting or storing.

Removing Broken or Rusty Bolts/Nuts/Studs

Engine Removal

V6 Engine Conversion Manual

Engine Swap Suggestions

Pinto Turbo in a CJ-3B

Homemade High Hood Gets Turbo Diesel

Group 11: Clutch

Clutch Tech Tips -- pulling the clutch, upgrading linkage, cable lubrication.

Group 12: Fuel System


Repairing or Replacing a Fuel Tank

Adding a Passenger-Side Gas Tank

Fuel Line Tech Tips -- installation, filters, electric pump.

Fuel Pump Tech Tips -- reassembly and the spacer.

Carter YF Carburetor Service Information

YF Carburetor Overhaul Tips -- from Jon Hardgrove.

A Tale of Two Carbs -- Parts 1 & 2.

Solex Replacement Carburetor

Solex Carburetor Tips

High Altitude Performance Enhancement

Cleaning the Air Cleaner

Easy Air Filter Element Fix -- synthetic replacement.

Group 13: Exhaust System

Group 14: Cooling System

Cooling System -- thermostat, bypass hose, water pump.

Fan Shroud -- make your own.

Group 15: Electrical


Battery and Starter Wiring

Starter Problems -- rebuilding, replacement, and switches.

Generator Regulator Troubleshooting

Installing an Alternator

Am I Getting Spark? -- ignition basics and troubleshooting.

Distributor Tech Tips -- identification and oiling.

Distributor Installation -- post-1954 Service Manual correction.

F-head Ignition Tech Tips -- coil, plugs, electronic ignition.

Mitsubishi Electronic Ignition -- 1990's distributor for F-head.

Hot Wire Box -- Jyotin's remote ignition switch.

Delco-Remy Electrical Parts -- standard in 1959-60.

Early Civilian Jeep Taillights


Wiring a Signal Stat Turn Signal Switch

Replacing the Wiring Harness

A Visit to Vintage Wiring of Maine

Wiring the Horn Button

Jeep Horns

Converting a 6-Volt Jeep to 12-Volt

Front Turn-Signal Sockets

Bulb and Fuse Numbers -- Owner's Manual insert, 1957.

Group 16: Instruments


Fuel and Temperature Gauge Fixes

DJ-3A (and CJ-3B) Speedometers

Group 17: Transmission

T90 Transmission Tips

T90 Pilot Bushing Removal

T90 Transmission Variations

T98a Transmission -- four-speed.

Tranny and TC Leaks

1946-1978 CJ Bearing Identification

Group 18: Transfer Case

Transfer Case Rebuilding -- Spicer 18 intermediate shaft.

Transfer Case Tech Tips -- Spring replacement, gear choices.

Group 19: Propeller Shaft

Group 20: Front Axle


Willys Front Axle Tips -- identification, replacement.

Lubricating the Steering Knuckles -- and axle joints.

1946-1978 CJ Bearing Identification

Group 21: Rear Axle

Lubricating Your Jeep -- steering, wheels, water crossings.

Axle Advice -- broken axles, gear ratios, shims, lockers.

"Powr-Lok" Differential Service Bulletin -- service information from 1960.

Two-Wheel-Drive Low Range and Drivetrain Strength -- slippage factor, breaking strength.

Group 23: Steering

Steering Tech Tips -- linkage, steering box rebuild.

Lubricating the Steering Knuckles -- and axle joints.

Steering Wheel Removal -- solutions for a tough problem.

Bradford Willys Steering Wheel Puller Torture Tested -- you can now buy the tool.

Steering Checkup -- looking for loose linkage.

Tie Rod Reinforcement -- and front-end alignment.

Saginaw Steering Conversion -- great solution but not easy.

Reverse Steering Gear Conversion -- Ford steering gear.

Details of a Right-Hand-Drive Universal Jeep -- in Australia.

Group 24: Brakes

Parking brake

Willys 9" Brake Adjustment

Parking Brake Cable

Master Brake Cylinder Tips

Dual-Reservoir Master Cylinder

11" Brake Upgrade

Brake Lines and Pedals

Disc Brake Options

Vacuum Brake Booster

Group 25: Wheels

Brake Drum and Hub Removal


Tires and Rims -- selecting and mounting them.

Tires For Your CJ-3B

1960 Tire Application Service Bulletin

Tire Air Pressure

Ladies Love Duallies -- installing DRW's.

Group 26: Frame

Frame Modifications for Off-Roading

Frame Repair on a 1956 CJ-3B

CJ-3B Body on a CJ-5 Frame

Frame Painting

80" Wheelbase CJ Frame Progression

Group 27: Springs

Softening the Suspension

Spring Levelling Tips

Wrangler Spring Conversion

Group 28: Bumpers

Bumper Replacement -- front and rear fabrication.

Group 29: Fenders

Broadside, 1964

Group 30: Hood

Weak Points in the Hood

Hood Fixes

CJ-3B Hood Blocks

Modified Australian Hood Blocks

Group 31: Body

Radiator Guard

Find and Repair an Original Tub

Body Removal and Mounting

Reproduction Tub Reviews

Grades of Repro Tubs

Improving the Repli-Tub

Fiberglass Tubs and Body Parts

Jeep Tubs From Scratch

Dashboard Solutions for a Repro Body

Tailgate Construction, Dating and Authentication

Floor Panel Replacement

Body Repair on a 1956 CJ-3B

Fred the Stretched 3B

Rust Removal


On Restoration: Book Reviews

Dating a CJ-3B by Interior Details

CJ-3B Seats

CJ-3B Upholstery

Early CJ Rear Seats

Re-Covering Jeep Seats

More Legroom in a CJ-3B

Adapting a CJ-5 Rear Seat For a CJ-3B

Build Your Own Rear Seat

Build a Center Jump Seat

Windshield Wiper Problems

Manual Wiper Conversion and Repair

Windshield Glass Installation

Finding the Jeep Drain Hole Plug

Jeep Steps

Spare Tire Vibration Dampener

Spare Tire Mount

Group 32: Tools

The Flatfender Toolbox

Tools to Carry in Your Jeep

Original Jack and Lug Wrench

Group 35: Special Equipment and Accessories

Harry Shank's Steering Headlight

Safety Belt Installation

CJ-3B Pricing and Factory Options -- including current values.

Farm Jeeps


Early Civilian Jeep Hardtops -- twelve pages.

Retrofitting a Koenig Jeep Hardtop

Willys-Overland Canvas Tops

Folding and Vinyl Tops

Reproduction Canvas Tops

1955 Willys Canvas Top Bows

Installing a Soft Top

Willys Canvas Tops Made in Colombia

Vinyl Canvas Jeep Cover -- protective storage.

Jeep Body Extenders -- cargo space.

Tailgate Spare Tire Mount -- factory option.

Swing-Away Spare Tire Carrier -- welding project.

Center-Opening Tailgate Rack -- the Yipao Tailgate System.

CJ Folding Tire Carrier -- folds down.

Jeep Burglar Alarm

Heater Tech Tips -- including the hoses.

Restoration of a Fresh-Air Heater


Windshield Defroster -- OEM or repro.

Original Equipment Heater, Canada, 1964

K & K Mower Bar and Snowplow

Jeep-A-Trench Trencher

Running a Bush Hog From a Jeep PTO

Ramsey Capstan Winch

Koenig PTO Winch Tips

Using a PTO Winch

Koenig R100J Crankshaft Winch

Winch Wars -- comparing PTO and winch installations.

Overdrive Tech Tips -- finding the right OD.

Connecting a Snowblower -- Canadian conversion.


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