Jeep Burglar Alarms


Burglar alarm Gary Keating wrote, "I've been rummaging through some boxes in the garage and came across this item. It's an unopened box containing a Jeep Burglar Alarm. On the label it says:

Trade Mark Registered
Manufactured expressly for:
Willys-Overland Motors Inc.
Patented USA #1,731,981 Others Pending

"It's a great collector piece as is. By rocking the box, I can feel a motion-sensing device inside, so that's the premise on how it works, by detecting motion when someone is messing with your pride and joy. Probably connects to the horn.

"I would guess its age around the early to mid-50's but no date on the box or any other markings. No manufacturer named either."

Other Jeep Security Ideas?

Brandon asked on the CJ-3B Bulletin Board: "With no locking doors, and as simple as the ignition is, what is to stop someone from running off with it? What are some security tips? I am curious to see what others are doing. How do I protect my baby?"

Nick: "I have a 'kill switch' to prevent the engine from turning over. It's connected to one of the battery cables. It's in a good place so hopefully it would prevent/slow down a theft. I also use a steering wheel lock. My friend uses a valve in his fuel line to cut the flow of fuel. Park next to more appealing vehicles (if there is such a thing...)"

Idaho City Police
Would this work? Seen in Idaho City.
Sergio: "Apart from a battery cutoff (relatively visible in my case,) what I do when the 3B is parked outside any secure place, is simply to take the distributor rotor with me. I agree it takes one minute, but it will never start. I keep a pair of light gloves in the glovebox to keep my hands clean."

Peirce: "Get a crook lock for the steering wheel that mounts to the brake pedal. It's visible and is a deterrent. I also have a battery quick-disconnect switch which keeps the battery fresh too."

Bruce W.: "Someone once said something about an eye-bolt in the dash and a chain link welded to the shift lever, so a padlock could be used to lock the Jeep in reverse. When I was driving M151's for Uncle S., we looped a chain thru the seat frame & steering wheel with a padlock. In my '50 Merc, I ran a wire from the disconnected cigar lighter to the dist. side of the coil (I don't smoke). When the lighter was pushed in it would ground the coil, so no start. There's not enough current thru the coil to heat the lighter, so it would not pop out. Some PO put a lighter in my 3B, so that's what I'm going to do with it."

Wes K.: "I just moved from the high theft areas to the more friendly and secure midwest! But, if that's not an option, I find the fuel line shut-off valve the best ticket. It is the neatest way to go without hanging chains and clubs all over the dash and steering wheel."

Brandon: "Thanks! Great ideas. I feel safer already. My only security feature on it now is the poorly adjusted Solex carb that only I know to drive with... Ha Ha."

Clifton Clark: "How about placing a toggle switch on the coil wire. Turn it off to prevent start and on to run?"

Mike Harris: "I had the same concerns and realized the quickest fix for me was to pull the coil wire and take it with me."

Brandon: "I have half of my rewiring done. I ended up putting a toggle between the ignition switch and the starter switch. The thought of having my constant engine power (on coil wire) running through any more unnecessary pathways helped my decision. Thanks again."

Larry: "For my 3B's I used a 1/4"x2"x2"piece of angle with a another piece of 1/4"x2" flat stock welded together making a "U" channel approx 4" long. Drilled a hole for a large padlock and placed this between the floor and the back of the pedal (measure and cut to fit). I can place this on the clutch or brake pedal. Sure you could just roll it away, but it would be hard to drive."

Pete: "You could try a wheel lock (like a steering wheel "club") which they use for small aircraft. This keeps it from being driven, towed, rolled, etc. But doesn't help vandalism."

SurpriseCJ-5 Red Thomas sent these photos of a different approach he's used with his '59 CJ-5! He's done a really nice job on the installation. This might not be legal in all jurisdictions...

Thanks for the ideas, and to Red and Gary for the photos. -- Derek Redmond

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