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Although most U.S. military Jeeps were built with rear-mounted spare tires to maximize side clearance, the only early civilian Jeep to come standard from the factory with a rear-mounted spare was the DJ-3A, referred to as the Dispatcher or the Surrey Gala.

Other civilian Jeeps including the CJ-3B had a right-side-mounted spare as original equipment, on a bracket supported by four bolts and some bracing inside the rear fender. Some owners have moved the spare to the rear (see Building a "Factory" Tailgate Spare Tire Mount on CJ3B.info.)

LocationUnfortunately we don't have factory drawings showing the attachment of the bracket to the body, but these measurements taken from a slightly battered example should allow locating it pretty accurately.

If anyone wants to double check these figures (in inches) when you have your spare wheel removed, I would appreciate hearing your findings.

BraceThe bracket is supported inside the fender by a curved piece of "hat channel" that fits into the corner of the body tub and has a piece of wood inside it for rigidity. There is also a stamped brace that fits across the fenderwell. The two vertical bolt holes from the bracket also pass through the brace, and the two horizontal bolt holes pass through the hat channel.

Don Norris took this photo and says: "When I installed my spare wheel hat channel and spare wheel brace, I first marked and drilled the holes to mount the spare wheel holder. I used the measurements from CJ3B.info (above).

"Next I held the hat channel in place and drilled the two horizontal holes in the middle of the hat channel using the holes in the body as guides. I installed a couple of bolts to hold that together and welded the hat channel in place.

"Next I held the spare wheel brace in place and drilled those two vertical holes into the edge lip on the brace. Same thing next, bolt, weld, paint."

"From the tail light panel to the lip of the big circle is 7-5/8 inches. From the top of the fender well to the top of the high part of the hat channel is 4-1/2 inches."

See also Don's photos showing those internal measurements from the front and from below (80K JPEGs).

Thanks to Don for the photos. -- Derek Redmond

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