Wiring a Signal-Stat Turn Signal Switch


This information may be helpful to people who have old Signal-Stat aftermarket turn signal switches installed on the steering columns of their Jeeps.

Signal-Stat Model 800

SwitchDarren Page scanned his instruction manual for the Model 800:

"The amazing '4 in 1' Sigflare conversion switch for passenger cars that not only signals the turns but flashes both parking lights and both stop lights for an emergency disability warning."

"Mounting strap fits all steering columns. Available in chrome or baked enamel finish."


At left is the wiring diagram which applies to 1950s Willys CJ's. The manual also includes a note for 1953 models (see "Cars Marked G," below) which apparently refers to vehicles not equipped with taillights that can be converted to turn signals.

See the full instruction manual:

Page 1 -- introduction and part numbers for 6, 12 and 24-volt models and parking light rewiring kits.
Page 2 -- chart for selecting parts for all vehicles.
Page 3 -- installation instructions and diagrams.
Page 4 -- diagrams for vehicles with different wiring.

'53 instructions

How to Wire Model 900,901 and 910 switch

Model 900The Signal-Stat Model 900 is a slightly newer design, and is still manufactured by Truck-Lite as Model 900 (black) and 901 (chrome).

Figure A

  1. Mount switch on steering column.
  2. Remove flasher during wiring. Replace flasher only after wiring is completed and checked.
  3. Wire as indicated in accompanying diagram A.
  4. Tape ends of unused wires to prevent shorts.
  5. Replace flasher to complete installation.


Steven Merkling picked up a Signal Stat 900, DOT QQC76, that was labelled as being for a Ford. He sent this list of the connections for the eight wires:

How to Wire Model 902 and 903 Switch

Figure B

  1. Mount switch on steering column.
  2. Remove flasher from harness during wiring. Replace after wiring has been completed and checked.
  3. Wire as indicated in accompanying diagram B.
  4. Replace flasher to complete installation.


How to Wire Model 905 Switch

Figure C

  1. Mount switch on steering column.
  2. Wire turn signal and hazard warning functions as indicated for 900 Switch in Fig. A.
  3. Disconnect ground cable from battery.
  4. Wire headlight Hi/Lo beam circuit as indicated on accompanying diagram C.
  5. Replace ground cable to complete installation.


Thanks to Darren Page for scanning the Model 800 instructions, Wes Knettle for finding the other diagrams, and Dell Kronstedt for the Model 900 photo. -- Derek Redmond

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