Willys Paint Samples 1955-58


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The images below are scans of paint chip sheets for Willys vehicles from 1955 to 1958. They are an approximation of the colors used by Willys, and should not be considered a replacement for actual paint chips. Note that it is not always clear which of the colors were used by Willys on the CJ-3B model in particular years. Elsewhere on the web, see chips for most years at AutoColorLibrary.com.

Black bolt-on parts: Normally the windshield and its pivot brackets were gloss black. Footman loops were normally all black except the one at the top center of the windshield frame, which is whatever color the windshield frame is painted (sometimes body color but normally black). Wheels were also sometimes body color but normally white or black.

Steering column, brake and clutch pedals, and engine were normally black. Fan shrouds, seat frames and undercarriage were black or apparently sometimes olive drab. The side steps are normally the same as the body and underbody. One gallon of paint is usually enough for painting the body inside and out.

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1955 chips

New and notable is Transport Yellow.

Carried over from 1954: Beryl Green, Arctic White, Island Green Poly (Metallic), Copper Dust Poly (Metallic), Powder Blue, Palm Beach Ivory.


1956 chips

"Jeep" and "4 Wheel Drive" stencil: Glacier White or Raven Black. Otherwise, Glacier White used only on two-tone vehicles, according to a Ditzler bulletin dated May 1956.

Chris Baker reports that a 1956 Willys-Overland parts list booklet that accompanied a 1956 service manual, lists white and universal grey wheels as standard on all 1956 model CJ's. The military version is listed as "upper match," probably meaning the same color as the tub.

Versions of the Willys CJ-3B brochure were printed showing the CJ-3B in orange, yellow or green, which suggests these colours were available.

Acme formulasSee also an Acme Mixing Formula Sheet for Willys 1956-63 colors in lacquer and enamel:

Page 1 (180K JPEG).

Page 2 (180K JPEG).


1957 chips

Carried over from 1956: President Red, Steelglow Gray, Transport Yellow, Glacier White.


Still looking for a single-year sheet. Probably the same as 1957, except without Aztec Orange, and perhaps with some new colors added including possibly Parkway Green.

1956 chips

1958-63 from Martin Seymour Paints, found by Steve Chabot, includes Royal Blue and Glenwood Green as in 1957, but replaces Aztec Orange with Omaha Orange (as used in 1959-63). President Red, Steelglow Gray, Transport Yellow and Glacier White also appear as in 1957.

Additional information is welcome. -- Derek Redmond

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