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The plate found on the passenger side of the dashboard lists maximum speeds for all gears. Reproduction plates in various styles are available from www.dataplates4u.com.

CJ-3B Dash Plate

Instrumentation: Ammeter, Heat Indicator Gauge, Speedometer, Oil Pressure Gauge, Fuel Level Gauge. The small speedometer (similar to the CJ-2A and CJ-3A) used in early models was manufactured byKing-Seeley, part number 640131 in the CJ-3B Parts List (second edition) datedNovember 1956. An Auto-Lite unit was used inJeeps that registered in kilometers. Starting as early as serial number57348-34422 in the 1957 model year, a new larger speedometer/instrument cluster was used. It was either a King-Seeley p/n 911618 or Stewart-Warner p/n 913373. Thelatter S-W speedo is the same unit that is in the FC-150 and CJ-5.

Compared to Other Jeeps

Vehicle specs

(From Jeep vehicles and equipment, Willys Form #W-992-5)

Technical Information Sources

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The above information comes from the Haynes manual (Jeep CJ:1949 thru 1986), the Chilton manual (Jeep: 1945 to1987), and the Kaiser Jeep Universal Service Manual (1965).

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