Willys 4 Service Instructions, 1961

Willys 4, 1945-61

Chassis lubricationWell, you couldn't ask for a more boiled-down history of the Universal Jeep than the illustration above -- flat-fender and dog-eared fender. It's the model identification section of the Chek-Chart service reference sheet, and I guess it covers all the essentials, just as the sheet is a good summary of the essentials of Jeep lubrication and maintenance.

"Willys 4: 1945-61 Universal Jeep" was printed in 1961 by the Chek-Chart Corporation, as page WS1 of a binder of maintenance instructions for vehicles of all makes.

Download the full-size, printable Willys 4: 1945-61 Universal Jeep Chek-Chart (280K JPEG), and the other side of the sheet -- page WS-2 covering Willys 1946-61 Station Wagons and Jeepsters (190K GIF).

See also another version of the sheet, from Gulf Oil's Gulflex Lubrication Guide and Safety Car-Chek Service Manual:Jeep Universal 4 1945-64 (280K JPEG). Michael C. Scoggins in South Carolina says, "I got it when I worked at Ernie Miller's Gulf Station in York SC during the summer of 1971. It's the manual of the type that could be found in most oil company service stations from the 1950s - 1970's. The typical Chek-Chart Corporation service chart of the period, with the addition of Gulf logos and Gulf's own lubrication products."

Thanks to Michael Scoggins, and to Tom Edwards and his dad, for contributing these sheets. -- Derek Redmond

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