Willys Jeep Universal CJ-3B
Drawings and Dimensions


"Released for Production" Drawings (1952)

Drawing 684661

See a complete, larger copy of this Willys-Overland drawing for "CJ-3B Civilian Jeep, Part Number 684661" including side, top and rear views (2100x1600 pixels, 130K GIF). Interestingly, the part number that appears on this drawing of the CJ-3B's dimensions, is very close to the numbers for some of the parts for the passenger heater. Thanks to Jim Allen for locating this long-lost drawing.

Drawings by Hubert Cossard (2000)

Side view

Front and rear views

Dimensions from the Kaiser Jeep Universal Service Manual (1965)

Dimensions and Specifications of the Complete Line of Jeep Vehicles, 1960

Willys Motors Form No. 600-15, dated 1960, included side and rear-view dimensional drawings on one side, with basic dimensions, weights and standard engine information on the reverse side. Click either drawings or specifications below to see a larger copy (300K JPEG).

Front and rear views

Front and rear views

Other Drawings

There are 1958 drawings and dimensions (120K JPEG) in an Australian Army test report.

EBRO Bravo drawings and dimensions (150K JPEG) come from a 1976 Spanish brochure.

See Mahindra CJ-3B Drawings from Yugoslavia.

See also CJ3B-J3 drawings and dimensions (160K JPEG) from a Mitsubishi brochure, and a cutaway drawing of the CJ3B-J4 in J4 Magazine.

Some Willys-Overland Parts Boxes had CJ-3B drawings.

Thanks to Hubert Cossard for his drawings. Elsewhere on the web, see his amazing renderings of the entire Jeep f@mily. -- Derek Redmond

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