Fire Service Jeeps

This is another section of which has taken on a life of its own, and grown beyond covering just the CJ-3B Universal Jeep. See the pages below for lots of Fire Jeep photos and information. -- Derek Redmond

Early Jeeps

Royal Air Force Crash Jeeps -- 1944 fire tender conversions.

WWII Jeeps as Fire Engines -- postwar surplus conversions.

The First Civilian Fire Jeep -- 1945 CJ-2 Agrijeep.

CJ-2A Fire Engine History -- photos from the 1940's.

Jeep 33 of the Toronto Islands -- 2A replaced by a Willys pickup.

Water Over the Barn -- CJ-2A Fire Engine pump test.

Early CJ-2A Fire Engine -- an unusual live burn demo in 1949.

White Pines Forest Fire Jeep -- 1946 CJ-2A still in service.

Boyer CJ-2A Fire Engines -- restored examples.

1947 Boyer CJ-2A -- changing with the times in New Jersey.

Boyer CJ-2A in Brazil -- 1947 export to the Brazilian Army.

More CJ-2A Fire Engines -- factory fire Jeeps still on the road.

Howe CJ-2A and Trailer -- seen in Michigan.

Next Day Fire Department -- 1947 Howe CJ-2A Fire Engine in Texas.

Restoring a CJ-2A Attack Engine -- fire Jeep with a surprising history.

Build a Fire Patrol Jeep -- cloning a CJ-2A chief's car.

CJ-2A Fire Department Conversions -- homemade apparatus.

Willys Fire Engines at SPAAMFAA 2004 -- CJ-3A and Commando

CJ-3A Fire Service Conversions -- General Electric, Kronenburg and more.

1952 Howe CJ-3A -- found in northern Canada.

Oak Spring No.1 sold at Sotheby's -- Boyer CJ-3A.

Boyer CJ-3A Fire Engine -- harder to find than CJ-2As.

Fire Jeep Literature

CJ-3B Fire Engine Brochure -- sketches and specs.

Boyer Fire Apparatus Production List -- Jeep fire engines 1946-1950.

Howe Fire Apparatus Jeep Production List -- partial list 1946-1972.

More Jeep Fire Equipment Literature -- brochures and catalogues.

1950s Jeep Fire Engine Specifications -- CJ-3B, CJ-5 and Commando.

Willys Fire Truck Sketches -- from the truck brochure.

CJ-3B Fire Engines

CJ-3B Factory Fire Engines -- built by Howe.

CJ-3B Fire Engine Close Up -- that bump on the hood.

Home in Ocean Falls -- how Fred Scott bought a CJ-3B fire truck.

Howe CJ-3B Fire Engine -- when a high hood isn't high enough.

Ready to Roll -- CJ-3B Fire Jeep and trailers restoration.

CJ-3B Fire Engine at Nome Field, 1953 -- historic photos from Alaska.

Sentry Safety CJ-3B Fire Engine -- where was this built?

Conshohocken Truck "J" -- identifying an historic photo.

Warren Township Brush 47 -- modified 1962 CJ-3B.

Fire Jeeps in Minnesota -- high hoods, a JK-8, and a mystery.

CJ-3B Fire Jeep Conversions -- Honda pump, mountain rescue, and more.

New Falls, Ohio Brush 43 -- under-hood pump.

CJ-3B Airport Crash Truck -- in the 1956 movie Julie.

Calgary Airport Fire Jeep -- working CJ-3B retires to civilian life.

U.S. Navy Crash Jeep Prototype -- what happened to "Little Squirt"?

Ansul Chemical Crash Trucks -- airport Jeeps built in Wisconsin.

John Wayne's CJ-3B -- fighting oil well fires in the movie Hellfighters.

On the Fireline -- 1955 LIFE magazine photo.

CJ-3B Fire Engines Around the World -- from Willys and licencees.

1960 Mitsubishi CJ-3B Pumper -- "Jeeper the Fire Engine."

Dutch-Built CJ-3B Fire Engines -- unique pumpers.

Jeep Fire Engines in Spain -- high hoods and a Jeep Duplex.

VIASA Brushfire Jeep in the Alps -- Spanish CJ-6 converted in Italy.

Pompes Guinard "Forest Fire Trucks" -- Hotchkiss Jeep pumpers.

Hotchkiss Jeep "Light Tank Trucks" -- built in France by Maheu-Labrosse.

Fire Jeep Restoration -- 1954 Willys CJ-3B in Switzerland.

Later Small Jeeps

CJ-6 Fire Service Jeeps -- more room for equipment.

1960 Fire Island CJ-6 -- Howe Jeep surplus after 1,645 miles.

CJ-5 Fire Service Jeeps -- nimble grassfire units.

CJ-7 and CJ-8 Fire Engines -- deluxe aftermarket modifications.

Fire Jeeps Scramble in New Jersey -- action photos of Scramblers and more.

CJ-5 Virginia Brushfire Jeep -- ready for a trip by train.

Fire Service Wranglers -- YJ, TJ and JK conversions.

Military Surplus Fire Jeeps -- M38A1 and M170.

J8 Mini-Pumper Conversion -- Vehículo Intervencíon Rápida

Forward Control Trucks

Forward Control Fire Trucks -- a variety of manufacturers.

Howe FC Fire Trucks -- biggest manufacturer of pumpers.

Howe FC Pumper -- detail photos of a 1962 FC-170.

FC Fire Trucks at the 1964 World's Fair -- a different color scheme.

Fire Jeeps in New York City -- FC's and much more.

Boyer FC Fire Trucks -- the other Indiana company.

Jeep FC Fire Engines Around the World -- Australia, Switzerland and more.

Jeep FC Ladder Truck -- DRW unit in East Meadow NY.

Wilkes-Barre Pumper 4 -- Valley Fire Truck Co. FC-170.

Chicago FD's Jeep FC Units -- special duty rigs.

Willys Trucks

Willys "Commando" Fire Trucks -- the "factory" fire truck.

Howe 6-226 Fire Trucks -- Commandos restored.

Fire Jeep on Fire Island -- Howe-Willys with 2,746 miles.

More Willys Fire Trucks -- including Darley and American.

General Fire Truck Co. -- Commandos built in Detroit.

Valley Fire Truck -- pumped 13 days straight.

Jeep Fire Trucks in Yellowstone Park -- five Howe Commandos.

1954 Willys Truck -- like-new fire service pickup.

Blitz Buggy Fire Truck -- small apparatus builder in Old Forge NY.

Willys Fire Trucks in Australia -- unique tankers and pumpers.

Canadian Jeep Fire Engines -- built in Ontario by Sterling Machine and American Marsh.

Willys Fire Trucks Around the World -- Station Wagons popular in Europe.

Willys Hose Car in Sweden -- enclosed mini-pumper on a Willys chassis.

The Fire Truck in the Tintin Book-- 1953 Willys Wagon in Switzerland.

Kaiser and Later

Jeep Gladiator Fire Trucks -- rare J-series conversions.

1963 Howe Gladiator Fire Truck -- we now know of two.

Howe Gladiator Carries Jack Stankiewicz One Last Time -- a firefighter's funeral.

J-20 Fire Trucks in New Zealand -- Mills-Tui conversions.

Jeep Cherokees -- now including a Wagoneer and a Liberty.

The Little Engine That Could -- the Formaz 1966 Gladiator.

Kaiser M715 Fire Trucks -- military surplus workhorses.

Five-Quarter Jeeps Packing Pumps -- two more M715 conversions.

Fire Jeeps in Vietnam -- Wagoneer, MUTT, 6x6.

Kaiser 6x6 Fire Trucks -- 2-1/2 ton military trucks.

Giant Fire Trucks in Texas -- more 6x6 photos.


Willys Military Ambulances -- World War II through Vietnam.

Willys Ambulances -- factory and custom-built versions.

Kaiser M725 Ambulance -- military and civilian service.

The Q Van -- the first Australian rescue truck.

Willys Light Duty Rescue Truck -- rare Civil Defense conversion.

Civil Defense Jeeps -- they're hard to find.

Scrambulance -- Horton CJ-8 "All Terrain Medic".

Jeep Ambulances -- EMS units include Wranglers, Cherokees and more.

Mountain Rescue CJ-3B in Italy -- Willys conversion by Sirecome.


Police Service Jeeps -- military and civilian, around the world.

Police Service Cherokees -- SJ, XJ, ZJ.

Police Jeeps of The Hague -- seven decade story.

Patrolling the Border by Jeep -- USBP's Jeep fleet, 1946 to 2016.

U.S. Army MP Jeep -- Massawa, Ethiopia , 1965.

Also on, see Fire Service Jeep Toys and Police Service Jeep Toys.

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