Pompes Guinard "Forest Fire Trucks"


FrontCCFL no. 1 is a Camion-Citerne Feux de forêts Léger ("tank truck, forest fire, light") from Dordogne State Fire and Rescue in France.

The Hotchkiss JH-102 Jeep was restored by Bernard Guillot, and these photos were taken at a car show in 2015 in Mussidan, France by Cjp24 (licensed under Creative Commons.)

RearThis CCFL conversion was done by Pompes Guinard in Saint Cloud, a suburb of Paris. Like the similar "Light Tank Truck" built by Maheu-Labrosse in Lyon, this one has a gasoline-powered rear pump.

The spare wheel, normally mounted on the rear by Hotchkiss, is in a distinctive spot on the side of the water tank.

InteriorThe retired Dordogne Jeep is radio-equipped. This photo also shows some distinctive features of the Hotchkiss JH-102 -- the sling seats and the twin speedometer and gauge cluster on the dashboard.

See also a left side view (300K JPEG).

JH-101Pompes Guinard also did CCFL conversions on earlier Jeeps such as this model JH-101, produced from 1955-59. Photo courtesy Sainte Alauzie Club Auto Retro, from their 6th annual car show.

Low pressureThis drawing is the centerfold illustration from a colorful and informative double-fold brochure (120K JPEG) for the CCFL Jeep by Pompes Guinard. It shows the low-pressure version with a 250-liter (55 gal.) tank and a single 80-meter (250 ft.) reel of 22mm (1 in.) hose. It also shows a rear-mounted spare.

High pressureThe high-pressure version (right) has a larger 300-liter (66-gal.) tank and two 50-meter (150-ft.) reels of 12mm (1/2-in.) hose.

According to the brochure, the pump can draw from the onboard tank or from an external source, but the brochure illustrations don't show the Jeeps carrying suction hose. A spare wheel is also not shown.

UnfoldedHere's the brochure unfolded. The back panel includes full specifications (180K JPEG) in French for both versions of the truck. It also claims a total of 260 Light Tank Trucks sold by Pompes Guinard in France between 1946 and 1962 (it's not clear if these were all Jeeps), as well as 244 Medium Tank Trucks.

Amberieu en Bugey Here's the high pressure version photographed circa 1986 in Amberieu en Bugey, in the French Alps. The specs in the brochure list the pump pressure as 40 bars (580 psi.)

Photo courtesy chrispit1955 on Flickr.

Thanks to J-C Guerry for scanning the brochure. -- Derek Redmond

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