Jeep CJ-7 and CJ-8 Fire Engines


Edgmont Township PA Brush 64

Edgmont Township Brush 64 at Edgmont Township Fire Co. in Pennsylvania is a 1982 CJ-7 with a 250 GPM Hale pump and 50-gallon tank. It's seen here at a parade in Media PA, in a photo courtesy of Rob Carn. See also the front view (480K JPEG).

Lake Villa IL Brush 242

Lake Villa IL This 1978 CJ-7 belonged to the Lake Villa Fire Protection District in Illinois, which was incorporated in 1936, and as of 2021 staffs four full-time fire stations. The 7 had an overhead compartment that resembled the old Howe ladder racks, but held fire brooms. Lake Villa also had a matching CJ-6 (160K JPEG).

Northwest Homer F.P.D. Brush 1718

Omix-ADA CJ-7This burly CJ-7 with pump in the rear was photographed at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas in 2015. The 1982 CJ-7 from the Omix-ADA Jeep Collection is the former Brush 1718 (70K JPEG) of the Northwest Homer Fire Protection District in Lockport IL, near Chicago. It was equipped with a 75-gallon tank.

Colonie Fire Company 407

Colonie Fire Company Engine 407The Colonie Fire Company is a volunteer organization serving the Village of Colonie, New York. In 1983 the company purchased a Jeep mini-pumper built by Tyler Fire Equipment in Binghamton, New York. Based on a CJ-7 with the 258 straight six, automatic transmission and Quadra-Trac 4-wheel drive, it was placed into service as Engine 407. The unit is small enough to be utilized on bike and foot trails, and features pump and roll capability. It carries:

See also a rear view (90K JPEG).

Colonie Fire Company Engine 407 Jeff Kayser took this photo in June 2023 when Engine 407 was working a three-alarm brush fire with Westmere FD in Guilderland NY. Two forestry lines were being pumped, along with a 1.75-inch fill line for Indian tanks. Jeff says, "I was there when they backed it into the bay brand new in '83. Through the late 80's this was our first out on all brush, dumpster, car and structure fires, with SCBAs in the side compartments. It's only used for brush fires now, and children visiting the station love it."

Magnolia F.D. 429

Magnolia, OhioBob Christy took this photo of a 1978 Jeep belonging to Magnolia F.D. in Ohio, and we finally found details on it. Magnolia F.D. is a private volunteer department covering the Village of Magnolia and parts of surrounding townships. They bought the Jeep new as a Grass Fire Unit. It was originally yellow but was restored and painted red in the early 2000's. It carries 90 gallons of water, 2 water-filled backpacks, and various hand tools. Members of the Department say the Jeep has proven very versatile and maneuverable in fighting fires off the road.

Jeep News, Fall 2001

'82 CJ-7The Milford Fire Dept. in Michigan replaced their original surplus military Jeeps that were given new life fighting brush fires, with a pair of 1982 CJ-7s from a local dealership, and they were the subject of an article by Tammy L. Goniea in the Fall 2001 issue of Jeep News magazine.

After modifications including water tank, custom radiator shield and Ramsey winch, the stock vehicles were ready for field work. "There's no place they won't go," says Chief Culham of the MFD. See a photo of the two Jeeps in action (150K JPEG).

West Bradford Brush 39

'85 CJ-7This very sharp '85 CJ-7 has the 258 I-6 and 4-speed, and carries a stainless steel 55-gallon tank with a John Bean high-pressure pump previously used on their '71 CJ-5. Jim Fairweather of the West Bradford Fire Company in Pennsylvania also mentions the "in-house fabricated roll cage and our signature oak push bumper (can't go around it, push it over). We originally had a '53 CJ-3B, replaced with a '63 CJ-5 purchased by the auxiliary with S&H Green Stamps. Added a second CJ-5 in '71." (See CJ-5 Fire Service Jeeps.)

Jim adds, "There are three other CJ's in the companies surrounding us." One of those mutual aid companies is Modena FC, who runs Brush 37 (60K JPEG), a 1977 CJ-7 equipped with a 40 GPM pump and 60-gallon tank. Another is East Brandywine FC, who recently refurbished Brush 49 (50K JPEG), their CJ-5.

Leesburg Jeep 1

LeesburgThis 1977 Jeep CJ-7 operated by the Leesburg, Virginia Volunteer Fire Co. carried a custom skid unit refurbished in 2001, with a 90-gallon water tank, 10 GPM Bean pump, and 100 feet of 1" attack line. The Jeep also had an 8000 lb. winch. It was sold by Leesburg and replaced in 2006 by a Wrangler Unlimited.

Arcola Pleasant Valley Jeep 9

ArcolaArcola Pleasant Valley Volunteer Fire Department in Arcola, Virginia supplied this photo of their brush unit Jeep 9. We're also looking forward to seeing their recently acquired Medic Jeep.

Leroy Township 2467

Leroy TownshipLeroy Township Fire Department protects a rural community of 3500 residents in eastern Lake County, Ohio. Their unit 2467, a refurbished Jeep CJ-7, is a dual-purpose vehicle. It serves as a Grass Fire Unit with an 80-gallon water tank, Honda pump and small diameter attack lines. It's also an off-road rescue unit for Rope Rescue incidents, equipped to carry out a patient immobilized in a Stokes Rescue Basket.

Mechanicsville Jeep 2A

Mechanicsville VFDMechanicsville VFD in Maryland used this 1984 CJ-7, known as Jeep 2A, for fighting brush and woodland fires. Firefighter/EMT Ron Raley says, "It has an electric pump, 60 gallon tank, and hose reel in the rear. It also carries a chainsaw, 2 handlights, road flares, rakes, fill hose, and a gasoline tank. The roof stays off all summer!"

Highland Township Grass Two

Highland Township CJ-7This 1985 CJ-7 belongs to the Highland Township Fire Dept. in Highland, Michigan. It carries a 90-gallon water tank, Honda 30GPM (100PSI) pump, hose reel with 50 feet of 3/4-inch preconnect, 4 grass brooms, tow strap, shovels and rakes.

See a Tonka Toy Jeep repainted to match this prototype.

Highland Township also had a hardtop 1979 CJ-5 (20K JPEG) in service until 1998.

Exeter Twp. Brush 25-1

Leesburg Exeter Township in Pennsylvania has a 1980 CJ-8 Scrambler with a 110-gallon tank and 300 feet of brush hose. It's the partner to their 1974 CJ-5.)

Wildwood Jeep 396

LeesburgThe Wildwood Fire Department in New Jersey has an unusual access problem: an extensive area of oceanfront boardwalk. Their solution to protecting the citizens and structures in that area (and the boardwalk itself) was Jeep 396, a Scrambler which was completely refurbished by members of the Wildwood Volunteer Fire Company in 1996 to replace a retiring 1956 Willys.

See also action photos of Jeep 396 as Fire Jeeps Scramble in New Jersey.

Thanks to Jarek Skonieczny, Dale Jonas and Gary Dreyer for spotting some of these Jeeps. And thanks to Greg Neill of Wildwood, Marty Mantell of Leesburg, Steve Disick and Mike Hennessy of the CFC, Ron Raley of Mechanicsville, and Matt Shultz of Arcola Pleasant Valley. -- Derek Redmond

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