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Here's a look at a few pages from some hard-to-find Jeep literature, featuring specs and action photos of the Jeep Fire Engine (CJ-2A, 3A and 3B versions), the Jeep Crash Wagon (3A, 3B and CJ-5 versions), and the Commando Fire Truck.

The pages come from Willys promotional booklets dating from 1948 into the 1950s. Click on any page here to see a larger version (100-200K JPEG).


"CJ-3B Fire Engine Export Brochure"

(Form SX104-3)

This Willys-Overland Export Corp. booklet scanned by Mark Ciaglia apparently pre-dates the domestic CJ-3B Jeep Fire Engine Brochure, and thus lacks much of the specialized information found there. But it has the usual bold design style of the Export Corp.

Page 2Page 3Page 4


"Cavalcade of Jeeps II"

See also more information and photos of this 1948 event.

Fire fighting teamWillys-Overland Motors


"Willys 4-Wheel Drive Fire Truck"

(Form W-240-5)

See also a closer look at sketches of the truck in action, from this booklet.

CJ-3A Fire EngineCJ-3A Crash Wagon473 Ambulance


"Willys-Overland Export Corporation Special Vehicles"

See also Specifications from this booklet.

CJ-3A Fire EngineCJ-3A Crash Wagon473 Ambulance


"Jeep Specialized Vehicles and Equipment"

See also more excerpts from this booklet.

Fire EngineCrash WagonCommando


"Jeep family of 4-Wheel-Drive Vehicles in Public Service"

(Form #W-991-6)

See also more excerpts from this booklet.

Fire ProtectionFire EngineAirport


"Jeep vehicles and equipment cut costs and get more work done!"

(Form #W-992-5)

See also more excerpts and some Fire Engine Specifications (210K JPEG) from this booklet.

VehiclesFirst aid and fire protectionCommando, ambulance


Thanks to Mark Ciaglia, Gary Keating, Wayne Ellard, Makoto Hirakawa, Tom Edwards and Michael Perry for scanning the booklets. -- Derek Redmond

See also a CJ-3B Jeep Fire Engine Brochure and a CJ-3B crash truck in Jeep Vehicles for Aircraft Ground Support.

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