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Provincetown, 1950Provincetown, Mass. Engine No.6, circa 1950. This CJ-3A with a pump trailer was in service into the 1970's. Jim Fairweather found the excellent page of Provincetown FD history at CapeCodFD.com, which says the trailer may have been built by Maxim during WWII, and was probably 500 gpm.

1951 CJ-3AA 1951 CJ-3A owned by North Bailey Fire Company of Amherst, Erie County, NY. is now retired.

KronenburgThis photo by Marco Hoope is one of several CJ-3As in the Netherlands converted by the firm Kronenburg, and found in Historical Fire Engines Europe. This 1951 model served in Wognum in North Holland, and now belongs to a museum.

A. Kriek photoA photo by A. Kriek shows a 3A from Oldebroek, owned by the museum of the Artillery Training Center there. The Kronenburg units typically include the rear body extension, large front-mounted pump, and long flexible suction hose. The company built fire equipment from 1823 - 2000, specializing in crash trucks.

South DakotaRus Curtis spotted this CJ-3A still in service with Hill City Fire Department in South Dakota. Rus notes: "The HCFD said they've owned it since 1951. They used to use it for brush fires but use it now to run errands." See a rear view photo (80K JPEG) which shows the Jeep serving as a hose wagon.


M38The M38 was the military version of the CJ-3A, and it occasionally shows up in fire service conversions. Cresaptown Volunteer Fire and Rescue in Maryland got their surplus 1952 M38 with 105-gallon aluminum tank in 1965, to supplement their 1946 CJ-2A and trailer (20K JPEG) with portable Hale pump and tank, which remained in service until the late 1980's.

See a black & white photo (15K JPEG) of the M38 at a fire scene. It was retired in 2004.

See an M38 used by the Coast Guard as a Fire Jeep in New York City.

Also on CJ3B.info, see a Boyer CJ-3A Fire Engine and a 1952 Howe CJ-3A.

Thanks to Adriaan Kriek and James Fairweather, and Chief Dan Winter of Cresaptown VFD. -- Derek Redmond

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