CJ-3B Jeeps in History


Military Jeeps in the Congo -- unprecedented new archival photo series.

CJ-3B Jeeps in Vietnam -- pages of photos from soldiers and journalists.

The Carnation Revolution -- Jeeps and armored cars of the 1974 coup in Portugal.

Operation PineappleOperation Pineapple -- Brazil to Alaska in a CJ-3B in 1955.

Baden-Powell AfricaEuropeAmerica Expedition, 1957 -- another Boy Scout Jeep adventure.

Jeeps Aboard First Caribou Flight, 1958 -- 3B connection to a legendary airplane.

USBPPatrolling the Border by Jeep -- the go-to vehicle of the U.S. Border Patrol since 1946.

Malaria Campaign Jeep -- part of a huge fleet in Mexico.

When the CJ-3B Was New -- the war was Korea, and the Yankees beat the Dodgers.

Drift net

Jeeps at Scheveningen Harbor -- horsepower replacing horses in the Netherlands.

Agriculture Prefers a Tractor -- promoting farm Jeeps in the Netherlands in 1954.

Jeeps on Saba Island -- Dutch Royal Visit to the Caribbean, 1955.

The Hague

Police Jeeps of The Hague -- 70-year tradition ending in 2016.

The Blue Caps -- Hotchkiss and Delahaye Jeeps in Algeria, 1957.

Delivery Jeep: A Glimpse Into a Bygone Era -- Atlanta in the 1950s.

Costa RicaVolcano Watching in a CJ-3B -- Costa Rica, 1963.

M606 Jeeps Escort JFK -- President Kennedy in Costa Rica.

Krushchev Visits Indonesia, 1960 -- CJ-3Bs and Crown Imperials.

January 1953Jeeps of the Eisenhower Inauguration Parade, 1953 -- Marines driving white 3B's.

Classics of 1953 -- nostalgia from a classic year.

Traffic Line Painting -- in Vancouver and Seattle.

Costa RicaAnytime, Anywhere -- L.A. Sheriff's Jeeps in 1957.

Jeeps at "Africa U.S.A." -- Bettie Page, cheetahs, and CJ-3Bs.

Jeeps in Bolivia, 1961 -- Jeep taxis and the "Road of Death".


The First Popemobile -- Pope Paul VI in Bombay, 1964.

Jeepney Popemobiles -- John Paul II in the Philippines, and Francis in the U.S.

Dalai Lama Escapes in a Jeep -- dramatic arrival in India from Tibet, 1959.

Yael DayanJeep Spirit -- love story about the best Jeep driver in Israel.

Jeep Spirit II -- Ezra Taft Benson, farmer and powerful politician.

Posing With Jeeps: Historical Photos -- Croatia, Afghanistan, Chicago.

I PresumeA Jeep Called "I Presume" -- CJ-3B from Israel in the Congo, 1960.

Jeeps in the Spanish Sahara -- the Spanish Foreign Legion.

Naga Tribe Meets the CJ-3B -- headhunters of northeast India circa 1956.

USPSU.S. Mail Via CJ-3B -- high-hood postal Jeep prototypes.

Building Jeeps at The Parkway Plant -- VIP's on the assembly line, and much more.

CJ-3Bs for the World -- Jeep exports and the 1956 dock strike.

Easter IslandChilean Marine Corps Jeeps -- and what they were doing on Easter Island.

CJ-3Bs in the LIFE Photo Archive -- Cuba, Korea, Colorado.

More CJ-3B Photos From LIFE Magazine -- Washington DC, Canadian Arctic, Mexico.

TomMI Tests The New Jeep -- Tom McCahill's classic 1954 Mechanix Illustrated review.

Fifty Years Ago Today -- historical photos include May Day 1965 in Vienna.

Look! Up in the Sky! -- 3B's around the planet in the 50's and 60's.

LaGuardia, 1966Airport Ground Service Jeeps -- hard at work on the tarmac.

Airport Jeeps Around the World -- including the Concorde.

Jeep Helps Out at Airport Fire -- 1958 New York crash.

January 1959Snow Day! -- CJ-3B snowplows, and the Chicago storm of 1959.

Christmas in the Maine Woods, 1958 -- bringing in the tree, Elvis singing.

Christmas Over the Years -- more photos and stories.

Raymond ConcreteRaymond Concrete Piledriver Jeep -- unique special equipment.

1950s Film Clips: The Rubicon Trail -- CJ-3Bs at the original Jeepers Jamboree.

CJ-3Bs on Film: The Rubicon Trail, 1965-69 -- more Jamboree home movies.

Cyprus, 1974Turkish Invasion of Cyprus, 1974 -- CJ-3B Jeeps in action.

UN Jeeps in the Sinai Peninsula, 1956-79 -- Peruvian M606, Danish CJ-3B, and more.

Operation Delaware -- M606 Jeeps in Iran, 1964.

Angola, 1973Jeeps at War in Angola -- Portuguese Army.

Army Adapts to Guerilla War -- Willys CJ-3B was vital in Angola, 1961.

Mahindra Jeeps at War -- photos from India.

Australia, 19581958 Australian Army CJ-3B Trials -- a little too late.

M606 Photos From Argentina -- remarkable historical photos.

Ejercito Argentino 22071 -- witnessing Evita and the Falklands War.

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