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"Universal Jeep" (also "Jeep Universal") was a name used by Willys for its 1/4-ton CJ utility vehicles through much of the 1950s and 60's. It seems to have been used in advertising for the CJ-3A, CJ-3B and early CJ-5, and dropped by American Motors when they purchased Jeep from Kaiser. But it's also a handy term to use for any of the 1/4-ton open-body vehicles built from 1941 to the present, to help differentiate them from the various other vehicles that shared the Jeep name.

Pictorial History of the Universal Jeep -- the spotter's guide.

Willys Production Figures 1945-61 -- serial numbers for all models.

The Universal Jeep, 1942-1986: A Timeline -- dates of production.

Building Jeeps at The Parkway Plant -- pages of history, photos, and demolition.

CJ-3Bs at the Port of Toledo -- sending Jeeps overseas.

On the Trail of Jeep History -- touring Toledo, Butler, and Camp Holabird in 2000.

Kaiser Buys Willys -- how Kaiser took over Willys in 1953, and tried to re-sell it to Chrysler.

What Henry Kaiser Gave Up to Make Jeeps -- Kaiser-Darrin 161 Roadster.

Preproduction Civilian Jeeps -- DVD and book reviews.

Willys Event Reports -- all of the Jeep show photos now in one place.

Early Civilian Jeep Hardtops -- a detailed series.

Early Civilian Jeep Taillights -- all the round taillights.

80" Wheelbase CJ Frame Progression -- flatfender frame changes 1945-1965.

Soft Tops for Willys Jeeps -- history and current options.

Rear Seats: CJ-2A through CJ-5 -- find the right seat.

Tailgate Construction, Dating and Authentication -- CJ-2A through CJ-5.

New Universal Jeep Designs, 1949-53 -- X98, CJ-4 and other experiments.

Jeep Prototypes Timeline 1948-53 -- the evolution of the CJ-3B and CJ-5.

CJ3B-01 -- was this the first CJ-3B?

Discovering the Lost CJ-4 -- the surviving prototype, by Jim Allen.

The Military CJ-4M -- another missing link, by Jim Allen.

CJ-4MA Military Ambulance Discovered in a Barn -- 2004 in Kentucky.

A Brief History of the CJ-3B -- and historical information sources.

Endurance: The CJ-3B Story -- Jim Allen's classic article.

CJ-3B Pricing and Factory Options -- original and current prices.

Jeep Designers at Work -- the urge to build sports cars.

Willys Engineering Dept. Calculations -- for the CJ-3B and CJ-4.

Memories From Koenig Iron Works -- Bill Prince's collection of vintage Willys photos.

Siblings of the CJ-3B -- other 50's and 60's Jeeps including many pages on the Surrey.

Kaiser Jeeps Made in Canada, 1959-69 -- history of the Windsor factory.

The Jeep CJ-3B Revisited -- a humorous look at the origins of the high hood.

The "Flintstonemobile" -- 1964 Kaiser Xport CJ-5 prototype.

The Cournil Jeep Tractor -- another vision of the CJ-3B.

Farm Jeeps -- first thing out in the morning, last in at night.

Jeep Buyer's Guide Photo Gallery -- companion to Jim Allen's reference book.

Jeep Grilles 1940-2001 -- front clip variations.

Civilian Jeeps, 1948-2001 -- photo taken on Labor Day, 2001.

The World's Most Useful Vehicles -- 19-minute color video from 1953 with lots of CJ-3Bs.

Kaiser-Willys Jeep Family Tree -- Hubert Cossard's drawing includes the prototypes.

Kaiser Jeep Model Identification Poster, 1968 -- also a later AMC version.

Legendary X98 Brought to Life -- 1950 experimental Jeep re-created in 2015.

ICON Dog -- the 2010 CJ-3B replica vehicle.

To Upgrade or to Restore? -- what is "truth" in restoration?

Police Service Jeeps -- from WWII to Rubicon.

Sometimes Jeep Myths Aren't So Mythic: The Case of the Jeep Steps

Simpson Desert Expedition -- Jeeps in Australia complete first east to west crossing, 1969.

2019 East-West Simpson Desert Expedition, Part 1 -- first crossing in 50 years.

2019 East-West Simpson Desert Expedition, Part 2 -- the uncharted west.

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Where Are the CJ-3Bs? -- a map of Jeeps in all 50 U.S. states.

CJ-3Bs in History -- Jeeps were involved in many interesting historical events.

CJ-3B Advertising and Literature -- colorful historical documents.

Jeeps Around the World -- exports and licensing were a big part of the Willys story.

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