Building Jeeps at The Parkway Plant


Working at the Overland -- great assembly line photo.

On the Line in Toledo -- VIPs and Hollywood visit the plant.

The Parkway Plant From the Air -- 1915 to 1995.

CJ-3Bs at the Port of Toledo -- ships full of Jeeps.

CJ-3Bs for the World -- Jeep exports and the 1956 dock strike.

Building Conveyor Belt CJ-3Bs -- the "Hoveyor".

On the Trail of Jeep History, Part 1: Toledo, Ohio -- home of Willys.

Part 2: Butler, Pennsylvania -- home of Bantam.

Part 3: Camp Holabird, Maryland -- the Army testing ground.

The Willys-Overland Administration Building -- where the Jeep brains worked.

Willys Factory Demolition -- the end of an era in Toledo.

Kaiser Buys Willys -- how Kaiser took over Willys in 1953, and tried to re-sell it to Chrysler.

Jeep Designers at Work -- the urge to build sports cars.

Willys Engineering Department -- slide rules, not calculators.

The "Flintstonemobile" -- 1964 Kaiser Xport CJ-5 prototype.

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