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DerekI launched "The CJ3B Page" in November 1996 because during the rebuilding of my CJ-3B I had found it very difficult to locate information about the model. I decided to focus my website on the CJ-3B, because it was a subject that seemed to be neglected, and I wanted to help rescue the 3B from the situation of being the "unknown Jeep".

It has always been hard to resist the temptation to expand into covering other models, and sometimes I haven't been able to resist. But I felt from the beginning that it was better to try to cover one topic in depth, than to have a sprinkling of interesting items related to all sorts of Jeeps. And I think that the strategy has worked, as the site has established an identity, attracted a lot of readers and generated lots of conversations and correspondence.

I guess the biggest exception to that strategy has been the Pictorial History of the Universal Jeep, with its pages of information on virtually every significant variation of the Universal Jeep from the beginning to the present. That just seemed like such an important reference item to have available on the web. Other similar Jeep history pages have since appeared on other websites, but in many cases most of the information was copied from here.

Big NorthAnother aspect of my strategy has been to have a balance between hard information such as specs and tech tips, and lighter material that people can browse casually. It's important to make the reference material available and as accurate as possible, but hey, most of us are doing this for fun, right? For the same reason, I try to have a balance between photos and text. I like to find new pictures, but I try never to slap up an interesting picture without putting it in context with relevant background information.

I have been astounded how many CJ-3B owners I have met through this website, many of whom were in the same situation as me, wondering if maybe they had the only one of these high hood oddities in the world. And of course I have also discovered that the high hood design is truly the worldwide Jeep. That discovery produced another part of the site, Jeeps Around the World. I also added Fire Jeeps and Toy Jeeps. See the Contents to start browsing through some of the 1,200 pages on the website, which I moved to its own domain name and rebranded as "CJ3B.info" in 2014.

I appreciate very much the contributions that many other people have made to the site, which have now reached the point that I have quite a backlog of material. But I always welcome submissions of photos and articles via e-mail; see the Contact page.

See also Cover Pages from the website over the years, some Feedback, and the April Fools story of The Mysterious White Jeep.


Snowplow addedSo far there have been no advertising banners on CJ3B.info, although ads would generate a few dollars, since the website serves hundreds of thousands of pages a month. However, since February 2014 the site has been hosted on a commercial server, which may at some point mean the need to find some revenue.

I guess the closest thing I have to an advertising banner at the moment, is the logo at the bottom of the home page, for Britannica which recommended The CJ3B Page as one of the best automotive sites on the web. (Not that their selection of recommended sites was all that scientific, but the Britannica name does carry a certain amount of weight.) If you actually want to see advertising, check out the CJ-3B Literature page and you'll find lots of old Willys ads.

Thanks to Roberto Flores for the drawings above. -- Derek Redmond

See also more photos of my Fountain Green '59, and my photos from The CJ3B Page Visits Spain.

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