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These are pages of pictures of CJ-3Bs with unique features, or found in beautiful or surprising settings. See also CJ3B's in History for more great photos.

Memories From Koenig Iron Works -- Bill Prince's collection of vintage Willys photos.

Fifty Years Ago Today -- Tightwad Ranch, royalty in a Jeep, nuclear testing and more.

Colorful CJ-3B Photos -- fun pictures and no black & white.

Willys Mystery Photo -- we visit the spot where the photo was taken in 1962.

The Mystery Machine -- Scooby Doo paint job and mystery PTO.

U.S. Mail Via CJ-3B -- high-hood postal Jeep prototypes.

Work and Play, Then and Now -- CJ-3Bs doing what they do best... everything.

Police Jeeps of The Hague, Netherlands -- fleet of black and red 3B's.

Posing With Jeeps: Historical Photos -- some of them are mysteries.

Willys Event Reports -- pages of photos from Jeep shows.

3Bs Hit Local Car Shows -- local events everywhere.

Warn Willys at SEMA -- one of the "15 Hottest Classics" at the show.

CJ-3B Photos Around the Globe -- "Jeep vehicles are blazing the way to a path of peace."

Back in the Day -- CJ-3Bs everywhere, including Kentucky's Frontier Nursing Service.

Exploring Zululand in Old Willys Jeeps -- memories of trail-riding in South Africa.

High Hood Fun -- more unusual CJ-3B photos from everyhwere.

North to Alaska -- Joe Bee's Three Bee reaches the Arctic Circle.

Around the World in 1963 has vintage photos from surprising places.

Mom, Dad, a Jeep and a Teardrop -- a remarkable 1950s camping story.

CJ-3B in the Canyonlands -- Alan "Tug" Wilson explores Utah in the 1950s.

You Never Know What You'll Find -- unusual CJ-3B bodywork.

Jeep Stories From the Northwest -- stories and photos of forty years of Jeeping.

Daily Driver -- taking the Jeep to work in Houston.

CJ-3Bs at the Port of Toledo -- ready for export.

Lil Willy's Trip Reports -- Dave and Ruth take their 1954 CJ-3B on the trails.

1950s Film Clips: The Rubicon Trail -- CJ-3Bs at the original Jeepers Jamboree.

CJ-3Bs on Film: The Rubicon Trail, 1965-69 -- more Jamboree home movies.

CJ-3Bs in the Sand -- beaches around the world.

High Hood Lifeguard -- a day in the life.

Willys Crashes Party at Jeep Beach -- Florida, 2013.

CJ-3Bs On Ice -- 1950s ice-resurfacing machines.

Believe It or Not -- Jeep Champagne, 1958 Wienermobile, His'n'Hers Jeeps.

Hounds and High Hoods -- watch out for the "Dog Warden".

The Núpsstadur Jeppi -- much-photographed hardtop in Iceland.

CJ-3B Vacation in France -- 4000 km to the beach.

Madrid to Normandy -- across Europe in a CJ-3B.

Snow Jeeps -- fully-tracked 3B's, Aspen in 1954, and more.

Snow Day! -- CJ-3B snowplows at work.

Christmas Over the Years -- parades, stories and history.

The CJ-3Bs of Davis Scenic Tours -- San Juan Mountains in the 1950s.

Look! Up in the Sky! -- 3B's around the planet in the 50's and 60's.

Colombia, 1965: First Vehicle on the Farm -- and an alligator on the hood.

Spring Fever -- vintage shots of warm-weather cruising.

Willys CJ-3B: The World's Jeep -- photos from Guatemala, India, South Africa.

Universal is Right! High Hoods Everywhere -- including Bungalow Bill in India.

An Oldtime Dream From 1964 -- 42" diameter log in Ken's 3B.

20 Cubic Feet of Firewood -- more recollections from Oldtime.

A Man and His Jeep -- no-nonsense photos of guys with their 3B's.

Wade at the River -- scenic fall shots in Alabama.

Universal Farming in Ohio -- John Ittel's Green Prairie Farm Jeeps in action.

Weekend in the Tobacco Root Mountains -- camping in Montana.

VIASA High Hood in Italy -- custom LWB Spanish Jeep.

Extreme CJ-3Bs in Purple -- overlander, rock crawler and more.

ICON CJ3B -- the bulletproof 2010 replica vehicle.

Things You Can Do With a CJ-3B -- fun for kids and dads.

You Do What You Gotta Do -- Volvo, Ford, Mercedes and other hybrids.

Spare Change: Some Different Ideas -- unusual spare tire photos.

Yipao Festival -- the Willys parades of Colombia.

Everybody Loves a Parade -- Rose Bowl, Independence Day, weddings and more.

Promoting the Australian-Made CJ-3B -- ads, rallies, shows.

Double-Take High Hoods -- modifications that make you look twice.

High Hood Surrey -- 1961 CJ-3B in special-order paint.

1961 Beach Car -- CJ-3B Surrey Gala built by Willys Australia.

CJ-3Bs on Display in Europe -- dealer showrooms, Camp Jeep and more.

Mitsis Get Around -- more global high hood photos.

Offroad in Venezuela -- trips to the mountains and the beach.

Customized '54 -- High tech show Jeep sold in 2000.

Radical 3B's on the Rocks -- photos by Jim Allen.

Custom 585 Horsepower Willys -- Chevy-powered buildup by Brian Leetch.

CJ-3B Rock Crawlers -- serious off-road high hoods.

CJ-3B Owners On the Trails -- high hood action photos.

Lycoming JB-1 Aircraft Generator -- is it a CJ-3B?

The Jeep in Sweden -- more beautiful hardtops.

Jeeps in Iceland -- unique hardtops and fenders.

Jeeps in Cuba -- and some cars from the fifties.

Air Canada Staff Car -- Halifax hightop halfcab.

Airport Ground Service Jeeps -- hard at work on the tarmac.

Airport Jeeps Around the World -- including the Concorde.

The Dilapidated CJ-3B Competition -- our 2008 heap contest.

Diamonds in the Rough -- Topeka tractor, supersized taillights, more.

Homemade High-Hoods -- for functionality or style.

Oilfield Jeep -- Jim Sammons in Texas built his '61 for work.

Colombian Food Carts Hit the World -- high-hoods in New York, London.

Green Thumb Jeeps -- for the garden or the golf course.

I've Seen Better Days... -- body tub problems, and a warning about off-road safety.

Things Are Not Always What They Seem -- military Jeeps in disguise.

Along the Roadside -- budget Jeeps are out there.

CJ-3Bs at the Mud Races -- Ohio, Pennsylvania, South America.

Do CJ-3Bs Get Stuck? -- this page got lost in the mud for a while.

Yellow Jeeps -- did any CJ-3Bs come from the factory that way?

Rain and Sleet and Snow and... -- CJ-3Bs keep on going!

Jeep Farm -- Jeep parts and bears.

CJ-3Bs Lined Up -- photos from Willys events and advertising.

See CJ3B's in History for more great photos.

See some high hood artwork in Endearing Qualities of the CJ-3B and 1963 Mitsubishi J3R Jeep Art.

See also CJ-3B Magazine Articles on CJ3B.info.

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