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A remarkable photo for the New Year: our first 2020 cover picture shows thirteen CJ-3B Universal Jeeps built in 1954 by NEKAF ("Nederlandse Kaiser-Frazer") in Rotterdam, destined for the police department of The Hague.

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Jan 2020
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CJ-3Bs in History

80 pages of photos and stories about Jeeps present at interesting moments in history.

CJ-3B Owners and Photos

150 pages of photos and details of surviving Willys CJ-3Bs.

Specs and Tech Tips

200 pages of info on CJ-3B specifications, serial numbers, paint, parts, repairs and operation.

CJ-3B in the Movies

60 films from Hollywood and around the world, starring Jeeps.

Universal Jeep History

150 pages on Jeep development and the factory; includes Jeep shows and the Spotter's Guide.

CJ-3B Literature

70 pages of advertising, catalogues, magazine articles and manuals.

CJ-3B Military Jeeps

60 pages of military Jeeps in restoration and action, including Vietnam and the Congo.

Unusual CJ-3B Photos

80 pages of interesting and surprising Jeep stories and photos.

Jeeps Around the World

150 pages covering Willys Jeeps exported or built outside North America.

Siblings of the CJ-3B

50 pages looking at the history of other Willys and Kaiser models of the 1950s and 60's.

Fire Jeeps

120 pages of photos and info on fire, ambulance and police service Jeeps old and new.

Toy Jeeps

150 pages of history and photos of scale models large and small. is created by Derek Redmond in Kingston, Canada. All content not credited and previously copyright, is copyright Derek Redmond 1996-2020.

Submissions of photos or articles are welcome. You can Contact by e-mail, and send me your Jeep's details for the CJ-3B Serial Number and Engine Number List. Please note that currently I am not posting much new material on, due to computer problems and health problems.

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