Hounds and High Hoods


Here are some of the dogs who have appeared on the fur side of our Unusual Photos and Owners' Photos pages. Some of the puns are a little ruff but I hope they get you howling.

Illinois, 1960

This town is going to the dogs...

In 1960, Western Springs, Illinois hired two Dog Wardens to keep the canines under control, after receving many complaints about unleashed dogs biting residents, fouling the footpath, and generally running loose.

The Police Chief appointed two off-duty police officers including Bob Addison (seen here) to serve as part-time Dog Wardens. They were provided with a specially-equipped CJ-3B with two cages and a 2-way radio so they could immediately respond to reports of stray dogs.

South Africa

Dogs? I haven't seen any dogs around here!

Nice photo by Jens Buus of his Whippet Dalmatian cross named "Buzz" in his CJ-3B Restored as M606 in Cape Town, South Africa.


I think we should flea immediately!

Chriss Manley's dog likes to keep an eye open for the dog catcher, from the shotgun seat of Chriss' 1955 3B in Arkansas.

North Carolina

It was the leashed I could do...

Goose's 1963 CJ-3B in North Carolina has a slick clothesline-style leash arrangement to keep "Bohdi" legal in the back.


Did someone say parallel barking?

This guy waits patiently in a 1953 CJ-3B rebuilt by Adam Temple in Oregon in 1999.

Maine, 1959

Sorry fellas, you didn't Setter straight.

Some advice from the family dog, in one of a series of photos showing the 1959 installation of a Sears Aluminum Top in Maine.

New Mexico

Quit your bitchin' and drive!

"Ely" the English Bulldog sits in this 1956 CJ-3B which belonged to Robert Diaz in New Mexico.

Kentucky, 1965

Kennel we sleep in the Jeep?

Clifton Clark sent this great 1965 photo of his father Burchell Clark with his 1961 CJ-3B in Kentucky.

Washington, 1979

This is the warmest spot, and that's no bull, dog.

"Joe" was a puppy in this 1979 picture from A 3B and a Shack, one of Rich Mylar's Jeep Stories from the Northwest.


But sometimes I just paws on the seat.

A year later, Joe was bigger and Rich had done a lot of work on the Jeep.

The cat

The cat?? Are you gonna litter come with us?

Joe still didn't take his eyes off Rich.


If I don't get my lunch there's going to be a Poodle.

Timing was everything in this shot by Allan Dahl of his 1956 CJ-3B. (And this Great Dane actually lives in Denmark!)

Dusty, 2005

If our puppy gets lost, we can always Retriever in the Jeep.

Amelia holds the Redmonds' new yellow lab "Dusty" in 2005.

Dusty, 2013

This Jeep could use a neuter paint job!

Eight years later, the girls are bigger and Derek's 3B has seen some wear and tear.


Don't we look fetching?

Dusty's first litter of Labradoodles was born in 2008.


We're Pekinesely over the tailgate.

This bunch of Doodles appeared in 2011. The burro sticker on the Jeep is a souvenir of our visit to Camprodon, Spain in 2008.

OK, this page was also an excuse to post some of my puppy pictures. I know, the puns weren't worth Jack, Russell.

Thanks to all the photographers, and to Federico Cavedo for spotting the Dog Warden article. -- Derek Redmond

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