CJ-3Bs on Film:
The Rubicon Trail, 1965-69


The pictures on this page are frames from home movie footage of the 1965 to 1969 editions of the Jeepers Jamboree on the Rubicon Trail in California.

The images are courtesy of Clif Scram who transferred his father's home movie film to video, and the Rubicon Trail Foundation who made it available on YouTube.



Clif's dad titled the 1965 film "Jeep Jamboree Maverick Style: 24 July 1965." He also listed the first names of all the Jeepers appearing in the film, and thanked the "Indispensables" (toilet paper and beer.)

Frame "Maverick Style" does seem like a good name for the event, with people piling on each other's Jeeps and trying different lines through the rocks. Some of the Jeeps have trailers for their camping equipment.

Frame Many parts of the Rubicon were easier trails in 1965 than they are now, allowing the heavily loaded, mainly stock flatfenders to breeze through.

Frame The red CJ-3B did have a little trouble in the water here.

Frame Most of the maverick Jeepers had funny hats and beer.



An early directional sign shows up in the 1966 Scram home movies, but not much in the way of CJ-3Bs for us to look at in the group this year.

Frame Great image showing the atmosphere and enthusiasm of the early Jamborees. Five guys changing the departure angle for a CJ-5, with a machine gun in the foreground.



The 1967 film starts in camp, with Jeepers waking up and making breakfast.

Frame Jeeps are driven fully loaded into the water to get a wash, and sometimes have a bit of trouble getting out.

Frame There is also footage from a November 1967 trip, where another CJ-3B shows up.

Frame And as the sixties progress, more CJ-5s show up among the flatfenders.



This couple in their 3B are a highlight of the group of friends at the 1968 Jamboree.

Frame Costumes and shenanigans are still a big part of the event.



The same fellow in the metal hat and his red 3B are back in 1969, but this time the Jeep is filled with orange shirts from a Jeep club.

Frame They're the El Dorado Jeepherders, whose club had been established in the Placerville CA area in the early 1950s. See more on the history of the Jeepherders at eWillys.com.

Frame There are some good shots of this CJ-3B in the 1969 Jamboree.

Thanks to Clif Scram and his father for the movies, and the Rubicon Trail Foundation for posting them on YouTube. -- Derek Redmond

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