Exploring Zululand in Old Willys Jeeps

by Simon Bruton

My love for flat fender Jeeps comes from long 4x4 camping trips during my childhood into remote areas of Zululand, South Africa with a group of my parents' friends who had original Jeeps. Those Jeeps took us to incredible remote, rugged places and were completely standard so that is the look I love, and I want to get my 1964 CJ-3B back to that.

Driving in a CJ2AThis photo explains why I am hooked on old Willys Jeeps. That is me at the age of about 10 in the passenger seat of Roger Gaisfords' CJ-2A. Roger is currently doing a full restoration on this 2A.


Typical Zululand sceneryHere is the typical scenery of this Zululand Battlefields region where the Anglo Zulu wars of 1879 took place.


1960 CJ-3BI love the distinctive sound of the Willys 4-cylinder motors -- I think it is partly that big steel fan that makes a distinctive whine as it accelerates. See also a side view photo (90K JPEG) of this 1960 CJ-3B.

Driving in a CJ2AA Jeep taxi African style, giving a friendly lift to some of the locals down one of the mountain passes.


Roger Gaisford's CJ-3BRoger Gaisford has a wide knowledge of the history and people of Zululand and the Battlefields area, and conducts tours along some of these old 4x4 trails.

Roger also organises a semi-annual 4x4 meeting called Old Trucks, which is a spectacular event dedicated to pre-1970 4x4s only. Two CJ-3Bs regularly attended the event, and I hope that my 1964 CJ-3B will join them at the next one. -- Simon Bruton

Note: Roger Gaisford sent the above photo in 2017, commenting "My 1963 ex-South African Defence Force CJ-3B. Right hand drive. Under right hand seat tool box cut back to allow extra 5-gal. petrol tank. Black out lighting and tow rings on front bumper."

Thanks to Simon Bruton for this 2006 memoir. -- Derek Redmond

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