Jeep Stories From the Northwest


1974Rich Mylar has assembled for CJ3B.info some of his memories and photos of forty years of Jeeping, from California to Idaho to Alaska. Enjoy the history, humor, scenery and adventure of the northwest United States, as lived and photographed by Rich in his CJ-3B. -- Derek Redmond

1. The Idaho Lakeview Mine
"The chained-up Jeep began clawing and churning at the snow, and then it sank down to the axles and skid plate, refusing to go on any further up the mountain snowmobile trail."
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2. A 3B and a Shack
"I even went so far as to pull the batteries out of the 3B and truck and bring them inside so the Jeep and truck would start when I needed them."
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3. A 3B and a Rabbit
"Kimo was a good dog as far as dogs go; not too bright, but definitely brighter than his master was at that time."

4. Spring Breakup in the Sierras
"My hands and legs were going numb on me and I felt stiff and very cold. I would never admit to Mike or Roger that I took the top off far too early."

5. Power Wagons and Oldtimer Secrets
"Popeye shifted the Power Wagon's transfer case into low range and we began the climb up the hill. I was rather surprised the old vehicle could climb this hill because it was so steep. This was the beginning of my much-needed education on 4X4's and transfer cases."

5. A Cup of Dice
"The kids clustered around the wood stove eating their pickled egg each, and eagerly munching on chips as they thawed out, shivering, in their tattered dirty coats with straw clinging to them."


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