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The small state of Goa on the west coast of India is a popular destination for tourists, with one of the attractions being the nearly 50 beaches along the Arabian Sea coastline. Surf Life Saving Goa (SLSG) is in charge of safety at the beaches, employing 429 lifeguards during 2015-16, with 33 Jeeps, 52 jet skis and 7 boats. During 2010-11, when these photos were taken, many of those Jeeps were still Mahindra CJ-3B models dating from probably the 1980's.

The Jeeps are a popular subject for both tourist and professional photos. These 9 photos were taken by 9 different photographers, at beaches including Kalangut, Miramar, Morjim, Gokarna and Baga. I have assembled them into a look at a day on the job for an SLSG Jeep.

7:30 AM: The beach opens and there are swimmers already waiting.

Photo copyright Rafil Tamir.

9:30 AM: Things are getting busy. Water temperature 29°C (84°F).

Photo copyright Patty Patel.

11:30 AM: The sun is hot now. Air temperature 30°C (86°F).

Photo copyright Kiran Patil.

1:00 PM: Everybody is in the water, so we have to keep our eyes open.

Photo by Praveen under CC.

2:30 PM: A distress call comes in on the radio.

Photo copyright Akshay Davie.

3:30 PM: A boat, not a swimmer, was in distress, and we are still trying to get it onshore.

Photo copyright Mrina Kanti Paul.

5:00 PM: Most people have gone home for supper.

Photo by zgrotophorst under CC.

6:00 PM: Heading back to the command post.

Photo by Karthik BK under CC.

6:30 PM: Beach closes at sunset.

Photo copyright Syed Hassan.

Thanks to the photographers. -- Derek Redmond

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