Things You Can Do With a CJ-3B


Use a Dump Box

India Sreejith Chengazhassery told me about this "pragmatic modification" to an old Mahindra Jeep in Kerala, India.

He says, "These vehicles were modified by road construction contractors who are building roads (and other infrastructure) in remote areas. They have converted them to dumpers operated manually using chain and levers."

India "The exteriors may look ill-maintained, but their engine and running gear are in working condition."

India "With the onset of the rainy season here in Kerala, these vehicles are out of a job and will stand there until the rain subsides, probably end of July or beginning of August."

(Or Just Dump the Jeep)

India This simple method of dumping a load of logs was also spotted in Kerala, India. Thanks to Srivardhan Srinivasan.

Use the Winch


"Tyrolienne" is what they call this in France, and I guess it comes from the area of the Austrian alps called Tyrol. I'm happy to learn the word, because when I had a cable and pulley for the kids in my backyard (no Jeeps involved) I never knew what to call it. Jean-Francois Lavie says, "It's the French word for this kind of personal cable transport. When we were in Madrid there was one set up for kids in a park. Did not take me long to figure out I could set up one with the CJ-3B and its winch. Using my Bantam trailer was a plus, Jeepwise. Here is the result of Philippe enjoying hours of play (100K JPEG) with the tyrolienne, and me hours of calm."

Davey's JeepsIf you have a couple of winches.... This looks pretty scary, but maybe whoever put all the work into building this thing knew what they were doing. It has two winches -- the one in the front raises the boom, and the one in the rear would do the lifting via the pulley.

Use the High Hood

J-F LavieDid you realize every CJ-3B comes with a built-in cherry picker? Jean-Francois Lavie also sent a photo taken by his wife; it shows him picking cherries on the family farm in France. (Note: be cautious about standing on the hood itself or you'll end up with a huge dent; see Weak Points in the CJ-3B Hood.)

See also more details on J-F's Rover V8-powered CJ-3B on CJ3B.info.

Use a Roof Rack

OldtimeThis was our Fall 2007 cover photo, showing Ken Bushdiecker's '53 with a load of tipi poles (100K JPEG). Note features installed by Ken to equip the Jeep for hard work in the woods; headlight guards, radiator chaff screen, CB antenna, and rear-mounted spotlight.

More details on this Jeep (and the tipi poles) are in 1953 Owners' Photos.

Use a Hardtop

K GridleyKevin Gridley is a guy who knows a lot about all the kinds of chores you can do with a Willys. The 1953 CJ-3B seen here hauling firewood, belonged to a friend of his Dad's when he was a boy. He says, "At 16 I purchased that Jeep and began restoring it. Three years later it made it on the road. It took me back and forth to work for several years until it was finally retired to Work Jeep status."

Use a Hitch

2018 Here's another way to bring in the firewood. Justin Kennedy in Victoria, Australia says, "That should be enough -- I'll get the rope!"

See much more on cutting and hauling wood, in 20 Cubic Feet of Firewood on CJ3B.info.

1953 When all the chores are done, you can have fun in your Jeep. This was something that Willys Overland also knew; their advertising emphasized that a farmer could pull a plow behind a Universal Jeep all week, and then unhitch it and drive into town on Saturday night (or to church on Sunday morning.)

Or how about doing some camping? This old photo shows Harry Shank and family leaving for a trip from their Glendale CA home in the early 1950s, with a KenSkill teardrop trailer behind a brand new CJ-3B. The trailer would match nicely with one of those aluminum hardtops as seen on Kevin's Jeep above.

Use Two Hitches

2018 Here's a "road train" made up of a couple of Bantam trailers, carrying irrigation pipe at a coffee plantation in Coorg, India. The area around Coorg is famous for its mild coffee, grown in the shade. Thanks to Sudhin Karumbaiah for the photo.

Use a Mower

Tall grass Bob Christy realizes it's time to cut the grass in preparation for the 2018 Northern Ohio Flatfender Cruise-In. As of 2018, he didn't have his Empire tractor in operating condition yet, but that was no problem.

Bush hogThere used to be lots of auxiliary equipment for farming and industry, designed to be operated from a Jeep's power take-off points. You can still find implements old and new which will work just as well with a Jeep as with a tractor. Bob has some tips on Running a Bush Hog From a Jeep PTO on CJ3B.info.

See also Walker Gaulding's 1950s "Mow Hawk" bush hog behind a 1954 CJ-3B.

Use a Plow

Connecticut Later in the year, you might want some machinery on the other end of the Jeep. Gary Keating took this shot of his 1961 CJ-3B clearing snow in Connecticut.

See more photos of Snowplows at Work on CJ3B.info.

Use Four-Wheel Drive

Moab, 2018 Of course there are those people whose favorite thing to do with a well-equipped Jeep is get it out on the rocks in a place like the Pickle Trail at Moab, Utah. The 3B from Utah seen here at Easter 2018 is on a particular obstacle called the "Jalapeño Pickle".

Moab, 2018 Great to also see a pretty stock-looking high hood and hardtop out on the rocks. But the way he owns the Jalapeño, there is obviously at least a set of locking differentials under this Jeep.

Thanks to Jeff Petrowich for these photos from his YouTube video Willys Jeeps on the Pickle Trail.

See more CJ-3B Rock Crawlers on CJ3B.info.

Use a Telephone Pole

Pole climbTalk about parallel parking. Somebody posted a video on YouTube showing this Jeeper slowly backing his modified CJ-3B up a telephone pole. See also a rear view (40K JPEG) of the stunt.

Thanks to the all the photographers. -- Derek Redmond

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