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Lil WillyDave and Ruth have done a lot of travelling around the western U.S. with their 1954 CJ-3B "Lil Willy," who sits happily on his trailer when they're travelling by highway, but really comes into his own when they hit the trails. Dave has been compiling photos and stories for CJ3B.info from some of their trips. -- Derek Redmond

Chatinika River, Alaska, September 2010
"The view is excellent up here and even though it was a bit hazy the sun-angle provided glimpses of Mount McKinley more than 100 miles to the south."

Petersville Road, Alaska, July 2010
"In what can best be described as an 'Alaskan out-of-the-way place' we stuck out like a sore thumb! Even so, we were a bit taken aback when the bartender replied, 'Wha chew wanna go up there for? Yer liable to get shot!'"

Black Bear Road, Colorado, July 2009
"We don't have a roll-bar or seat belts, so we try to keep our wheeling in the 'easy to moderate' category. I was still uncertain if we would actually try to drive the Black Bear Road as it's rated a Class 5 Difficult."

Scenic Drives on Public Lands, June 2009
"We decided to forego the crowds of the Moab area, choosing instead to take a long desired trip to Capital Reef National Park for a few days, and then on to the Canyonlands Maze district."

Stock Willys at Moab, 2006
"My cousin's son riding shotgun on the fifth day said, 'Don't you ever sell this. This is the real thing.'"


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