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The Poppy is Also a Flower (1966) -- an Iranian M606 and twenty movie stars.

In Jeep Lives Lived, a note about the passing of Ian McDonald, leader of the 1969 Simpson Desert Expedition.

New photo of the beach patrol in Police Jeeps of The Hague.

We finally have the concluding chapter of The Gold Jeeps of 1961 -- the restored gold Surrey.

Great fire Jeep story is just one of the articles in the tenth anniversary issue of The Dispatcher.

New in 1964 Owners' Photos, a coffee plantation Jeep nicely restored in India.

Plenty of new Forward Control trucks in Fire Service Jeeps.

Seldom-seen early Auburn trencher on a CJ-3B, new in "Jeep-A-Trench" Trenching Attachment.

Completion of the Howe Fire Apparatus Jeep FC-170 DRW restoration, including a detailed look at how the pump system operates.

We have shots of the Willys in Machete! -- a B-Jeep in a B-Movie.

20-21 July 2024 are the confirmed dates for Camprodon, Terra de Jeeps in the mountains of Spain. See CTDJ 2023 for last year's event.

New in Homemade High Hoods are some high hoods that have been lowered, including this rally winner.

Three artists portray the CJ-3B in Willys Art in Colombia.

Winter 2023/24 issue of The Dispatcher has Jeepsters and fire Jeeps.

Philips Tin Jeep, 1945 -- possibly the first jeep toy mass-produced in Europe.

Civvy Jeep restored as a shore patrol replica, new in 1953 Owners' Photos.

CJ-3B in Bacurau (Brazil, 2019), a weird movie that won the Jury Prize at Cannes.

Now in 1955 Owners' Photos, Page 2, an update on Rosie in Oregon.

New restoration of an all-original U.S. Air Force CJ-3B, for sale in Maryland.

The 2024 Kaiser Willys photo contest winner is new in CJ-3B Catalogue Covers.

1955 Owners' Photos has new photos of William Castillo's restoration in Costa Rica.

More Jeeps in the rocks, mud and water, in CJ-3B Owners On the Trails.

Jeep Fire Trucks in Yellowstone Park updated with the current status of this Valley Fire Truck.

GreenLight vs. Johnny Lightning in Police Service Toy Cherokees.

Young Jeeper taking over Glenn Byron's Three Bees 3B in Maine.

New in Police Service Jeep Toys are some recent good and bad Cop Jeeps from GreenLight Collectibles.

A '62 with lots of upgrades and a unique feature, added to 1962 Owners' Photos.

Curious George Downunder in a CJ-3B has a Jeep that looks a lot like one found on

Cross-vintage 3B in Virginia completed by Derek Beatty, One Step at a Time.

Derek Beatty describes his Reverse Steering Gear Conversion.

Lawrence Wade was back in the Priceville Christmas parade this year. See more about this Christmas Tradition.

With Matchbox Jeeps for 2022 we're almost caught up to the present in our annual look at what's new from Matchbox.

Check out the 106mm Jeeps in 1972's Godzilla vs. Gigan, new in Mitsubishi Jeeps vs. Godzilla.

Navy Jeep in the Movies is a nice 3B cameo in the forgettable 1961 Hollywood film Cry for Happy.

Hidemi's latest New Year's card in 1963 Mitsubishi J3R Jeep Art combines his Jeep with science fiction and noodle delivery.

New in 1953 Owners' Photos, a cool build with Chevy 350 in North Dakota.

Jeep FC-170 Fire Truck at General Atomics Corp. -- who was the manufacturer?


Christián Podlesker's CJ-3B was a cover photo for and now for the Holy Toledo! Calendar for 2024.

Nice unrestored 3B in South Australia is a new addition to 1954 Owners' Photos.

An update to the page on tiny 1/87 HO Scale Jeeps.

Also new in 1954 Owners' Photos, Glenn Byron's Christmas present in Maine.

New photo of Christmas in the Congo sixty years ago, in Peacekeepers Go to War.

Interesting stuff in the Fall 2023 issue of The Dispatcher.

Police Service Jeeps has a bunch of interesting new photos.

A couple of Hamilton action shots from 1956 and 1958 added to Pedal Jeep Snapshots.

Nevada Jeep now in France and new in 1953 Owners' Photos reveals why frame numbers can be important.

New in 1954 Owners' Photos, a family Jeep in Colombia.

Exceptional restomod for sale in Washington state is new in 1957 Owners' Photos.

CTDJ 2023 is the report from the third annual edition of the Camprodon Willys weekend in Spain.

A vintage Bestop carrier that allows the tailgate to fold down, is new in Building a "Factory" Tailgate Spare Tire Mount.

Beautiful 1970s camper conversion for sale in Europe, added to You Never Know What You'll Find: Unusual CJ-3B Bodywork.

New in 1955 Owners' Photos is a Willys that spent three decades carrying a doctor into the mountains of Austria.

The latest addition to Boyer CJ-2A Fire Engines is for sale online.

This '64 is an example of a CJ-3B with unique serial number tags applied to Jeeps built by Kaiser Jeep in Windsor, Canada, 1959-69.

Latest addition to Police Service Jeeps: Turkish cop on the phone in 1963.

Surprising addition to 1953 Owners' Photos is a Farm Jeep whose serial number indicates that more FJs were produced than I thought.

Latest issue of The Dispatcher has a colorful six-page spread on the Spanish CJ-3B.

New in 1964 Owners' Photos, Jason Windemuller's 10-minute roll bar installation in Michigan.

A tribute to the late Ron Szymanski in Jeep Lives Lived.

This Jeep (and boat) in Kentucky are new in 1961 Owners' Photos.

Jeep FC Fire Trucks by American LaFrance looks at a few interesting Jeeps from the big apparatus company.

Winch Wars -- Ken "Oldtime" Bushdiecker compares Braden, Koenig and Ramsey PTO and winch installations.

1955 3B has worked for the Swiss Army, and then for a farmer, and now has been a family Jeep for thirty years: Third Time Lucky.

General Fire Truck Co. produced Willys Commandos, and this press photo of one in action just turned up.

New in 1957 Owners' Photos, a 3B in Finland with a somewhat mysterious story suggesting it might have come from Africa.

I got my photo in the latest issue of The Dispatcher!

Jeep is using the 1976 "Electruck" to help promote their hybrid Grand Cherokee. See details in The DJ-5 Dispatchers.

New in CJ-3B Factory Fire Engines, Skagway VFD's 1953 Howe CJ-3B in action in 1988.

Unusual photo, of Canadian troops in a Mahindra Jeep, while with the UN in the Congo -- added to Peacekeepers Go to War.

Mitsubishi CJ-3B in the "Gamera" Movies now includes a bunch of military Jeeps in Gamera 2: Attack of Legion, a 1996 film starring the fire-breathing giant turtle.

Recent photo of this Darley FC joins its factory photo in Forward Control Fire Trucks, which now lists the many builders in alphabetical order.

Southbridge, Massachusetts auctions 70-year-old fire Jeep seen in CJ-3B Fire Jeep Conversions.

Retired Spanish military Jeep still working, added to Green Thumb Jeeps.

M606 Military Jeep Parts List -- detailed list of the special parts in Kaiser Jeep's military export version of the CJ-3B.

A new addition to Unidentified Pedal-Drive Jeeps is marked "Coelho Enterprises, Bombay." Anybody have any details on it?

Lawrence Wade's '55 joins the Wranglers downtown -- new in 3Bs Hit Local Car Shows.

Colorful CJ-3B Photos is the latest collection of "Unusual Photos," all in brilliant color.

CJ-3B and CJ-5 Jeeps converted by Crown Firecoach were a unique combination of crash truck and fire engine. New in Airfield Crash Rescue Jeeps and CJ-5 Fire Service Jeeps.

Orono, Maine Fire Department's brush truck in the 1970s was a modified Factory Fire Engine, now added to CJ-3B Fire Jeep Conversions

New in Jeeps in South Korea, the first automobile built in Korea -- look familiar?

In the same family in Puerto Rico since it was bought new, and still a daily driver, it's new in 1964 Owners' Photos.

Hidemi Hishikawa's 2023 New Year's card added to 1963 Mitsubishi J3R Jeep Art.

The crash Jeep at San Francisco International in CJ-3B Fire Jeep in the Movies turns out to be an American LaFrance conversion.

"Roxanne" is J.W. Heater's V6 '59 in Missouri, new in 1959 Owners' Photos. Also some shots from Moab, in CJ-3B Rock Crawlers.


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