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New in 3Bs Hit Local Car Shows: Joe Evans brings his M606 and Navy 3B to a military history event in Tennessee.

Jeanne Olson's "Eugene the Jeep" in Arizona is new in 1957 Owners' Photos.

Dakota and Willys added to Royal Australian Air Force Jeeps.

Homemade High Hoods now has more Jeeps with Ford flathead V8s.

Clone of a Policia Territorial CJ-3B added to Jeeps in the Spanish Sahara.

Update on David Freibert's 3B build in Line Mountain Race Jeeps .

Pedal Jeep Snapshots -- kids and Jeeps make for cute photos.

25 Years of CJ3B Cover Pages -- over 200 home page pictures.

The all-aluminum Western Jeep and the Banderainte Jeep from Brazil are new in Pedal-Drive Jeeps.

U-Bild Wooden Riding Toy Jeep -- popular home project for decades.

This unique Hahn Motors FC-170 Fire Engine was built for J.T. Baker Chemical Co.

The Dispatcher, Summer 2021 -- why does this issue have a bicycle on the cover?

Upgrade for Spud -- wild carpet will grab eyeballs at shows.

Bantam Factory Fire Jeeps -- at least one of those BRC-40s built as fire trucks is still around.

Camprodon, Land of Jeeps was a Willys festival held 24-25 July 2021 in Camprodon, Spain.

Plans for fabricating a front bumper are new in Bumper Replacement.

Willys Ambulances in Australia are on their own page now, including this Gladiator.

New in 1964 Owners' Photos is another ex-Army 3B which has been given duallies and other interesting mods.

1957 Willys brochure on how Jeep Vehicles Help Fight Disease.

Nice '54 in Brazil, with an ethanol engine optional in Brazilian CJ-5s in the 80s, new in 1954 Owners' Photos.

Extreme CJ-3Bs in Purple updated with more snow photos from Chris Holmes.

Canadian-assembled 3B in 1962 Owners' Photos with a colorful patina and a mystery engine number.

New in 1958 Owners' Photos, a lefty CJ-3B in Australia, which came with a puzzling story.

Jeep-Zanzi -- Swiss-built cab-forward CJ-5, new in Fire Service Jeeps.

Cloning President Thiệu's CJ-3B -- Andy Tally's 1960 parade Jeep in New Jersey.

Operation Pineapple -- April 2021 was the 66th anniversary, so Green & Yellow was back on the home page.

Baden-Powell AfricaEuropeAmerica Expedition, 1957 -- another Boy Scout Jeep adventure.

Jeeps in Che (2008) -- variety of Jeeps used by Che Guevara and his killers in this biopic.

The latest on the historic 1945 CJ-2A Jeep Fire Truck demonstrated in Berkey, Ohio in 1946, and auctioned in 2021 by the fire department there.

Around the World in 1963 is a collection of vintage photos from surprising places.

The Winter issue of The Dispatcher features Jeep diesels, Tonka Jeeps, and the obscure "Jeep Creep!"

Denis Mondy's 1956 JH-101 had this orange paint job and a tractor engine when he bought it!

Long-time reader Chuck Watford has repainted his near-perfect '64 in the original Spruce Tip green.

Malaria Campaign Jeep was one of hundreds of Transport Yellow CJ-3Bs used in Mexico's anti-malaria war.

New in 1954 Owners' Photos is an ex-Swiss Army Jeep in the Netherlands, and in 1965-68 Owners' Photos an M606 in Argentina.

Artist Basil Gogos painted this Jeep Pinup for True Adventures magazine.

Added to Diamonds in the Rough is a '56 buried for 35 years with a surprising taillight mod.

Long wheelbase Bravo L prepped for racing in Spain circa 1980, new on the Jeep Cross page.

Jeep EBRO Advertising -- 1976 CJ-3B brochure and ads in Spain.

Jeeps add Colombian flavor to the steamy 2019 soap opera Playing With Fire.

New in 1961 Owners' Photos, a frame-off restoration with an Arctic top in Iowa.

Surrey Gala Jeep in The Saint also includes some interesting Willys MBs, in the 1967 season of Roger Moore's classic TV series The Saint.

Impressive photo of the Ecuadorian Army on parade in Quito in the 1950s, with half a dozen CJ-3Bs.

Line Mountain Race Jeeps features Ryan Frankenberg's '62 and David Freibert's '55.

Some cheesecake photos were part of Willys Australia's attempt to promote their 1961 Beach Car -- a CJ-3B Surrey.

A new photo of the Jeeps of the Eisenhower Inauguration Parade, 1953 shows the Young Republicans Federation's float.

Jean-Francois Lavie's Project Bristol Red is a complete makeover for a '54 Swiss Army Jeep.

Gordon Kinneer's '62 in Pennsylvania is new in 1962 Owner's Photos.

Hidemi's Jeep Art New Year's card for 2021 is here: "Have a bright year!"

More photos of the unique Barcaldine ambulance in Australia, in Willys Ambulances.

1964 Owners' Photos has the details on Clay Hollister's high hood in Michigan.


New in 1958 Owners' Photos: a '58 in Australia with Desert Dog sand tires, a Holden straight six, and yellow paint.

Some nice vintage photos and the restoration of every component of a 1955 Wisconsin Willys.

Ronnie Upchurch in Alabama saves a nice 1954 CJ-3B from the scrapyard.

Added to 1961 Owners' Photos is Tom Olsen's new purchase in Sioux Falls.

Steelglow Gray '59 is Joe Hires' super-low-mileage 3B, and the page also includes his 1945 Holden MB ambulance.

Our December cover page illustration of a CJ-3B ambulance, is a new piece of Jeep Art From Flores.

CJ-3B Photos Around the Globe -- "Jeep vehicles are instruments for blazing the way to a path of peace among all peoples."

Update on Postal Jeep Toys.

More of those unique Queensland pumpers added to Willys Fire Trucks in Australia.

Barn find just needed some soap and water -- new in 1955 Owners' Photos.

Swiss Army Jeeps now includes custom flatfenders from Fratelli Ambrosoli, Willys importer in Switzerland.

CJ-3B Photos Around the Globe -- a new addition is CJ-3Bs in Equatorial Guinea in 1957.

GreenLight Collectibles' 1/64-scale Jeepster Commando added to Police Service Jeep Toys.

Mahindra Roxor Brush Trucks are new in the "Fire Service Jeeps" section.

Photos and details added to clarify how to connect the F-head engine's Crankcase Ventilation System.

Jaime Gomis gets married in his Jeep -- new in Rallying with a CJ-3B-E in Spain.

A tribute to the late John Ittel has been added to Jeep Lives Lived.

The Swedish Army CJ-3A is new in Jeeps Around the World.

"If there is a vehicle that has really been put to the test countless times to the point of being torn and has always shone where it really matters, it is the Willys Jeep." From a brochure for a Swiss builder of Jeep fire apparatus, new in Willys Fire Trucks Around the World.

Location photos showing the making of Fun in Acapulco (1963). Elvis didn't set foot in Mexico, but there were lots of pink Jeeps around.

A photo of "Afternoon Delite" turns up -- the CJ-3B from the movie Dante's Peak!

The location of Burkhart Pontiac/Cadillac/Jeep, the dealership displaying a 3B and Caddy side by side in 1963, has been identified in Believe It or Not.

CJ-3Bs on Film: The Rubicon Trail, 1965-69 -- frames from the Scram home movies of the Jeepers Jamboree.

New in Fire Service Jeeps: more examples of Jeep Forward Control Fire Trucks on several of the pages.

Rare photo of an Ansul dry chemical Jeep FC-170, in Ansul Chemical Crash Trucks.

Added to the
Unusual CJ-3B Bodywork page: new photos of that 1950 International truck cab on a 1957 CJ-3B.

1961 CJ-3B brushfire truck on Cobb Island, Maryland, new in CJ-3B Fire Jeep Conversions.

New on the Pepsi Surrey Gala page is a 60th anniversary restoration of a 1960 Pepsi-Cola Surrey.

Stunning 1954 CJ-3B Rebuild in Michigan is new in the Owners' Photos section.

Very early CJ-3B on display at the Miami Auto Museum, added to Believe It or Not: More Unusual Photos.

The Holy Toledo! Calendar for 2021 is reviewed -- USAF 3B flies the flatfender flag.

A lost page of tips and cautions on Using a PTO Winch has turned up again.

Latest in
1953 Owners' Photos is a 3B that spent its original life in a California orchard, and now sports JD Green paint and a trailer in Idaho.

Los Alamos Jeep Now in OD is an update on a 1956 CJ-3B in Idaho.

Sharp '59 3B in lime green in Illinois was identified by its engine number, and added to 1959 Owners' Photos.

Swiss Army CJ-3B now in France, new in 1964 Owners' Photos, Page 2.

One year later -- looking back at The 2019 East-West Simpson Desert Expedition in Australia.

The 2019 East-West Simpson Desert Expedition, Part 2 follows us into the western half of the world's largest parallel dune desert.

A customized Al-Toy Aluminum Toy Jeep represents the Omix-ADA dually CJ-2A loaded with special equipment.

New in Kaiser M715 Fire Trucks is a Montana Forestry truck on the job.

Super-low-mileage RHD diesel high hood available: Mint Mahindra CJ340 For Sale in the UK.

Review of the Spring 2020 issue of Willys magazine The Dispatcher.

Swiss Army on Parade -- Jeeps on show in Cold War television broadcasts.

Details on the Kaiser Jeep government warranty sticker, and how to order a reproduction sticker, are now included on the 1966 M606 in Argentina page.

New in High Hood Fun, Jaime Gomis' Spanish CJ-3B-E stars in an episode of a TV series.

Beautiful 1943 color photo of a U.S. Coast Guard jeep and fire pump trailer, added to WWII Jeeps as Fire Engines.

Magazine ad from 1967 reveals the manufacturer of the closed-cab CJ-6 pumper in Jeep Fire Engines in Spain.

Kaiser Buys Willys is an examination of how Kaiser Industries took over Willys-Overland Motors in 1953, with a lot of help from the U.S. government, and almost sold it again a year later to Chrysler.

Classic Jeep Tops, maker of custom canvas tops for Willys civilian Jeeps, has been added to Soft Tops for Willys Jeeps and to my page of Willys Parts Source Links.

Photos from Anzac Day 2019 added to Everybody Loves a Parade.

Paper Jeep Toys has several new paper models you can print, cut and assemble with glue.

Photos of Bob Christy's new 7-piece canvas top from "Classic Jeep Tops" in Illinois, on his Honeymoon Sweet '53.

The newest page of Forward Control fire trucks is John Bean Co. Fire Jeeps, including several FC-150 examples.

The first FJ-3A Fleetvan I've ever seen in the Fire Service! Added to Forward Control Fire Trucks.

Warren Township Brushfire Jeeps -- two CJ-3Bs and a CJ-5 in Ohio.

G.I. Samurai (Japan, 1979) is a movie featuring a time-travelling Jeep being attacked by samurai warriors.

Update on the Winter 2019-20 issue of Willys magazine The Dispatcher, including the article on the 1958 Wienermobile.

Long-Wheelbase Build -- stretched '54 in Arkansas is now a rock crawler, but also has some interesting 1954 documents.

"Old Willy Café" in Washington DC is the latest Willys mobile coffee service in Colombian Food Carts Hit the World.

More pictures and stories from the wilds of South Africa, in Exploring Zululand in Old Willys Jeeps.

Another Champion Willys pumper from Valley Fire Truck -- this one from the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Dad's Footsteps is the story of the 1954 CJ-3B and Mow Hawk mower restored by Walker Gaulding in Virginia, and how it was inspired by his late father.

A 1952 CJ-3A Fire Service Conversion has been restored in central New York state.

The cool streamlined warning beacon seen on a General Fire Truck Willys, has been identified as a Trippe revolving light.

Another green '54 in the Owners' Photos, with a halfcab hardtop in Mississippi.

California Jeep With an Arctic Top is a new project with the famous military-style hardtop.

Hidemi Hishikawa's New Year's photo of his Jeep on a train is the newest example of his 1963 Mitsubishi J3R Jeep Art.

Photos from Willys News of the fleet of Civil Defense Jeeps donated for atomic bomb testing in 1955.

More Gladiator Fire Trucks: J-series fire engines of the South Australia Country Fire Service.

Nice photos of a very sharp CJ-3B in Brazil are new in 1954 Owners' Photos.

New in Jeep FC Fire Engines Around the World is a Presha FC-170 Airport Rescue Tender in service in Tasmania. This great photo also shows up in Airfield Crash Rescue Jeeps.

Beautiful big picture of a 1955 harborfront parade in the Netherlands, added to Everybody Loves a Parade.

Boyer CJ-3A Jeep Fire Engines has a new photo of Jim Robbins' restoration of the Atomic Energy Commission Jeep.


Amazing 1954 factory delivery photos of Police Jeeps of The Hague.

Another survivor of the Jeeps of the Eisenhower Inauguration Parade, 1953 has turned up in North Carolina.

New 1953 Owners' Photos of a restoration in Connecticut of a Raymond Concrete Jeep.

GreenLight Toys releases big 1/18-scale model of the Elvis Presley 1965 CJ-5A from the movie Tickle Me.

Jarek's review of Matchbox Toy Jeeps from 2018 includes the Breaking Bad Wagoneer and the Jurassic World YJs.

Winter Willys Exposition in Camprodon, the "Jeep Capital of Spain".

John Carroll's spare wheel behind the seat, added to Spare Change: Some Different Ideas.

New: remarkable 1958 photo of a CJ-5 Ansul Chemical Crash Truck owned by McDonnell Aircraft.

Another impressive CJ-3B Display in Europe is the Netherlands Kaiser-Frazier factory showroom in Rotterdam, circa 1955.

Willys Family on Film is a short video clip of Special Equipment Jeeps, circa 1955. Note the pronunciation of "Willis".

Chestnut Ridge VFC's CJ-5 fire Jeep has been added to Baltimore County Part 2: Volunteer Jeeps.

A new photo of Military Jeeps in Spain on parade.

The Brazilian Willys Capeta sports car is new on the Jeep Designers at Work page.

A simulated high hood seen at the Tomb Rider adventure ride in San Antonio, has been added to the Homemade High Hoods page.

More photos of the Dalai Lama in a Jeep, 1959.

The CJ-3B Bulletin Board was possibly the first web forum for Willys fans, in 1997. It had to change servers several times over the years, and rather than do that again, we joined the CJ3A Page Forum, which is now the Willys 3A and 3B Community, a forum covering all the flatfenders of the fifties. The registration process is very simple. Note that anyone can also still search all postings on the old CJ-3B Bulletin Board via the Search page.

Beautiful little pumper built on a Willys Cargo-Personnel Carrier by Oren Roanoke, added to More Willys Fire Trucks.

Shocking photo shows the Jeep Forward Control Q Van rescue truck at the scene of the 1977 Granville train disaster in Australia.

CJ-3B "ute" in Australia and a 1970's racing Jeep are new in Unusual CJ-3B Bodywork.

Review of the Winter 2018/2019 issue of The Dispatcher.

New in 1958 Owners' Photos is a Jeep that worked for longtime Willys dealer Stokoe Motors in Melbourne, Australia.

Another former US Army CJ-3B turns up, in the 1964 Owners' Photos.

Interesting 1946 advertisement added to the Early Al-Toy Jeep page.

More new photos of Roy, Dale and Pat, added to the Nellybelle Jeep Toys page.

Jeep Cherokee Fire Service Toys now has the new Matchbox XJ.

Some history of the Boyer Fire Apparatus Company and their CJ-2A Fire Engines.

Latest development in the story of the Willys Factory Demolition in Toledo, is the construction of the new Dana axle plant on the site of the former Jeep factory.

A CJ-3B with Surrey striping, at a bullfight in Spain, is a new addition to Back in the Day.

Nice vintage postcard of a Belgian Paracommando MB added to The Belgian Army CJ-3A.

Willys Front Axle Tips are now on their own page in the Tech section.

Jan Dušek's '59 in 1959 Owners' Photos is another former Swiss Army Jeep.

Hidemi's 2019 New Year's card added to 1963 Mitsubishi J3R Jeep Art.

Another Howe CJ-3B on display in Alaska, in CJ-3B Factory Fire Engine.

Pepsi Surrey Galas, 1960 -- more details on the first Jeep / Pepsi-Cola promotional deal.

I have made some updates to the photos and history in The CJ-3Bs of Davis Scenic Tours.

Now in Jeeps for Aircraft Ground Support, more examples of advertising for the airport industry.


Christmas Village CJ-3B -- a little porcelain 1954 Willys for your annual display.

Nicely restored CJ-3B hose wagon and pump trailer, new in Dutch-Built CJ-3B Fire Engines

Photos of the 2018 Christmas parades added to Christmas Tradition and Everybody Loves a Christmas Parade.

Updates to Ansul Chemical Crash Trucks include the fatal 1962 Greensboro accident and another Ansul CJ-3A.

Austrian police officer serving as UN Congo peacekeeper in 1960, is a new addition to Military Jeeps in the Congo: Part 6.

On the Beach in Zululand -- Roger Gaisford's photo is new in "CJ-3Bs in the Sand."

New in CJ-3B Magazine Articles: a piece from Jeep Action, on Vaugn Becker's Willys collection in Queensland.

Another fire department XJ in Indiana, added to Jeep Cherokees in the Fire Service.

Updates to Stamped Numbers on CJ-3B Frames include a new variation found by Federico Cavedo on his 1964 M606.

Well-preserved '53 now in Rhode Island, added to 1953 Owners' Photos, Page 4

Scott Wood's Australian 3B with a beautiful rusty patina is new in 1958 Owners' Photos.

I've inserted pictures of each model, in the reference chart of "Mitsubishi Civilian Jeep Models" at the bottom of Jeeps in Japan, and I'm looking for a few that are missing.

CJ-3B as planter; here's an idea your neighbors may not like. New in Green Thumb Jeeps.

Ex-Army hardtop CJ-3B, later painted in Oklahoma State orange, is an addition to Diamonds in the Rough.

Why are nearly twenty flatfenders assembled at a ski hill? We now have the answer in Snow Jeeps.

One of my favorite images on the website is the runway shot of the USAF CJ-3B and RC-135S Cobra Ball aircraft. You can now click for a full-size copy.

Sreejith Chengazhassery's sharp 1970 Mahindra is new in Mahindra Owners and Photos in India.

See a 1954 photo of one of the Eisenhower Inaugural Jeeps, after it was auctioned.

CJ-2A Fire Engine History now includes some new variations in Toledo and the Netherlands.

More details and photos of the four Boyer Jeep FC Fire Engines built in 1958-61.

Panel Delivery ice cream truck in New Jersey is now a footnote on the Willys Jeep Station Wagon page.

Jeep Wagoneer Fire Chief's car detailed for the old Lakes Fire Co. in New Jersey is new in Jeep Cherokee Fire Service Toys.

There is now a Table of Contents of all the pages covering Jeeps in the Netherlands.

Lawsuit and countersuit over the Mahindra Roxor, in Jeeps in India.

"La Casa Del Jeep" in Puerto Rico is new in Willys Parts Source Links.

Willys Commando fire trucks in Webster PA and College Station TX, new at the General Fire Truck Co. page.

The Original Tonka Surreys now has an unusual 1962 ad for the brand new Tonka Jeeps.

Tonka Jeep promotional tie-in with the movie Hatari, added at the bottom of Baby Elephant Jeep.

Photo of a military Jeep being lifted by a UH-1 helicopter, added to M606 Displays in Argentina.

History of Jeeps in Australia now includes the Jeep Sportster -- a downunder version of the Tuxedo Park.

Studebaker trucks and cars alongside Willys trucks on the assembly line in Haifa -- new in Israel Jeeps.

Patrolling the Border by Jeep has more new photos added.

Young fellows hunting in a Jeep in Vicksburg, 1954, added to A Man and His Jeep.

New in 1962 Owners' Photos: unrestored 3B in Oklahoma with a nice patina.

New photos and information added to the history of NEKAF Jeeps in the Netherlands.

More photos of the unique 1961 Queensland Willys pumper design, on Willys Fire Trucks in Australia.

Some new photos and details on the rare and expensive Al-Toy Aluminum Toy Jeeps.

Some history in Willys Jeeps in Costa Rica: the 1948 civil war pitted Willys MBs against CJ-2As.

The first time I have seen a Zamboni® included in Willys advertising, now added to CJ-3Bs on Ice.

New photos of my customized Tonka Jeep projects from 1999: a Fire Jeep from Michigan, a United Nations M38A1 CDN peacekeeping Jeep, and a Renegade II CJ-5.

Jeep Ambulances now has some very interesting 1970s and 80s Jeep SJ conversions.

Preproduction sketches of the fiberglass body of The Q Van, the FC-170 rescue truck built in Australia in 1961.

I found out where this photo of a Royal Canadian Navy CJ-3B was actually taken.

Surviving Boyer CJ-2A Fire Engines in Canada and the UK.

Willys Australia advertised the full-size Willys Ambulance as an "all-purpose fire/ambulance vehicle."

Long-wheelbase CJ-3B army ambulance is still for sale in Australia.

Michael Berthay has success with Dustless Blasting on the tub of his Mississippi Mystery.

The CJ-3B Upholstery page has new information on the Willys upholstery pattern made up of tiny CJ-3Bs.

More details on the 1958 Round Australia Rally, in Promoting the Australian-Made CJ-3B.

A note about engine numbers beginning with "4FR" (indicating a factory replacement block), on the list of Surviving CJ-3B Jeeps.

More details on the history of the Jeep-based Cournil Jeep Tractor in France.

New in 1953 Owners' Photos: Jerry Revenig starts a resto-mod in Seattle, after some problems registering the title.

Photos of the Canadian Al-Toy castings, in Al-Toy Aluminum Toy Jeeps.

Update on Jeepney Popemobiles: Francis in Chile uses a Wrangler (then a Toyota pickup which frightens a police horse.)

New in Overdrive Tech Tips: Oldtime evaluates the effectiveness of an overdrive with axles of different gear ratios.

CJ-3B wins the cover of Kaiser Willys Parts & Accessories 2018 catalogue -- new in CJ-3B Catalogue Covers.

New in the Toy Jeeps Pages is Matchbox 2017 Jeeps, with the new Gladiator concept and the return of the Compass.

More photos of Netherlands State Police CJ-3Bs and DJ-3As with steel hardtops in the 1950s, in A Man and His Jeep.

Operation Pineapple updated with more photos.

More details on the Minerva C22, a unibody CJ-5 built briefly in 1957, at the bottom of CJ-3Bs Built in Belgium.

Van Bergen hardtop pumper built for Turkey, new in Dutch-Built CJ-3B Fire Engines.

I added a larger photo of the steepest test hill at Camp Holabird to On the Trail of Jeep History, Part 3. Note: I lost the message from whoever took the picture, and would like give credit for it.

Driving in 4-Wheel Drive has been updated to include the Willys booklet How to Use Willys 4-Wheel Drive.

Jeep seen on the TV show Portlandia added to Yellow Jeeps.

Police Service Jeeps has some new photos, and some new info on the unidentified Military Police M38.

Southern California Auto Club CJ-3B in the 2018 Tournament of Roses Parade, new in Everybody Loves a Parade.

New in 1960 Owners' Photos: Michel Staniforth's PTO winch in Quebec.


Probably the lowest-mileage high-hood in the world -- a Mahindra CJ340 in the UK with under 500 miles -- is new in Mahindra Owners and Photos.

I found the lost page The Popemobile at Night which even Google has forgotten about.

Anti-tank Jeep hero of the 1965 India-Pakistan War, added to Mahindra Jeeps at War.

Photos from this year's parades added to Everybody Loves a Christmas Parade Family Tradition.

Willys pickup which is possibly a surviving Blitz Buggy Fire Truck turns up in New York.

Some big, beautiful early 1960s photos of Forward Control fire trucks in Chicago, added to Chicago FD's Jeep FC Units.

The NEKAF M38A1 ambulance is an addition to Military Ambulances.

A reference to the Cadet Gray 1953 CJ-3B which may have been painted at the West Coast Division, has been added to Willys Paint Samples 1953-54.

Another Howe CJ-3B Fire Jeep in Alaska -- at the Valdez Museum.

Lights on in the daytime -- when you're driving through volcanic ash! A 2017 photo from Costa Rica is new in Volcano Watching in a CJ-3B.

DJ-3A Front Grille: Early and Late -- new in Dispatcher Details.

Off the Line Together in Toledo, 1957 -- reunited 60 years later in Belgium.

You Never Know What You'll Find: Unusual CJ-3B Bodywork also has some new photos.

Nice color photo of Brooks Stevens' 1958 Jeep Wienermobile, new in Believe It or Not: More Unusual Photos.

Some new additions to CJ-3Bs Built in Belgium including advertisements, and a photo confirming 3Bs were exported from Belgium to Spain.

More Jeep Fire Equipment Literature now includes eight pages of firefighting equipment from the Jeep in Industry catalogue.

More details on armored CJ-3Bs of the Vietnam era, on the page of Armored M606 Jeeps.

Michael Fries' '62 in Michigan -- another 3B with a family connection.

New in 1963 Owners' Photos -- Chris Woolley in Colorado digs up his new Jeep's history.

CJ-2A Fire Engine History has more details and photos of two early Fire Jeep demonstrations, at Berkey, Ohio and at the Jeep plant in Toledo.

A mystery photo of a U.S. Army CJ-3B marked "Security Guard," added to U.S. Army MP Jeep.

There is a link to the new website of 4x4 garage and parts dealer "Special Jeep" in southern France, from the diary of my 2008 visit to Spain, during which I dropped in to Special Jeep.

Oldtime's steps for breaking in an engine have been added to "Starting Up A Rebuilt Engine" in Hurricane Rebuilding Tips.

Reproduction of an original-style 12-volt battery, new on the Battery and Starter Wiring page.

Luis Mariano Paz's outstanding M606 in Argentina takes second place for military vehicles at AutoClásica 2017, largest classic car show in South America.

New photos of CJ-2A Fire Jeeps added to More CJ-2A Fire Engines.

Some photos of hood abuse added to Weak Points in the Flatfender Hood.

CJ-3B in a supermarket -- another example of how much Colombia Loves Willys.

Details on Victor Booth's FC-170 DRW fire truck built by Trenton National Trailer, among several new additions to Forward Control Fire Engines.

Comparison of a Willys photo before and after retouching, in the CJ-3B Jeep Fire Engine Brochure.

A couple of great stories about the Alberta ranch Jeep, added to Chasing the Bighorn Sheep.

Another old mystery snapshot, at the bottom of High Hoods Everywhere...

I updated the About page with a bit more background about me and the history of the website.

CJ-6 from Virginia in 1970s lime green, new in CJ-6 Fire Service Jeeps.

I'm looking for information about this nice family snapshot, at the bottom of
Posing With Jeeps: Historical Photos.

Lots of storage space in a hardtop long-wheelbase HWL in France, new in CJ-3B Fire Jeeps Around the World.

Sears Jeep Parts Catalogue now includes a page of fiberglass body parts from the 1975 "Jeep and Scout" edition.

Jeeps in Cuba has some good new photos of Willys conversions.

More examples of Stamped Numbers on CJ-3B Frames, but no explanation for the triangular sets of numbers.

F-head in a Low Hood now featuring Brad Markgraf's CJ-3A, and Jerry Formaz in a Szekely aircraft starter in 1953.

A couple more surviving examples of factory Willys Ambulances in the US and Australia.

V6-powered CJ-6 City of Milwaukee snowplow, new on the Universal Jeep CJ-5 and CJ-6 page.

Nice newspaper ad from New Zealand on the Mahindra Marketing Tales page. Were they actually selling Mahindras there in the 70s?

Interesting comment by Fiat Chrysler about Jeeps in India, plus an update on the end of the (CJ-3B-inspired) Mahindra Classic and birth of the (CJ-7-inspired) Mahindra Thar, in Jeeps in India.

One of the first CJ-3Bs to reach Turkey in 1953, now has a Turkish flag soft top.

A 1961 photo of a Danish Army CJ-3B.

And two Danish M38A1s with the United Nations peacekeepers in Cyprus.

A photo of the best-organized Jeep toolbox you're likely to see, new in Tools to Carry in Your Jeep.

Airport Ground Service Jeeps has some new photos.

Some new information and two big black & white prints of the secretaries in a World War II jeep, balanced on beer bottles in front of The Willys-Overland Administration Building.

Before and after photos of Bill Wise's snowplow Jeep restoration, in 1961 Owners' Photos.

All the action photos now included, from Willys' all-time most interesting publication: Jeep Vehicles in Public Service.

Bigger images of the World's Most Useful Vehicle brochure.

More and larger pages from the Jeep vehicles and equipment for industry booklet.

"Be Your Own Boss" -- this great offer is new on the Jeep-A-Trench page.

List of the significance of some Trim Codes for upholstery colors, added to Willys Paint Samples 1959-65.

David Nixon, whose CJ-3B in the Congo was the subject of A Jeep Called "I Presume", died in Victoria BC in February 2017.

Tips on Lubricating Your Jeep now includes Oldtime's lessons from the Service Manuals on what gear oils to use.

A caution about using the correct Rear Main Bearing Seal, added to Hurricane Rebuilding Tips.

Using a lot of oil, or finding gunk in the oil? Check the Crankcase Ventilation System page, for new tips on checking the PCV valve.

A suggested list of drivetrain replacement parts to bring along on a long road trip, added to Tools to Carry in Your Jeep.

New in the Toy Jeeps Pages: early French tinplate ambulance and a $600 white Matchbox Hot Rod.

Early aluminum hardtop with "suicide doors" turns up; photos on the Carson Car Craft Jeep Body page.

Updated the Worman Jee-Cabs page to include the 1953 Post Office prototype, and the end of Jee-Cab production in 1955.

Matchbox 2016 Jeeps is our annual review of Matchbox diecast toys, including this year's Jeep 75th Anniversary series.
Links to more of the best Hurricane engine photos from CJ-3B owners.

More discussion about using a Toyota Land Cruiser replacement starter, on the Starter Problems page.

The first addition in quite a while to 1961 Owners' Photos is a Jeep that was exported to India.

The same Jeep's unusual frame stamping has been added to Stamped Numbers on CJ-3B Frames.

1976 USAF Kaiser J20, and 2010 Mahindra Field Ambulance, new on the Military Ambulances page.

Denny Hoelzer's beautiful '55 3B was a surprise gift, and he sent some Owner's Photos.

Two Jeeps and a Land Rover at an Angolan border post -- a photo added to Jeeps at War in Angola, 1973.

A United Nations peacekeeping CJ-3B in the Argentinian Army Museum, is new in M606 Displays in Argentina.

Is anybody doing a restoration of an M606 as used in Vietnam? A link to artwork for the MDAP sticker (130K PNG) is now included in Presidential Jeep in Vietnam.

More photos from Jeep Cross, the 80's Spanish off-road racing series.

Mitsubishi CJ3B-J7 fire engine with rear-mounted pump, new in CJ-3B Fire Jeeps Around the World.

Egyptian platoon wiped out in the North Yemen Civil War. But where did the CJ-3B come from? Photo taken in Yemen circa 1963 is new in CJ-3Bs Around the Planet.

Canada Post still brings the mail to in a right-hand-drive Jeep: I posted a photo in Delivery Jeep Bodies.


Additional excellent photos from 1958, new in Promoting the Australian-Made CJ-3B.

Herm Tilford describes his rebuilt T-98 kit on the T98a Four-Speed Transmission page.

Herm also sent instructions on removing an overdrive safely, for the Overdrive Tech Tips page.

Photos of Luis Mariano Paz's impeccable new 1967 Kaiser M606 in Argentina.

A 1953 Willys Service Bulletin about carburetor flooding on steep slopes, added to Carter YF Carburetor Service Information.

More correct and detailed information from Mark Randall on distinguishing DJ-5, 5A and 5B postal Jeeps, added to The DJ-5 Dispatchers.

Clarification of the effect of the fuel pump spacer on fuel pressure, added to Fuel Pump Tech Tips.

I have discovered that the photo taken On the Fireline was in fact taken in California, not Oregon. And another version of the photo is in an archive in North Carolina.

Photos of the 1966 Willys Interlagos II prototype in Brazil, added to Jeep Designers at Work.

Oldtime's list of common part numbers for a Dauntless engine rebuild, added to the V6 Engine Conversion Manual.

Some new tips for installing the heater hoses, on Heater Tech Tips.

Updated the Jeep Radio Commercials so you should be able to play them in your web browser.

A question in VAM Jeeps in Mexico about taillights on Mexican-assembled CJ-3Bs.

A mention of the IC-EO and GO/NO GO methods, on the Valve Adjustment page.

Steve Decker bought his 1953 CJ-3B and drove it 90 miles home to Rochester.

Cabela's is the latest to tap into CJ-3Bs in Advertising.

Room for Sunbathing: LWB Jeeps in Spain -- now incuding the early VIASA, 70's EBRO, and 80's Avia.

CJ-3B Magazine Articles has been streamlined to make it easier to browse the great clippings, such as:

Video clips updated to make them more compatible with some recent browsers:


Unsual hardtop DJ-3A Surrey, added to the bottom of the Surrey Gala Jeep page.

Simon Bruton has produced some high-resolution reproductions of the air cleaner and valve cover decals, which are available for download on the Engine Paint and Decals page.

Photos by Ben Hildred show the offset air deflector on the back of the Radiator Guard.

The interesting story of Ken Jordan's contributions over many years as a Jeep engineer, is new on the Willys Engineering page.

Kelly Manufacturing heir Mike Kelly provides the inside story on the relationship between Kelly All-Steel Jeep Cabs and Beck Jeep Cabs.

Downloadable PDF file for the early version of the 4-Wheel Drive Tailgate Stencil.

Tips on insulating wiring to avoid corrosion, in Replacing the Wiring Harness.

The Vibration Dampener page now includes Willys-Overland drawings of the wood blocks and their mounting location.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this website. -- Derek Redmond

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