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I have often stated on CJ3B.info that the military model designated by Kaiser Jeep as the M606 was basically just the CJ-3B straight off the assembly line, in the same serial number series as the civilian version. The M606, sent by the U.S. government to a number of countries as military aid, took some heavy-duty options like larger tires and springs, and added a few features (listed in M606 Military Jeep Specifications) including blackout driving lamp and taillights, trailer hitch and electrical connector, and magnetic drain plugs.

The Parts List seen on this page, consisting of just four sheets of paper stapled together, fills in the details of the special parts included in those features. However, it also lists a number of engine and drivetrain parts that were optional or not standard on the civilian version. So the M606 came off the same assembly line, but there were enough differences that it is clearly an extra-duty CJ-3B, significantly different from the civilian version.

Argentina This document comes from Gastón Loperena, author of Vehiculos Tacticos del Ejército Argentino. There were 292 M606 Jeeps sent to the Argentine Army by the United States government between 1964 and 1968. I don't know if Contract DA-20-113-03894(T) -- referenced on the cover of this Parts List -- included only the vehicles for Argentina, or whether it was a larger government order from Kaiser.

This photo shows the cowl-mounted jerry can bracket described in the Parts List below, on a brand new Ejército Argentino Jeep.

Cover The cover states that this list includes "Parts peculiar to Model M-606 Jeep vehicles produced on Contract DA-20-113-03894(T)" and suggests "For parts common to Model M-606, refer to CJ-3B column in JEEP Universal Parts List No. W-1103 (Blue Cover)."

The list is dated November 1964 and carries Form Number W-1178 Revision 1.

(Jeep Universal Parts List W-1103 with the blue cover was the current civilian parts list in 1964, and the large majority of M606 parts were the same as those for the standard CJ-3B as listed in the blue book.)

Page 1
Page 1 of the supplemental M606 Parts List includes a number of engine part numbers, although it doesn't always clarify how they differ from the standard parts.

The Auburn 9.25-inch clutch was a CJ-3B option to the standard 8.5-inch clutch. It was also specified for example on the CJ-3Bs delivered to the U.S. military in 1964, which did not have all the M606 parts.

Page 2
Page 2 covers the blackout lights and trailer lights connector, and the changes they require in the wiring.

Page 3
Page 3 lists drivetrain parts, but again it's not completely clear why some of them have special numbers.

After 1961 the standard front and rear axles were the Dana 27 and 44, but I believe the 27AF variation did not become standard until 1965.

Page 4
Page 4 includes the frame and body parts which would have had some additional holes drilled or stamped, as well as the vibration dampener for the larger spare tire. There is also a long list of parts for the cowl-mounted jerry can bracket included on the M606s under this contract.

Page 5
Page 5 includes just the red reflectors and pintle hook trailer hitch.

Thanks to Gastón Loperena for sending this rare document. -- Derek Redmond

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