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Update for 2024!

CTDJ 2024 will be held the weekend of 20-21 July 2024. CJ3B.info will be in attendance and giving a presentation on the Saturday morning. If you're thinking that maybe a Willys weekend in the mountains of Spain would be fun, see also Camprodon.cat for tourist information.

Jeep Exposition

The third annual Jeep weekend known as "Camprodon, Terra de Jeeps" or CTDJ was held on 15-16 July 2023, in the town of Camprodon, Spain. (See also photos from 2021 and 2022.) The display seen above included current models from the Jeep dealer in Girona, but the focus of the weekend was on Willys and other vintage models.

Mahindra This Mahindra CJ340 owned by Josep Bordas was photographed passing in front of Camprodon's iconic 12th-century bridge by official CTDJ photographer Raül Carmona.

Thanks to Raül for this shot and others on this page.

Map of Catalonia

Camprodon, Terra de Jeeps ("Camprodon, Land of Jeeps") is named for this small town in the mountains of Catalunya. We refer to it as the Jeep Capital of Spain because the number of vintage Jeeps per capita here is certainly the highest in the country, and possibly in the world. For CTDJ, many of them converge on the center of town to join the visiting vehicles.

See the full map (300K JPEG) of the region of Catalunya and its location in Spain.

CJ evolution CTDJ also includes a series of presentations and panel discussions during the weekend. On Saturday afternoon Jeep restorer and author Javier Martínez took advantage of the display of made-in-Toledo civilian Jeeps to present an historical overview titled "From CJ-2A to CJ-8."

Scale models Meanwhile, a lineup of scale models bult by Javier was on display at the Camprodon cultural center, between a painting of the village in the 17th century, and some helmets from the Spanish Civil War.

Women and Jeeps On Saturday morning there was a good crowd at the cultural center for a discussion called "Women and Jeeps, a Historical Look." Rocio Busquets of Camprodon described growing up in her father's Jeep repair shop and learning to drive a Jeep at a very young age, and Cristina Escrig talked about the relationship between women and jeeps during the Second World War.

Jeep Swing Jam A new outdoor event at CTDJ this year was the "Jeep Swing Jam", bringing live music and dancing to the beautiful Plaça de la Vila ("Town Plaza").

Passeig de la Font Novas The Passeig de la Font Nova ("New Fountain Promenade") just east of the center of town is a great, shady spot for a vehicle display. As in past years, the lineup here featured Jeeps built around the world, and there were of course lots of Spanish CJ-3Bs.

Vintage wheels This Bravo S, produced under license by EBRO in the 1970s, was parked beside a Montesa Impala, the successful road and racing bike built in Barcelona in the late sixties.

Hotchkiss The only French-built Jeep in attendance was a Hotchkiss JH-101. Camprodon is close to the French border, but the African flags on the cowl suggest that this JH-101 has travelled further.

Willys-VIASA The owner of the Hotchkiss is Martí Pujol, seen here with Alejandro Cuadrado and his Willys-VIASA CJ-3B, one of the oldest of the Spanish-built Jeeps residing in Camprodon, and one of the few that's on the road there both summer and winter.

Modified VIASA 3B Josep Subirós from Lloret de Mar on the Mediterranean coast brought his VIASA 3B which has a Fiat diesel, among other modifications. The most recent additions include the snorkel, light bar and new wheels.

Jordi Saturday afternoon was the parade around the village by all the Jeeps (see it on YouTube.) Here's CTDJ organizer Jordi Carreras having a chance to take a break from organizing, and just enjoy driving his jeep.

Jordi Back at work, Jordi is discussing one of the CTDJ information kiosks with Juan Peláez, author of the book Historia del Jeep (50K JPEG) who was on hand for the weekend. Photo by Javier Martinez.

US Coast Guard A Coast Guard jeep is one you don't see very often, even in the States, but here are Sergi Batalla and his friend Txell with his USCG Willys MB, in the display of World War II jeeps at Plaça de la Vila.

Sergi also presented a Sunday morning conference session called "New Generations of Jeepers," discussing the need for transmitting the passion for Willys to the younger generation.

Military The postwar military Jeeps, including this M38A1 and M38, were displayed at Plaça Santa Maria.

Comando Last year members of Spain's Club Jeep Comando attended CTDJ for the first time, and for 2023 this nice EBRO Comando S was one of six on hand.

Comandos The Comandos are always more colorful than the military Jeeps and even most of the civilian 3Bs. This photo was taken during the Sunday field trip to the Hermitage of Remei, about a 15-minute drive from Camprodon.

If you're thinking of visiting the beautiful Valley of Camprodon, see Camprodon.cat for tourist information.

YJ Wrangler Talk about colorful! Jurassic Park fan Albert brought his YJ Wrangler to Camprodon for the event -- and the movie was screened at the local cinema on Saturday night.

El Punt Avui CTDJ generated some good press coverage this year.

A four-page feature was published by the newspaper El Punt Avui (180K JPEG) on 23 September 2023.

Motor Clasico There were also four pages in the September 2023 issue of Spanish motorsport magazine Motor Clásico (140K JPEG).

Thanks to Josep Bordas and Raül Carmona for the photos. -- Derek Redmond

There's a video of the weekend from the Autos Històrics club, on YouTube.

For information on next year's event, contact Jordi at carrerasproduccio@yahoo.es.

See photos from CTDJ 2021 and 2022.

See also The Jeeps of Camprodon and more Jeeps in Spain on CJ3B.info.

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