Matchbox Jeeps for 2022

by Jarek Skonieczny

In the four years since Matchbox's Jurassic Park YJs hit the shelves and spread out into multiple product lines, a cult-like Biosyn Corporation was genetically engineering a pesticide crisis, about to spill onto the big screen in Jurassic World Dominion.

Jurassic World Dominion Jurassic World Dominion
The 2022 episode saw the return of characters from previous Jurassic Park movies, including multiple Jeep vehicles: Gladiator pickups, 4-door Wranglers, and a wood-panelled Wagoneer driven by the good guys. Matchbox used the opportunity to release two brand new castings as part of a Jurassic World Dominion series (450K JPEG): a "true to movie" JT and a "Biosyn-inspired" 2-door JL (which did not appear in the movie but has the plain white paint and logo of other Biosyn vehicles in the film.)

Also new for 2022, in the "Moving Parts" series, was a green 1961 Forward Control FC-150 truck with a tilt-dump bed. The packaging (160K JPEG) calls it simply a Jeep FC, but molded into the base is "FC-170" which unfortunately is incorrect. The model is obviously and accurately the shorter FC-150.

FC-150 The rear bed is attached solidly with a pin, although it's unfortunate that the tailgate doesn't swing open, and also that the gas tank and spare tire tilt up with the bed. The spare is smaller than the other four wheels, and is actually pretty close to the stock wheels on an FC -- see a rear view (180K JPEG).

The white front panel and the FC badge on the cab are nice touches that add to the realism (except for the printed headlights!) The only really significant weakness in this model is the big post from floor to ceiling inside the cab.

The 2022 Matchbox mainline series included 4 re-painted recent castings: the Wrangler Superlift, 1943 Willys MB (labelled on this card as 1948!) a Renegade and the Gladiator. Some of the 2022 mainlines were also available in "Power Grabs" boxes, but unfortunately this packaging has proven less popular than blister packs and was about to become extinct at the end of the year.


Meanwhile, the "Retro" series continued into 2022 with repaints of the Willys MB (150K JPEG) and 1988 Wagoneer (150K JPEG). And a well detailed Wrangler Superlift (200K JPEG) was included in the "Local Cruisers" series.

Hitch & Haul Two Jeeps made it into the "Hitch & Haul" series of playsets. "Jimmy G's Rodeo" (right) features a Wagoneer with the grey plastic front grille. It's pulling the ancient Matchbox horse trailer, which was also seen behind a TJ in the "Black Star Ranch" set, back in 1999. Except now the rear door of the trailer no longer opens. So much for "moving parts!"
And a National Parks playset (300K JPEG) brought back the #37 CJ-5, with a Bantam looking trailer. Interesting note: the CJ-5 is now the longest running Matchbox Jeep casting, originally released in 1984 (see The Matchbox Jeep Story.)

Renegade One more toy line to add to the 2022 list: the "World" series features cars from around the world, and includes a lime green Renegade in the Italy (left) and France (160K JPEG) lineups.

Given that the Jeep Renegade is manufactured at a Stellantis plant in Melfi, south Italy, the inclusion of the Jeep in the series makes perfect sense. The France one seems like a bit of a stretch.

Matchbox kept Jeep collectors busy in 2022, with 17 Jeeps, part of seven unique series and including three new castings. This is a great end to a great year, and nothing but good news for the diecast hobby.

Thanks to Jarek for another Matchbox update. -- Derek Redmond

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