The Universal Jeep, 1942-1986:
A Timeline

This timeline shows the sequence and the years of production for"Universal Jeep" 1/4-ton utility models made between 1942 (Willys and Ford began massproduction in late 1941), and 1986 (the purchase of American Motors byChrysler, and the replacement of the CJ-7 by the YJ Wrangler). Thediagram does not show exact start and stop dates; in some casesconsecutive models overlapped slightly in production.

Click on any model to see a photo and description from the Pictorial History of the Universal Jeep, which also has more detail on early WWII models and other Jeep prototypes.

See below the timeline for a key to model types.

Jeep Timeline 1942-86


GreenMilitary models.
OrangeFlat fender, low hood CJ's with L-134 engine.
YellowFlat fender, high hood CJ's with F-134 engine.
BlueCJ models based on the M38A1 design (see background photo).
PurpleDepartures from the CJ.
RedThe last CJ models.

Elsewhere on the web, see a Timeline of Jeep Wagons from wagoneers.com, and Jeep Heritage on the Jeep corporate web site.

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