Siblings of the CJ-3B

Other Jeeps of the 1950s and 60's


The CJ-3B Universal Jeep was the foundation of the Jeep product line for some 15 years, maintaining the flat-fender tradition through the 1950s and 60's. But this was also a golden era of Jeep innovation and full-tilt production of a variety of other models, and below are links to pages on this website which offer a glimpse of some of those other models.

DJ-3ADJ-3A Surrey Gala -- pages of history, advertising, movies and more.

Jeep Dispatcher -- delivery and convertible versions of the two-wheel-drive DJ-3A.

Dispatcher Details -- pages of research on technical details of the DJ-3A.

FJ-3AFleetvan -- the FJ-3 was the original minivan.

Forward Control -- Brooks Stevens' "forward vision".

Economy Delivery -- big delivery truck.

CJ-3ACJ-3A Universal -- 1949-53 model led to the M38 and CJ-3B.

Joe Caprio's CJ-3A -- from Broadway to Halfmoon Valley Road.

Nellybelle -- armored CJ-2A featured on The Roy Rogers Show.

473-VJJeepster 473-VJ -- we go for a spin in the Hurricane-powered sportster.

Kaiser-Darrin 161 -- what Henry Kaiser gave up to make Jeeps.

Jeep Designers at Work -- the urge to build sports cars.

Station WagonStation Wagon -- produced from 1946-65, and popular in Hollywood.

Gold Jeeps of 1961 -- The Chicago Auto Show and the TV series Hong Kong.

M38A1 -- the Willys model MD for the military.

CJ-5CJ-5 and CJ-6 -- 1955 ushered in a new Jeep era.

DJ-6 -- rare 2WD, automatic transmission Jeep.

DJ-5 -- the Dispatcher 100 and the postal Jeeps.

AeroAero-Willys -- the last Willys car was the 3B's kissing cousin.

Aero in the Movies -- classic sports car film Johnny Dark (1954).

The "Flintstonemobile" -- 1964 Kaiser Xport CJ-5 prototype.

The World's Most Useful Vehicles -- 19-minute color video from 1953 with all the Jeeps.

Kaiser-Willys Jeep Family Tree -- Hubert Cossard's drawing includes the prototypes.

Also on CJ3B.info, see:

Willys Event Reports -- all of the Jeep show photos now in one place.

Pictorial History of the Universal Jeep -- models from 1941-present.

Willys-Overland Production Figures 1945-1961 -- serial numbers.

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