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1953 Featured Jeeps

CJ-3B Restored as Tribute -- Jeff Heidman's '53 in Georgia

North to Alaska -- Joe Beadenkopf's 53 in the Caravan

Number Nine -- Dana Warburton's '53 in Arizona

Three Willys Jeeps and 2,500 Miles In Between -- Sebastian Lobo-Guerrero's '53 and '54

Legendary X98 Brought to Life -- Bob Westerman's unique '53

Iconic Profile in California -- Ed Wyche's '53

Uncle Bill's Jeep in Pittsburgh -- Greg Kiss' '53

North Carolina High Hood -- Greg Farrell's '53

Like Father, Like Son -- Jean-Pierre Hardy's '53 in Quebec

US Air Force CJ-3B -- Art Sesso's '53 in Philadelphia

Lucky Thirteen Years -- Kristian Sather's '53, California to North Carolina

My CJ-3B Restoration in BC -- Chuck Frerichs' '53

Harley With a Snowplow -- Jim Boswell's '53

Charlie's Garage in Arizona -- Charlie Cleveland's '53

Where to Start? First-time Resto in Arizona -- Sam Nielsen's '53

$80K Custom CJ-3B For Sale in Washington -- Brian Leetch's '53

His and Hers CJ-3Bs in Tennessee -- Bob and Mary Harris' '53 and '63

Snow is the Maine Attraction -- Jon Spence's '53 with Jason Grindell's '54

Have Trailer, Will Travel -- Scott Shafer's '53 in Colorado

Green Prairie Farm Jeep -- John Ittel's '53 in Ohio

Mom, Dad, a Jeep and a Teardrop -- Larry Shank's '53 in California

Raymond Concrete Piledriver Jeep -- Jay Baldo's '53 in New York

CJ-3B Goes to School in Indiana -- Jeff Kranning's '53 in Shop Class

Vitamin C Orange -- Rick Lamond's '53 in Washington

Building a Dream Jeep -- Ted Svitavsky's '53 in Colorado

A Hard Working Jeep That Never Complains -- Frank Armanno's '53 in Florida

Jipe Club veteran in Brazil -- Sergio Makowsky's '53

Fifty Years Later: Military Willys in South Africa -- Jens Buus' '53

CJ-3B Number 9 -- Glenn Houston's '53 in Idaho

Nicely Preserved 1953 CJ-3B in Canada -- Dell Kronstedt's '53

Cat Yellow Jeep with Bench Seat -- Brian Greif's '53 in Nebraska

Red 3B moves from Oklahoma to Germany -- Uwe Strecker's '53

Military 24-volt CJ-3B? -- Dennis Goins' '53 in Tennessee

Mustang V8 CJ-3B -- Mike Kautzman's '53 in Oregon

Honeymoon Sweet 3B -- Bob Christy's '53 in Ohio

Story of a Long-Box Willys -- Dean Thiem's '53 in Washington

Rover V8-Powered CJ-3B -- J-F Lavie's '53 in France

Junkyard Rescue Story -- Dan Bever's '53 in Indiana

Buck Takes Over the Rescue -- Buck Toenges' '53

'53 3B by Drag Nasty Creek -- custom V8 Jeep

Pinto Turbo in a CJ-3B -- Tom McHugh's '53

Classics of 1953 -- restored and modified 3B's

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