Have Trailer Will Travel

1953 CJ-3B, Scott Shafer, Colorado, USA


1953 CJ-3B and trailer

Scott "Jeep4Brains" Shafer purchased his early '53 CJ-3B from the original owner in 2000, complete with hardtop and PTO winch, and with very little rust or body damage.

MoabHere Scott coaxes the Jeep across a crack at Moab, Utah. For some trails he puts on the 33x12.50 tires, but he says, "I never go anywhere without the trailer...."

Another shot (120K JPEG) shows Scott's (non-original) hood ornament.

HalfcabScott also has 1953-style 16-inch NDT tires, and when he's running those on the stock rims, driven by the original drive train, he says, "The biggest add-on is the headlight rings."

Side view

Thanks to Scott for the great photos. -- Derek Redmond

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