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Rusty Friesen's '531953 Owners and Photos

Dallas Hammit's '531953 Owners and Photos, Page 2

1953 Photo Features

North to Alaska -- Joe Beadenkopf's 53 in the Caravan

CJ-3B Restored as Tribute -- Jeff Heidman's '53 in Georgia

Number Nine -- Dana Warburton's '53 in Arizona

Legendary X98 Brought to Life -- Bob Westerman's unique '53

Three Willys Jeepsand 2,500 Miles In Between -- Sebastian Lobo-Guerrero's '53 and '54

Iconic Profile in California -- Ed Wyche's '53

Uncle Bill's Jeep in Pittsburgh -- Greg Kiss' '53

North Carolina High Hood -- Greg Farrell's '53

Like Father, Like Son -- Jean-Pierre Hardy's '53 in Quebec

Lucky Thirteen Years -- Kristian Sather's '53, California to North Carolina

My CJ-3B Restoration in BC -- Chuck Frerichs' '53

US Air Force CJ-3B -- Art Sesso's '53 in Philadelphia

Harley With a Snowplow -- Jim Boswell's '53

Charlie's Garage in Arizona -- Charlie Cleveland's '53

Where to Start? First-time Resto in Arizona -- Sam Nielsen's '53

His and Hers CJ-3Bs in Tennessee -- Bob and Mary Harris' '53 and '63

Snow is the Maine Attraction -- Jon Spence's '53 with Jason Grindell's '54

$80K Custom CJ-3B For Sale in Washington -- Brian Leetch's '53

Green Prairie Farm Jeep -- John Ittel's '53 in Ohio

Have Trailer, Will Travel -- Scott Shafer's '53 in Colorado

Mom, Dad, a Jeep and a Teardrop -- Larry Shank's '53 in California

Raymond Concrete Piledriver Jeep -- Jay Baldo's '53 in New York

CJ-3B Goes to School in Indiana -- Jeff Kranning's '53 in Shop Class

Vitamin C Orange -- Rick Lamond's '53 in Washington

A Hard Working Jeep That Never Complains -- Frank Armanno's '53 in Florida

Jipe Club veteran in Brazil -- Sergio Makowsky's '53

Building a Dream Jeep -- Ted Svitavsky's '53 in Colorado

CJ-3B Number 9 -- Glenn Houston's '53 in Idaho

Fifty Years Later: Military Willys in South Africa -- Jens Buus' '53

Nicely Preserved 1953 CJ-3B in Canada -- Dell Kronstedt's '53

Cat Yellow Jeep with Bench Seat -- Brian Greif's '53 in Nebraska

Red 3B moves from Oklahoma to Germany -- Uwe Strecker's '53

Military 24-volt CJ-3B? -- Dennis Goins' '53 in Tennessee

Honeymoon Sweet 3B -- Bob Christy's '53 in Ohio

Mustang V8 CJ-3B -- Mike Kautzman's '53 in Oregon

Junkyard Rescue Story -- Dan Bever's '53 in Indiana

Buck Takes Over the Rescue -- Buck Toenges' '53

Rover V8-Powered CJ-3B -- J-F Lavie's '53 in France

Story of a Long-Box Willys -- Dean Thiem's '53 in Washington

Pinto Turbo in a CJ-3B -- Tom McHugh's '53

Classics of 1953 -- restored and modified 3B's

'53 3B by Drag Nasty Creek -- custom V8 Jeep

Bjoern Ott's '541954 Owners and Photos

Philippe Levesque's '541954 Owners and Photos, Page 2

1954 Photo Features

A CJ-3B Named Spud -- Barry Ogletree's '54 in Texas, Parts 1 & 2

Sky Soldier Clones Vietnam Jeep -- Johnnie Peoples in Texas restores a '54

Field and Stream -- JR Bass and his family '54 in Oregon

Universal Farming in Ohio -- John Ittel's '54

Jeep for Work and Play -- Steve D Martin's '54

No Spring Chicken -- Ed Wilson's '54

Flat Fender Restoration -- Clint Rushton's '54 is a YouTube star

Improving the Repli-Tub -- Frank Porfidio's '54

Willys on the Farm in Colombia -- Sergio Arango's '54

Road Warrior -- Khyl Powell's '54

High Hood on the High Plains -- Marcelo Fleury's hot '54 in Brazil

Mountain Climber -- Jerad's '54 in Colorado

Gold Mine Jeep -- John McClenathen's '54 in California

Hurricane with a Silver Lining -- Thovar Lemos tunes a '54 in Brazil

Rotterdam Police Jeep -- Erik van de Peppel's '54

Hurricane on the Trails -- Doug Wilson's '54

Hubbard's Halfcabs 1954 CJ-3B -- Parts 1 & 2 by John Hubbard

1954 "Military Police" Restoration -- belongs to Bernie Kenney in New York

1954 CJ-3B Restoration Project Begins -- Clint Spaar in New Hampshire

Restoration of a 1954 CJ-3B -- Parts 1-4 by Jack Ahlberg in Georgia

1954 CJ-3B with Koenig Winch -- Bob Smith's former Esso station Jeep

Enhancing F-head Performance at High Altitude -- Joel Kamunen's '54

Customized '54 -- unique yellow show Jeep

Miguel Onofre's '551955 Owners and Photos

Craig Breakspear's '561956 Owners and Photos

1955-56 Photo Features

Willys Alberto Sevillano -- adventures in Colombia, Parts 1 and 2

California 3B is a Retired Hunter -- Phil Downs' '56

Uncle Ben's Jeep -- Vincent Milder's '56

Beryl Green Jeep is a Gem -- Brian Carpenter's '55

Wolf in Jeep's Clothing -- John Goering's '55

Weekend in the Tobacco Root Mountains -- John goes camping

Working Jeep Restored in Colombia -- Miguel Onofre's '55

Air Canada Staff Car -- Ian Fraser's '56in Nova Scotia

From Airport to Hunting Camp -- Andy Balistreri's '56 in California

Fast and Flashy '55 -- Marcel Vila's '55 in Spain

"Israelsyeppi" in Iceland -- Magnus Sigurjonsson's '55

Family Tradition -- Lawrence Wade's '55 in Alabama

Buick V-8 CJ-3B in Action -- William Mish's '55 in Phoenix

Desert Bulldog -- Robert Diaz owned historic '56 from Los Alamos

Restoring a 1956 Military CJ-3B -- Piet Versleijen's '56 in Holland

CJ-3B Vacation in France -- Piet drives to the beach

Ed Spigle's '571957 Owners and Photos

Greg Wilkens '581958 Owners and Photos

Jim McCormick's '591959 Owners and Photos

1957-59 Photo Features

Australian Hood Blocks -- Dominic Serong's '58

One Step at a Time in Virginia -- Derek Beatty's '59

1958 CJ-3B at the Jeep Shows -- Peirce Eichelberger in Pennsylvania

Two RAAF Brothers -- Ross Holdway's '58's in Australia

CJ-3Beast Sighted in PA -- James Alan Brown's '59, the Rockadile

1959 CJ-3B Frame-Up Restoration -- Pat McIntyre in Ontario

Your Dream Garage -- Ed Spigle's '57 and '59 in Virginia

CJ-3B Rock Crawlers -- Rick Kirby's '58 and Bob Richardson's buildup

Retired Australian Air Force Jeep -- Ian Hall's '58

1957 CJ (Camo Jeep) 3B -- James Fulk in Alabama

Cherry Red -- Steve Perialas' '58 in Michigan

High Hood Beauty -- Jon Paulsen's '58

Sunday Driver -- Steve Chabot's '59

Fountain Green '59 -- pages of Derek Redmond's photos from Ontario

Michael Davis' '601960 Owners and Photos

Bruce Phillips' '611961 Owners and Photos

1960-61 Photo Features

My 1960 CJ-3B: A Rebuild Diary -- Don Hull's "Wally 60" in Ontario.

Back in the Mountains With Dad's Jeep -- Jason McBride's '60 in Colorado

Dilapidated No More -- Dave Fedor's '61 in Alberta

Mississippi Mystery -- Michael Berthay's '60

This Willys is a Driver -- Michael Davis' '60 in New Jersey

High Hood Surrey -- Bob Gibbs' '61 in Ohio

"Barn Finds" Are Out There -- Doug Anderson's '60 in Ohio

Oilfield Jeep -- Jim Sammons' '61 in Texas

Jeep Touring in the Alps -- Johannes Tanner's '61

Blue Raider -- Rankine Roth's '60 in Ternnessee

A Day With a Farm Jeep -- Ron Ingram's '61

1961 CJ-3B At Work -- Lance Macmaster in Maine

The Story of a 1961 CJ-3B -- Rolfe French's family Jeep in New Hampshire

1961 CJ-3B in New Zealand -- original Transport Yellow

Jeep for the Avila Mountains -- Luis Miguel's '60 in the Avila mountains of Venezuela

CJ-3B at the 1999 All-Breeds Jeep Show -- Ron Allen's '60 in Pennsylvania

Six Sticks in Dixie1962 Owners and Photos

1962 Photo Features

Lunch at The 3-B's Café -- Rich Meyer's '62 in Illinois

My "E-Barn" Find -- Mike Bowen's '62 in Texas

Six Sticks in Dixie -- Jim and Linda Pigg's '62

1962 CJ-3B Skyhawk -- Stefan Spielmann in Switzerland

My 1962 CJ-3B Project -- Frank Maurer's award-winning '62 in Pennsylvania

New Paint for the 40th Birthday -- John Belden's '62 snowplow Jeep

First Snow of the Year -- John plows the laneway

Wrangler Springs for a '62 3B -- Randy Merritt in Maryland

Found Behind the Sandwich Shop -- Michael Hrischuk's '62 in Pennsylvania

A Killer B on the Rubicon -- JC Jenkins' '62

1962 Military Jeep Restoration -- Rob Baens' '62 from Switzerland

Eric Johnson's '631963 Owners and Photos

1963 Photo Features

Meet Floyd -- Alex Houle's '63 snowblower in Quebec

2015 New Hampshire Trail Ride -- Glenn Byron's '63

Late Model CJ-3B Restoration -- Doug Hoffman's '63 in Idaho

Goose on the Loose -- Mark Dulken's '63 in North Carolina

New Life For an Old Dog -- Nick Tsigounis' '63 in North Carolina

Family Rig -- Gerald Oswald's '63 in Pennsylvania

The Smokejumper -- Eric Johnson's '63

Wrapping a Jeep -- Jamie Powers' '63 in Texas

Mint '63 Wins Best in Class -- Ed Surjan shows the showroom '63

Showroom Original 1963 CJ-3B -- Adam Charnok's Treebark Brown find

Original 1963 CJ-3B, Close-Up -- Jim Allen photographs the unique Jeep

Ron Hattner's '641964 Owners and Photos

1964 Photo Features

Fred the Stretched 3B -- Barry Ogletree's '64 in Texas

1964 CJ-3B in Desert Tan -- Alan DeLarge in California

Restoring My Father's Jeep -- Hector Ayala's '64 in Puerto Rico

An Oldtime Dream -- Ken Bushdiecker's '64 in Missouri

US Army 1M 0599 -- Dan Walton's '64 in West Virginia

1964 U.S. Army CJ-3B -- Craig Carlile in California

You're in the Army Now -- Les Davis' '64 in Texas

Scratching the Flatfender Itch -- Steve Childers' '64 in Texas

CJ-3B in South Africa -- Simon Bruton's '64

Family Heirloom in Waco -- Robert Smith's '64

1964 Willys CJ-3B -- Joel Rivas in El Salvador

High Hood Sport Model -- Brett Chitwood's '64 in Indiana

1964 U.S. Navy CJ-3B -- Joe Caprio's award-winner

1964 Canadian Kaiser CJ-3B -- Alex Houle in Quebec

Ancestor of the Hummer -- Joe Notte's '64 in Pennsylvania

Hunting in Texas: A Good Dog and a Late-Model B -- Larry Ford's '64

Dean Lachasse's M6061965-68 Owners and Photos

1965-68 Photo Features

Last CJ-3B Sold Stateside? -- Dean Lachasse's '65 in Texas

Texas: Land of Late Model High Hoods -- Chet Couvillon's '65

Texas High-Hood History Restored -- Chet turns us Gruene with envy

No-Nonsense Green Machine -- Stan Peterson's '65 in Washington

M606 in Argentina -- Luis Mariano Paz's '66

More Featured Jeeps

Willys Jeep At Work -- Michigan farm Jeep inspires painting.

CJ-3B Owners On the Trails -- high hood action photos

ICON CJ3B -- the 2010 replica vehicle

Jeep Tubs From Scratch -- camping in Australia

The Military Look -- Jim Boswell builds big Willys toys

Junior Jacks Up His Jeep -- CJ-3B modified in Brazil

Endearing Qualities of the CJ-3B -- High Hood as Art

Frontier Jeep -- working CJ-3B near the Amazon

New York Snow Plow Jeep -- very original early-50's model

Yellow Jeeps -- did any CJ-3Bs come from the factory that way?

CJ-3B Rock Crawlers -- serious off-road high hoods.

Mike Heimbigner's 3A/B -- hybrid build-up in bright yellow

CJ-3B Meeting in Maine -- nice scenery, nice old Jeeps

Building a Jeepney -- Ben Wallace brings it home to Texas

The Dilapidated CJ-3B Competition -- readers' photos

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