Nicely Preserved 1953 CJ-3B

Dell Kronstedt, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Click any of these photos for a large version (80K JPEG) with lots of detail.


Owner Dell Kronstedt says, "I recently inherited this Jeep from my great aunt who lived on a farm in Sherman County, Oregon. The nearest city would be The Dalles on the Columbia River gorge. It was a farm/hunting Jeep. Mostly all original from what I can tell. It has been sitting in a huge shed for the last 20 years and only driven a couple of times since then. My aunt was 96 Years old when she passed away. I drove down and rented a car dolly to tow it back to my home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have just got it running and will decide on what to do with it now. I have a family friend who owns two of these CJ-3Bs among other Jeeps, and I'm told that he has a garage full of extra parts, so I'm lucky to have him to guide me through all this."




leftThere are lots of apparently original accessories in good condition on this Jeep, including the Koenig winch, grille screen, Signal Stat turn signal controller (above), and what appears to be a Kayline Square-Back top in beautiful shape. See also the right side of the soft top.

EngineA look at the engine shows what appears to be a repainted red valve cover and air cleaner, as well as an interesting aftermarket horn.

The number on the plate at the left side of the photo is 453GB2 27013, very close to Mike Kautzman's 3B 453GB2 27008 which is also in Oregon.

Thanks to Dell for the photos, which will be an excellent reference. -- Derek Redmond

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