Like Father, Like Son

Jean-Pierre Hardy, 1953 CJ-3B, Sherbrooke, Quebec


Jean-Pierre bought this 1953 Jeep in 2006 from a farmer in South Durham, Quebec, and he says, "It has been two years now since I finished restoring it. I think it all began with my father's love of inventing, rebuilding and working hard."

One memento that has continued to inspire Jean-Pierre is this old family photo. "This is my father in 1949 with my mom and friends and family."

"I tried to reproduce that photo with my wife and all my kids."

"At first it looked fine, but I decided to do a rebuilt frame and body, and I must say CJ3B.info helped me a lot. By chance the frame was in very nice shape, and I only changed one piece at the back which was rusted."

Rear seat
"I changed the floor panels on both sides, and did some bondo on the body. It took a year to get it done, and my wife was eager to get her garage back, so I built another garage (150K JPEG)."

"After painting, I redid all the wiring 12 volt, put in breakers instead of fuses, changed all front wheel bearings, installed the parking hand brake."

"I only use it in the summer, doing almost 3000 miles on the odometer each summer. I will have to change my NDT tires soon -- after 10,000 miles they are worn. I'm trying to get the Iltis Bombardier tires, 7.5x16."

"I love my Jeep -- it is a mechanic's affair that I must always do repairs to keep it going, which is fun." (And some people will be interested in Jean-Pierre's bracing which keeps the hood flat.)

Left side
"I did a repair on the intermediate shaft of the transfer case in 2008, and in winter 2009 rebuilt the motor because it was knocking on the crankshaft. Now it is running again and the miles keep going up. Everybody takes a look at me passing by -- I am maybe the only one running a Jeep like this in Sherbrooke."

Thanks to Jean-Pierre for the story and photos. -- Derek Redmond

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