1953 CJ-3B Owners and Photos


I've combined a number of pages into one, so there are now 72 Jeeps on this first page of 1953 Owners and Photos, which I hope will make it easier to browse or search. Click on any photo to see a larger version, or follow the links for more photos and details on these Jeeps.

1953: Ginia Olney

"This is the CJ-3B I gave to my wife for her birthday -- it is a 1953 with a 1967 small block Chevy, 4-speed Chevy transmission, and BC custom top with electric windows. It will be real nice in the winter when we play in the snow drifts in the mountains near Yakima, Washington." -- Cliff Olney

1953: Don Kostanski

Don in Massachusetts bought two '53 3B's (160K JPEG) in 2005, one with a Fisher plow and a hardtop (120K JPEG). See also a photo of the engine (120K JPEG). He plans to put the plow and the hardtop on the other one, and get the blue one on the road. He says, "It was driven up until 1990. It seems the wiring is the first thing that needs attention -- there are wires everywhere, hot wires not connected. I've taped everything floating around. I put fat tires and rims on (60K JPEG) just to see what it would look like. They're coming off and I'm selling them as soon as I can. They look OK but I don't like the way they feel. It's hard to steer without power -- they aren't meant for this Jeep."

In 2006 Don updated us and sent photos of the bodywork and the primer (180K JPEGs). "I'm trying to get the '53 on the road for the Great American Jeep Rally at Four Towns Fairgrounds in Somers, Connecticut on September 24th. Hope to get some ideas from others there. Decided to go gray with black (160K JPEG), totally rewired, modern seat belts. I'll be using some seats I salvaged from a Mercury Lynx (100K JPEG). I still need to swap the tires and rims. I never got around to getting the other '53 running, so I may have to plow with this one more year -- I hope not to, but I think snow will be flying before we know it."

Don made it to the Great American Jeep Rally and took some photos: "Here I have my trailer and my new ND tires (130K JPEG). The MP jeep (170K JPEG) was the best jeep at the show (my opinion)." He also photographed a light blue '53 3B with repro body tub (130K JPEG) -- anybody know who owns it?

In 2007 Don got his trailer and rims painted to match the Jeep (120K JPEG). He displayed it at his local VFW on Memorial Day 2008 (100K JPEG) and with a Navy SNJ trainer (130K JPEG) at the Wheels & Wings show in New Milford CT in October 2009.

1953: Rusty Friesen

Rusty in New Mexico says, "I bought this 3B in Denver from the back of a used car lot. It was complete but running poorly. I have done a body-off total rebuild. New bearings, seals, gears, floor pans, etc. -- all the usual stuff. I installed 11-inch brakes, and a dual master from a Wagoneer, a Saginaw power steering with a GM tilt column, and a Painless wiring kit. Sandblasted everything and painted it myself. Drivetrain is stock with 12-volt and alternator upgrade. I had wheels made 15 by 7 with 2 in. backspace -- allows me to run 34x9.50 swampers without the tires rubbing the frame.

"I use it for fun. I live on a forest service access road, I have lots of 4 wheeling close by. I use it just like Willys made it for. I hope to have a half top for it soon, and a winch. l live in southern New Mexico near the White Sands National Monument. "

See the wider view (80K JPEG) of where Rusty's Jeep was perched for this 2002 New Year's Day shot.

Rusty was back out in the snow (90K JPEG) in the same area in 2010. He says, "I had the Jeep down for repairs for a long time. I decided I needed a bit more power, so i got a 4.3 Vortec Chev engine, and I already had a SM420. Can of worms -- I had to put hanging pedals in, an in-tank pump for the injected V6, a hydralic clutch, new motor mounts, exhaust, floorboards, and radiator and mounts. Took a long time as I was driving an 18-wheeler and gone weeks at a time. Oh did I mention a wiring harness and a computer to run the engine. Anyway about 2 years I got it running, then the SM420 was popping out of 4th grrrrr. Had to pull it out and rebuid it -- parts were hard to find but I got it fixed.

"Now I'm done changing stuff and I'm just going to drive it and fix what breaks. We are having an El Nino winter -- 4 storms so far. The picture of the Jeep with the tree and the mountain (70K JPEG), that's the same tree as in the CJ3B Page cover photo in 2002 (70K JPEG) but looking north."

But see a Christmas 2010 photo without snow (240K JPEG). Rusty says, "No snow this year -- top down weather." Same story in fall 2012, posing with the aspens (130K JPEG).

1953: Frank Armanno

"I use it three or four times a week to fix fences -- we raise Thoroughbreds and Arabians on our horse farm. I have an air compressor in the back, I made brackets to hold the fence boards, and I use the winch to stretch fence wire and move whatever needs to be moved."

See also more pictures, and the story of how Frank found his Hard Working Jeep That Never Complains.

1953: Roger Prince

"I bought this Jeep from a gentleman in New Jersey who had bought it at auction in the early '80s. It was apparently a Long Island Police radio vehicle prior to his purchase. This man also had, at the time, a 1972 Jeep Commando in which the mechanicals had been restored. A friend talked him into switching the Commando engine (304 V-8) and drivetrain into the 3B. He had the conversion work done by Hoaks 4-Wheel Drive Center of Wrightsville, PA in 1985. He then had the body completely done over in 1994 (unfortunately he had a replacement hood installed which doesn't have the Willys logo, and a new tailgate with the "Jeep" logo). The conversion work was done very well and the 3B runs and drives great. I'd like to leave the look mostly original. Right now I use it mostly over the road but I expect the off-road use to increase over time. "

See the larger copy of the photo (30K JPEG) for the "HI HOOD" Maine license plate. See also Roger in the dirt (70K JPEG).

1953: Bob Christy

"I was at the Jeep races in Lisbon, Ohio with my '53 CJ-3B, and its original state attracted quite a crowd around it Saturday morning in the campground. I've known many of these guys since 1976 and they are true Jeep lovers. All weekend long people were looking at it, wanting to buy it, and marvelling at the PTO unit on the back."

"While I was there, the clutch pedal broke at the pivot point mounted on the frame. We cannibalized (or K-Balled) the bracket from my friend's '47 CJ-2A racer and I was on my way."

Bob has now fully restored the Jeep: see Honeymoon Sweet 1953 CJ-3B for more photos and details.

1953: Brian Greif

"The Jeep was purchased new by our county road department in 1953, and used for spraying and hauling fuel. I bought it at an auction, and to make a long story short, everything has been repaired, replaced or overhauled. I'm a Caterpillar mechanic by trade, thus the Caterpillar yellow paint. The biggest headache I had was seats. It only had a driver's seat frame when I got it. I could not find any replacement seats, so I cut the seat frame down the middle and widened it to fit the width of the tub."
For more photos, including Brian's bench seat, see Cat Jeep 3B.

1953: Buck Toenges

"I decided to go to the Internet and see if there was any possibility of finding a flat-fender Jeep myself. Lo and behold I made the mistake of finding CJ3B.info, and the projects of Dan Bever. Since Dan was from Indiana I felt like old neighbors and decided to e-mail him to ask for advice on how to find one of these high hood beauties. He wrote back and said his plate was full and that I could buy three CJ-3Bs from him."
See more photos of Buck's project in Rescuing a Jeep, Part 4.

1953: Odd Egil Torgersen

"Greetings from Hurum, Norway. When I bought this Willys last summer it was in good shape, with no rust and a great running engine. My intention was to have it as a hunting car as it was, but I have decided to repaint it in the original Woodstock Green and try to keep it as original as possible."
More photos: the grille (40K JPEG) which shows the extra running lights, and a right side view of the Jeep out in the Norwegian bush.

1953: Uwe Strecker

"I bought the Jeep in Oklahoma City, OK through a friend of mine. The ad said "new paint, engine general overhaul." The yellow paint was new, but the car wasn't even washed. And the engine... probably there was an old general passing the car in his wheelchair."

Some more Project Photos, and details on Uwe's restoration.

1953: Frank Brown

The Arizona title says it's a 1959, but the 453-GB2-26455 serial number is for a 1953 model year. This Jeep has an instrument cluster, which would be post-1955, and a heater air inlet hole on the right cowl, which would be post-1961. So its history appears to be a little complicated -- axle manufacture dates may reveal its original age.

More photos: the optional extras (30K JPEG) that Frank got with the Jeep, and the rear end after repainting (23K JPEG).

The Jeep has both front and rear PTOs. The front PTO operates a Ramsey PTO winch (15K JPEG), while the rear PTO's driveshaft is disconnected. Frank is still looking for a 13 1/2 inch fairlead for his winch.

1953: Bruce Stanley

"As my son and I began the process of a rebuild, I realized that 10 years of neglect really took its toll. I had to knock the pistons out with a very LARGE hammer after soaking them in penetrating fluid for several days." (See a photo of the finished rebuilt engine, a 40k GIF).

"After inspecting the undercarriage and many broken suspension components, I began looking at 'modest improvements'. On went a Rancho 2 1/2" suspension with RS 5000 shocks, Smittybilt full roll cage, 11.50 X 32 BFG AT on American Racing 10" rims, and a host of other goodies." (See a side view with the top off, a 60k GIF.)

"Ever try to find a full cage kit for a 3B? After a call to Smittybilt's product engineer, I found out that they have never had a 3B in for specs so that one could be designed. Through several calls, I determined that it could be done by making modifications to the front cage kit for an early CJ-5 without a dash." (See a photo of the interior and roll cage, a 40k GIF).

Other photos: a rear view in the original green, showing the dash and interior, and the primered, sanded body ready for painting.

1953: Tom Murphy

"I bought the Jeep in 1986 from a truck driver that lived in California. It appears to me that the engine is all original. It has the oil bath air cleaner, canister type oil filter setup. It is still 6 volt with the generator. About the only major thing that is not factory is the soft top that I installed. When I bought the Jeep it had no top. The owner said that a tree fell on it and smashed it, so he gave me a Bestop soft top. It also has a roll bar welded in.

"It needs paint -- I hate body and paint work or I would have already done it in a dark green. It is currently a faded out shade of red. There is some bondo here and there but the body seems to be fairly good. Three years ago I removed the front and rear axle and re-arched all the springs back to specs." (See also a photo from a front view.)

"When I sanded down the frame and axles there was green paint underneath everything. Do you think that this was a primer, or is there a possibility that my Jeep was a military Jeep at one time?"

Note: Tom sold this Jeep in 2001, and as of 2012 it belongs to Jeff Wallace in North Carolina.

1953: Aaron Baird

Aaron Baird in Creston, Ohio, has a hard-to-find item: a fiberglass tub for a CJ-3B. He says, "The fiberglass body appears to be made for a CJ-3B -- I don't see any apparent signs of modification. The hood, grill and windshield appear to be original. After looking at it, it appears the fiberglass body is slightly too narrow where it meets the hood. There is a gap on both side and the windshield arms are slightly kinked. I suspect they were bent in to match the body. I installed a Delco alternator; it had a 12v generator when I got it, but it was beyond repair."

1953: Bart McNeil

"This Jeep had been maintained as a working snowplow Jeep by a local farm family until the owner retired. Then it was stored for ten years until the owner moved to Florida. Technically I am the second owner. The tub had been replaced in the '70s, so rust is not a major problem. The tub was replaced at a time when manufacturers were more interested in "improving" the original tub rather than duplicating it. Thus they added a couple of "ribs" to the cargo bed. Though this was somewhat of a disappointment, the upside is that I won't feel obligated to do a textbook restoration. If I can get it into legal drivable shape and looking reasonably authentic I will be happy. There are problems but most are cosmetic -- the mechanics seem good. I have been gradually buying correct replacement parts for the restoration, which I view as a low-budget long term project. The CJ-3A in the background has volunteered to exchange front seats and a few other parts with the 3B.

"See also a photo of the 3B from the rear, overlooking its stomping ground-to-be (50K JPEG)."

For photos of the Jeep as Bart originally found it, see Along the Roadside and the Jeep Horns page.

1953: Tom McHugh

"The F-head is gone and is being replaced with a 2.0L Pinto motor, bored .030 over, with an R.V. cam and a Rajay turbo-charger. A custom shackle reversal is being installed, as well as enough lift to keep 36x12.50 Superswampers from rubbing." For more photos and details of the project, see Pinto Turbo in a CJ-3B in the Tech Tips section.

See also the VIN plate (40K JPEG) showing a DJ-3A serial number.

1953: Jim Marski

"I bought it in Cleveland a few years ago and tow-barred it back to Colorado behind my '72 Commando -- a painful story, but all too typical. I took it to Moab last spring, after Easter Safari. Wasn't running real well due to lack of tune and general lack of use, however it was the only stock Jeep on the trails, much less a 46 year old 4 cylinder. I dented the rear quarter on the trail. There have been at least 3 owners prior to me, but I don't know its full history. It is in line for the body work, and a new, correct paint job, but it's probably 1-2 years down the line due to other more pressing restorations."

More of Jim and Peg Marski's Historic Jeep Collection is featured in the April 2000 issue of Jp magazine (see the CJ-3B Bookshelf), and will be on display in Pine, Colorado on September 9, 2000.

1953: Matt Brookins

"I am not 100% sure that it is a '53, but it has the multiple small gauges in the dash. The serial numbers are unreadable, & the title labels it a "42 ford". A friend gave me 2 3B's. One was a parts donor, the other previously a daily driver 'til he had to pull the motor (Buick 231). I have not done much to it so far except sand blast the frame, paint it with POR-15, & add the 33's & wheels. The frame was in excellent condition, however the tub is pretty beat up."

1953: Dave Waldmann

"The entire Jeep is pretty much original and shows the signs of years as a working vehicle. The electrical has been changed to 12V to include a non-standard heater and wiper on the driver's side. It has a Solex carburetor and fuel pump without the vacuum unit, and a roll bar. Other than that, I think it is original. It had a paint job many years ago, probably candy apple red, and some things got re-located. Notice that the windshield blocks are missing on the hood. Those holes and the holes for the tie-down straps were puttied up. The hood apparently was used as a cargo area and caved in, so some welding was done and lots of body putty, but I believe it can be brought back into shape.

"The Jeep has spent all or most of its life on a ranch in Southeast Arizona. The lady I bought it from said she remembers riding in it when she was just a little one... she's mid-30's now. The story goes her dad overhauled the engine and then put the Jeep into a barn for many years. It runs like a top now. The speedo reads less than 59,000. I use it daily -- no ranch, but we have an acre to take care of and three rental units close by that I do all the maintenance on. It's a great little truck/tractor for the yard and maintenance work. We are adjacent to a National Forest in the Huachuca Mountains so we have a great time on the old logging and mining roads. I really enjoy it and it's a big favorite with the grandkids."

See also photos of the manual windshield wiper -- inside view and outside view (40K JPEGs).

1953: Terry Wohlgenant

"I didn't realize the low serial number when I purchased the Jeep (apparently CJ-3B number 12). It seems to be pretty original although certainly not pristine -- plenty of bondo, and a basket case for an engine. I don't know the history of it other than the last registration was in Idaho. Its fate is yet to be determined -- restoration, partial restoration or sale to a restorer. Any help I can get determining the historical value and suggestions on what to do with it would be welcome."

See also a left side photo (30K JPEG) and a photo of the VIN plate showing serial number 453GB2 10012 (30K JPEG).

1953: Tom Edwards

"The body tub needs changing, but for the most part, this Jeep is in good condition. The tail gate is in good shape. It has an aluminum hard top. I plan on restoring it back to new condition. It looks to be a Woodstock Green originally."

See also the steering wheel and dashboard (35K JPEG).

1953: Richard Laflamme

Richard is in Quebec, and writes in French, "The transmission and transfer case have been replaced. The body has been rebuilt from parts (only the hood, the tailgate, the windshield frame and the part before the body tub are original).

"It now has 31" tires, a 1-1/2" shackle lift, new gauges, hand throttle, bucket seats from a '79 Firebird, modification for 2WD low, hinges for the hood, and all hardware in stainless steel. All that's left is to reinstall the engine (90K JPEGs).

1953: Diego Marcelo Baldini

"I come from Argentina but I'm living in Brazil where I've found this beauty '53. It's motorised with an OHC 2.3 4-cylinder engine by Ford, and a 4-speed with a first gear that's very short but very strong. I was working on it for 8 months, but finally it's finished."

See a photo of Diego enjoying his Jeep (30K JPEG), plus these photos of his project: the engine, the interior, the swinging pedals, and a rear view (20K JPEGs).

1953: Louie Larson

Louie Larson, formerly of Willys Minneapolis, lives in Bloomington MN, and says, "This red '53 is one of five CJ-3Bs that I own. I drive it as often as possible and I certainly use it off road. It is also equiped with a Warn Overdrive and a Lok-Rite in the rear diff. I drove this Willys from Mpls. to California last summer and did the Rubicon trail with it. Used the winch 5 times to pull myself off the rocks. Put on a little over 5000 miles in 3 weeks time. Had a GREAT time doing this trip. It of course was not without minor problems. The washboard roads in Montana broke the grille mounting to the frame. Had that welded at a JI Case dealer. Vacuum advance fell off the dist. I traveled with 3 other vintage Jeeps on this trip. A '70 CJ-5, '65 CJ-6, and a CJ-7. A Wrangler was allowed to tag along behind."

See a beautiful photo of three of Louie's Jeeps (100K JPEG): "The blue one is a 1961 original 3B, unrestored with 16,xxx original miles on it. The Jeepster is a 1948, the 10th Jeepster built. All pictured vehicles are driven on a regular basis."

See also a photo from the rear (100K JPEG), including two of several MBT, Bantam and M-100 trailers in Louie's collection.

1953: Jack Van Riper

"I have been drooling over CJ3B.info for over a year now, hoping I could find the Jeep I have been looking for. I almost settled on a CJ-3A , but lo and behold I found a "cherry" '53 CJ-3B! It is original (restored with N.O.S. parts) right down to the proverbial non-functioning fuel gauge! It's even still 6-volt with floor starter. The seats were re-done and also the paint job (original color?).

"Having had several Jeeps in the family over the years, I've finally found a high hood. We are going to take 'er north to the cabin for nothing but joy riding (maybe a little work too)! I am in desperate need of a back seat."

See more photos of Jack's Jeep in Vernon, Michigan: front view, rear view, left rear, left front (former cover photo) and interior with daughter Jordan (60K JPEGs).

1953: Mike Kautzman

"I've owned my '53 CJ-3B for 10 years now. I purchased it from a guy in Longview, Washington and he had put in the steering ('53 Studebaker) and Ford V8 and transmission. I use it for off-road mostly, and also to run back and forth from work on nice days. During the summer it sees a lot of miles. I have a Best top for it, but can't seem to get myself to put it on very often. A topless Jeep seems to just be so much more fun."

See some action photos and details of Mike's Mustang V8 CJ-3B.

1953: Jose Ricardo Bateman

I bought this car from my partner's father in Bogota, Colombia, who had it for 37 years and bought it from the first owner in 1963. Everything except the air windshield wiper system and the horn seems to be original. This man told me he used the Jeep for not more than 200 miles per year since 1970. This car was registered on the Colombian Owners Card as a 1952 model because it was purchased in November 1952 and brought to Colombia in that month."

Serial number of this early CJ-3B is 453GB2 11914, and the engine number is 4J12235. See also a high angle photo of the Jeep (40K JPEG), and more information on Jeeps in Colombia.

1953: Glenn R. Gray, Jr.

Glenn lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and says, "I bought the Jeep to use when I go hunting. I have found that it will go anywhere that the quads will go. I have owned it since 1998, and so far I have put in a new gas tank, soft top and tires, and rebuilt the steering box. I plan to convert it to 12 volts but it still has the original 6-volt system that works fine.

"The engine was rebuilt and all 4 brakes were replaced, even the drums, before I bought it. I would like to upgrade to 11-inch brakes in the future. I am going to restore it, hopefully in the spring: I am tossed between restoring it to factory original and modifying it. I don't want to ruin its value as it is pretty much original. The body has been fixed with bondo but never hacked up. The only thing is, it has custom-made fenders that look good but not correct."

Check out the larger view of Glenn with the Jeep, out in the bush at the first snowfall of the year (90K JPEG).

1953: Jean-Francois Lavie

"Reading Jimmy Nylund in Four Wheeler confirmed my idea that a Range Rover V8 in a flatfender was possible, despite all the opinions I heard in France. Basically the key is a cut Range Rover bellhousing with a gear box adapter plate welded to it. Yes, Rover aluminium can be welded!"

See more details and photos of this Rover V8-Powered CJ-3B.

1953: Mike Enault

"The body is in excellent shape, and is going in the paint shop for candy apple red paint. Has a small block Vette engine on steroids (hot cam), new starter, new battery, new distributor, new water pump, new hoses, new 11" brakes, new gauges (in the original holes), big tires and runs like a striped as** ape. But I did find out you don't drive a 47-year-old, 80-inch wheelbase, overpowered Jeep over 40-45 miles per hour! This mutha sounds bad! It's used just for cruising -- I'm too old for rock climbing."

See also a rear view photo (50K JPEG) revealing the roll cage and California plates.

1953: Dean Thiem

Dean Thiem of Oak Harbor, Washington has completely rebuilt his '53, including the aftermarket Koenig box extender. Dean comments, "I thought that the two braces that go from the bumper to the back edge of the box were not correct but after seeing the catalog picture of an extension body (100K JPEG) from the late-1950s Jeep Specialized Vehicles and Equipment catalog, I realized that they came from the factory that way.

"I was worried about mounting the spare tire on the box to begin with. The sidewall has a doubler on it and the original spare tire mount aligned perfectly with holes. I put a doubler on the other side to support the weight of gas can and added a brace to it to help support the weight. It has a bit of sideways movement but isn't showing any signs of stress cracking yet."

See Story of a Long-Box Willys for more more photos and details of Dean's project.

1953: Glenn Houston

This is CJ-3B Number 9 (serial number 453GB2 10009). Glenn has "restified" (restored and modified) this Jeep, which is certainly one of the oldest surviving CJ-3B, for the 50th anniversary of its manufacture. It will probably be around for at least another 50 years.

For the history of the Jeep and details of the restoration, including the Wilwood brake system, see CJ-3B Number 9.

1953: Alexandre Dias

Alexandre is in Alfenas, Brazil, and has installed a roll bar and one of those deluxe Brazilian soft tops. He says, "This Jeep has seats and transmission from a four-speed Brazilian Jeep model 1976. The rest is original. F-head engine number 4J16127 -- VIN doesn't exist."

See a rear view photo (70K JPEG) for a better look at the soft top and seats.

1953: Jens Buus

This Jeep is apparently a 1953, although how it ended up in South Africa is unknown -- it may have been used by the South African military. Jens plans to restore it as a military vehicle.

See Fifty Years Later for more photos and details on the Jeep, and CJ-3B Restored as M606 for the final result.

1953: Larry May

"The Jeep was completely restored two years ago to stock condition, except I did add the 12-volt generator and added a second tail light on the right side, along with a later 50's signal light controller. Also I used 15" Jeep wheels with radial tires since it handles so much better with the radials. Another change was the 12V electric windshield wipers. The F-head engine, transmission, and differentials were completely rebuilt.

"The 3B joins my other stock (usually converted to 12-volt, added signal lights if not stock, added electric wipers, and 15" Jeep wheels) Jeep collection which consists of a restored 1943 MB, 1948 CJ-2A, 1957 CJ-5, 1958 FC-150, 1966 M151 manufactured by Kaiser Jeep, and a 1952 M38 now under restoration."

See also a rear view photo (140K JPEG) of Larry's Jeep in Post Falls, Idaho.

1953: Dell Kronstedt

"I recently inherited this Jeep from my great aunt who lived on a farm in Sherman County, Oregon. The nearest city would be The Dalles on the Columbia River gorge. It was a farm/hunting Jeep. Mostly all original from what I can tell. It has been sitting in a huge shed for the last 20 years and only driven a couple of times since then. My aunt was 96 Years old when she passed away. I drove down and rented a car dolly to tow it back to my home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada."

See lots more photos of this Nicely Preserved 1953 CJ-3B.

1953: William Barrow

William in Florida has been working on a 1954 CJ-3B for a while, and recently bought a 1970 Jeepster and this '53: "Very rusty although it looks good in photos. Rebuilt engine with low miles (will idle at 400 rpm without missing), brown rattle can paint over original green. Came with a rusty hard half cab (no doors, doesn't appear homemade). Used for pulling stumps and felling trees at my little piece of the woods.

"Last week I pulled the V-6 from the '54, removed the motor mounts, repaired the frame and replaced the original mounts for the F-head. In a photo of the '54 you can see the faded (but moreso dirty) original green paint on the firewall (60K JPEG). By summer the '54 will be back together and on the road!"

1953: Chuck Watford

"This CJ-3B was a belt loader at one time. (See Airport Jeeps of the 1960s for details on the Jeep's original configuration.) The previous owner had replaced the dash and cowl, the hood, and the right rear fender, after purchasing it at auction from the airport authority. While the body tub was pretty rough, the thing that attracted me to this Jeep was the excellent condition of the frame and running gear (see a photo of the Jeep as I purchased it, 60K JPEG.) The frame is clean and straight, no dirt packing or dents, no rust, even the original front bumper is perfectly straight. All data plates were removed, and the only number I have found is the engine serial number, 4J212320 (from 1958-59 according to the Serial Number and Engine Number List). But since the dash has individual gauges, I assume this Jeep must be an early 1950s model.

"I replaced the wiring (12V), installed M38 seat frames, installed new 7:00 x 16 NDT tires, new radiator core, and paint. Being a member of the MVPA and the owner of a restored M38 Jeep, I just had to restore this one as a Navy Jeep. I experienced a transmission input bearing failure just before our Veteran's Day parade; had hoped to drive it, but had to drive the M38. I pulled a T90/D18 that I had in my parts stash and rebuilt them. I pulled the engine and transmission out of the 3B (40K JPEG), rebuilt the steering drag link, installed a bell crank bearing kit, and cleaned and painted the frame. I installed the rebuilt transmission/transfer case (40K JPEG) with new mounts and new clutch linkage and cross shaft. I am working on the engine now (40K JPEG) -- new oil pump, correct oil pan, front and rear main seals, and new gaskets all over. Also replacing the flywheel (broken teeth), and installing the correct bolts."

1953: Fred Warner

"Restored as stock as I could except paint and tires. Still 6 volt. Canvas summer top by Beachwood Canvas. Pride of Maui, Hawaii! Custom plates read '1953 Wlly' because everyone kept asking me what year it was. Lots of Willys Jeeps and Willys freaks on Maui; my dream is to start a flatfender club here."

1953: Norm Banville

"It has been modified with a 327, lift, new seats. I do not know what rear end it has or much about the drivetrain. I do know the steering is "wild" and will need work.Also looking for any upcoming Willys events or meets.

"I have always wanted a Jeep and this is my first. I chose the 53 because it is a classic and it is 1 year older than myself ! It has a Chevy 327, headers, Holley 600 and electronic ignition and 33 inch tires. So it is a "hot rod" but still a lot of fun off-roading. I just put Rancho 5000 shocks all around and a Sony stereo and new clutch. I plan on converting to power steering. Any help would be appreciated. Still learning a lot about Jeeps and very interested in their history. I live in Orange County, California, and will be going to the desert a lot now, mainly Southern California and maybe Pismo Beach. Always looking out for other flatfenders !"

1953: Brandt Williams

"This Jeep we call 'Aunt B' is a GC2 Farm Jeep and was the 15th of 65 cars built in 1953. (See Willys-Overland Production Figures, 1945-61). Aunt B lived the last many years of her life on a ranch in Santa Margarita, north of Santa Barbara, California. A couple of friends and I did a quick assessment and decided we needed to do minimal work to bring her back to life. Mark Carlton found and purchased the B for me, and Whitney Haist really did a great job of bringing her back from a deep sleep. We found the Jeep when it was briefly listed on eBay but de-listed very quickly because of an error in the listing. We contacted the seller and did a deal privately."

See a classic photo of the Farm Jeep as they found her outstanding in her field (40K JPEG). Note: as of 2004 the Jeep has been sold.

1953: Marc Daenzer

"It comes from the Swiss army which used it since 1955 (first registration). I bought this Jeep in 2003. I renovated it completely from October 2003 to January 2004."

See more photos of Marc's Swiss Army Jeep.

1953: Bobby Cowley

"This shot is as it was, sitting on a trailer for about 15 years (see also the front view photo, 50K JPEG.) The other shot is the bottom side of the tub (40K JPEG) after I got it off the frame. I will be rebuilding it starting with brakes and steering, going up to a new body. I was told it never had brakes worth anything and when the body came off I found crimped and damaged copper tubing in place of good steel tube lines. It still runs pretty good but smokes a little."

1953: Dale and Wendy Bruns

"The Jeep has been in the family over 40 years. The L-head engine (80K JPEG) was installed over 20 years ago by my Dad who was the second owner. He purchased the Jeep, along with 4 jon boats, a box trailer, and a rotor tiller in 1961, from Jim Woody of Woody's Floats and Boats. The purchase price for everything was $800.00. Dad used the Jeep to shuttle passengers back and forth for float trips on the Meramec River, at the same location we currently live in Missouri. He was a licensed guide. I'm attaching a photo of me when I was 3 years old (30K JPEG) sitting on the hood of the 3B. I was hooked even then."

See also the dashboard and a rear view photo (80K JPEGs) taken by Wes Knettle at the Spring Midwest Willys Reunion 2003.

And see a unique group photo of Civilian Jeeps, 1948-2001 including several owned by Dale & Wendy, in Missouri on Labor Day 2001.

1953: Rafael Terán

Rafael writes in Spanish from Mexico: "I am 18 years old and the Jeep was bought by my grandfather as government surplus, and went to my papa in 1974. He restored it over the course of approximately a year, and used it mainly for hunting. The motor is not factory original -- it has been changed 1 or 2 times.

"The main accessory is the Koenig PTO winch (90K JPEG). It has four new General tires, size 6.50X16, and the spare is a military style from BF Goodrich."

See also a front view and rear view and the interior (60K JPEGs) and a photo of the VIN plate (30K JPEG.)

1953: Craig Godfrey

Craig's in Whitby, Ontario and says: "The Jeep is a 1953 -- we used it for a hunt camp Jeep for years. Now I am restoring it myself. I made the whole thing new out of 18 ga. satin-coated steel -- it's working out pretty good.

"The side picture (100K JPEG) shows the new metal. The back end (60K JPEG) I closed in because the tailgate I have I don't think it's original stuff. I can always open it up when I find an original. I found original seats, gauges and lots of fiddly bits at Willys Acres just north of Toronto. The rims are Suzuki Samurai 15" with Flintstone tires, a little easier on the bladder! I also have new OS military tires.

"It was a fun time restoring this family toy. Especially re-wiring all the electrics, and not just because I only had red wire (an electricians nightmare!) My kids are all enjoying the smooth ride -- this is my boy. He's 20 years old and now I think I'm out one Jeep."

See also spraying primer with snow on the ground, and the paint drying in the sun (50K JPEGs.)

Our Spring 2003 cover photo was the Godfrey Jeep in its former yellow paint and halfcab (100K JPEG.)

1953: Geoff Banning

This is the Jeep that Geoff listed for sale on the CJ-3B Bulletin Board in November 2002, saying "Just had baby, must sell." Somehow the readers of the Board could tell he didn't really want to sell, and instead of making offers or asking for more details, they all started trying to convince him he was making a mistake. Some people reported how much their kids enjoyed Jeeps, and others recalled how they later regretted selling Jeeps. In the end, Geoff agreed and said, "I don't think I could sell it anyway."

"This is our 1953 3B that my Dad Bruce and I rebuilt when I was a teenager. It was a basket-case when purchased, but with a little TLC and a lot of time, she looks and runs great. It has the original F-head and running gear, just a spring-over lift and some cosmetic changes. Now my kids and I will enjoy it for years to come."

1953: Sergio Makowsky

Sergio is in São Paulo, Brazil, where for years his Jeep was seen every weekend in off-road club events. Now he's restored it again and retired it to lighter recreational driving.

See lots of before-and-after photos of this Jipe Club Veteran.

1953: Ted Svitavsky

This 1953 Willys CJ-3B, serial number 453GB2 14543, was purchased by Ted in 1974 for $550. During the next seven years the 3B was used to go 4-wheeling, hunting, and fishing in northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Many an old logging trail was driven to a remote lake or stream, with a canoe strapped to the top of the full metal cab of the 3B. It was then parked for nearly 20 years, but Ted had quite a few great memories of the 3B, and promised himself that someday he would see that it was rebuilt.

That rebuild finally happened in Colorado in 2002. For the full story, see Building a Dream Jeep.

1953: Todd Kerzic

"I am in New York. The '53 is sitting with two other projects - a '49 CJ-3A and a '46 CJ-2A column shift. The 3B will be restored in the near future to as close to original as possible. I like to preserve these Jeeps rather than making them rock crawlers. This 3B had been sorta rebuilt back in the 80's -- just a lot of bondo to make it look good. It has a Warn overdrive on it and pretty much all the original parts are still there; no back seat, but it has the air cleaner.

"The engine was seized but a little brake fluid and PB Blaster and it came around. I quickly replaced the points, plugs and condenser and it started to fire. After a few tries I noticed the coil smoking. I replaced it with another from my other Jeep and it fired right up and by playing with the throttle it keep running. By the third start it idled on its own and ran 40 PSI of oil pressure with no smoke. I hope it stays running this good, but time will tell. I now have three projects and will be busy this winter trying to finish one of them. Too many Jeeps, not enough time."

1953: Larry Shank

This highly modified and customized CJ-3B was restored in 2005 by Larry Shank in California, along with the Kenskill Teardrop trailer used by his parents Harry and Harriette on their 1950s camping trips in the U.S. Southwest.

See Mom, Dad, a Jeep and a Teardrop for stories, photos and movies of the camping trips and the restoration.

1953: Scott Shafer

Scott's green Jeep and matching trailer (100K JPEG) are often seen on the trails in Colorado and adjacent states. Scott bought the Jeep and the hardtop from the original owner in 2000: "Nice original condition -- it took a while to get this from the previous owner, but one day I saw it for sale by the side of the road. The owner was saving it for his nephew who didn't want it. Go figure. Of course I took it off his hands. 49,000 miles, Ramsey PTO winch."

See Have Trailer Will Travel for more great photos.

1953: Jay Baldo

Jay in Fly Creek, NY says, "My 3B is similar to a picture on CJ3B.info of a 1954 advertisement in Fortune showing a Jeep at work for the Raymond Concrete Pile Company. My 3B was originally owned by the Raymond Co. (the stenciling on the hood can still be seen underneath the most recent paint job) and it has the same spool/cable PTO system mounted on the rear of the vehicle.

"The previous owner gave me a red military style gas can, but I'm not sure if it actually came with the Jeep originally. While cleaning out the Jeep I found an old tire iron and jack in the storage compartment under the passenger seat. A bit rusty, but perhaps original. I also found a piece of tin with a listing of codes on it, presumably CB radio codes from the Raymond Co. days."

See more details and photos of the Raymond Concrete Piledriver Jeep.

1953: Mike Platzer

Brian Platzer writes, "This is my dad's new 1953 CJ-3B, at the moving of a 1953 GE 80-Ton Switcher locomotive at Camp Pendleton, CA. It has a reproduction body, windshield, etc.   Only the frame, the tailgate, and the front grille are original -- but since it was saved from a farmer's field, it was most definitely worth it. My dad and I didn't do the restoration work you see on it right now, but we plan to further restore it in USS Oriskany Navy colors.

1953: Rick Lamond

Rick (MoonFroggie) in Washington state says, "It's built to suit me. Close to stock, cept with the useful things I like -- heater, 11-inch brakes, overdrive, lifted a bit, and a top to keep out that Washington rain."

See more photos and details of the Vitamin C J3B, which Rick sold in early 2006 to Terry Tevis in Northern California.

1953: Hernan Castro

Hernan in Colombia writes, "The whole car was taken apart and rebuilt. The trailer was custom designed by a Colombian company, Agro del Fonce Ltda. They have been building trailers for a long time and the idea was to resemble the original look of the Jeep, which I think was accomplished. See also a rear view photo (110K JPEG) which gives a good look at the trailer. Thanks for your web page -- I redid my Willys based on pictures I got from your web page."

1953: Jason Powell

Jason Powell and his 3B never sit still long enough for a driveway photo. Here's his story: "I got this Jeep from my grandfather who really enjoyed Jeeps. I believe he got it in North Carolina but the exact location I'm not sure of -- it has been in the Powell family for quite some time now. The only things that I have had done to the Jeep as far as unoriginal parts is the radiator is redone, and the tires have been upgraded to 25" tires. It still has the 6-volt electrical system and everything.

"I live in Gainesville, Florida. I pretty much drive the Jeep whenever it isn't raining outside. It is a fun ride and good for having some old fashioned fun. The top speed is only 45-50 and that is pushing it."

See a closer shot of Jason in the water (100K JPEG). See also another action shot (100K JPEG) showing tool indents in the side of the Jeep, indicating that sometime in the last half century, somebody had the body tub replaced.

1953: Chris Yates

Recent restoration in Newnan, Georgia. See also a left rear view (90K JPEG) and the dashboard (90K JPEG).

1953: Tony Blair

"I live in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The Jeep was owned by a series of people in and around Canaan, Connecticut. The person I bought it from had used it as a plow vehicle, and it has a plow and frame attached with a Hi-Lo Jeep Hydraulic Pump. I expect that I will replace the tub, as it is pretty rusted, and it is burning oil, so I also plan to rebuild the engine. My son, who is 8 and I are planning to do this together. I used to rebuild VW's back in the 60's, and have done little since then, so it will be a learning experience for us both."

1953: Carlos Barrera

Carlos Andres Barrera and Maria Sandoval in Bogota, Colombia have restored this '53 as an M606 in desert sand paint. Following its original importation in 1953, it actually worked for many years not in the military, but as a rural taxi.

See a video of the Jeep on a muddy trail on YouTube.

1953: John Ittel

John in Ohio says, "My first car in 1956 was a CJ-2A. From that point I have always had Jeeps around, probably 20-30. Just in the past few years I have begun to focus on the 'Farm Jeep.' The Jeeps I have now, for the most part, didn't have any accessories (PTO, etc.) I picked up these parts mostly from tips I get at various truck and tractor shows I attend. I have owned the 3B for three years. I did a ground-up restoration, finishing in '06."

See more photos and details on John's Green Prairie Farm Jeep.

1953: Ken "oldtime" Bushdiecker

"This pic was taken about 1985. My 1953 CJ-3B is hauling a load of 20' long Lodgepole Pine tipi poles up from my canoe which is down there in the Missouri River. Attached to the half cab and the draw bar are my custom built canoe racks (the custom front bumper rack isn't used.) Easily fastened, a canoe will rest on top for many miles. The rack can be easily extended on both sides for hauling two 17' canoes."

"The deluxe Koenig half cab is kept warm in winter with a 'fresh air heater' and is trimmed inside with wooden door and roof panels. The seats are covered in grey cordura nylon (in the future, the rebuilt 3B Universal will sport deerhide-covered seats.) The tranny tower dust boots are real leather, and a custom map holder (wire mesh) is mounted to the dash. Note also the custom outside rear view mirror for use with the hard cab, and the windshield is correctly painted black. The doors can be completely removed for the summer time breeze. The tires seen here are 6.50x16/6 ply (used). Driven over 80 thousand miles on its first rebuild, the Jeep is now scheduled for a second complete frame up rebuild.

"The chaff screen can be unsnapped in the winter months and replaced with a cover (see a 1995 front view photo, 115K JPEG.) Radiator air flow is controlled by adjusting that cover (not shown) for really cold weather. The headlamp stone guards are a heavy-duty custom fabrication. No hood blocks are needed as the W/S is never folded down. So a ventilating windshield would be nice!

"This 1953 has been modified using 12-volt Willys electrical components. It has both front and rear Powr Lok spiders, using a 19-spline rear 44. The transfer case has the 1-1/4" intermediate shaft and the Jeep also sports a Warn overdrive unit."

See a rear view photo of Ken's 3B in A Man and His Jeep on CJ3B.info.

See also 20 Cubic Feet of Firewood -- Ken's tips for woodcutting and roadside repairs.

1953: Terry Brogdon

Carolyn Canaday writes, "Terry Brogdon in Parker, Colorado is my brother. The Jeep in question has been in our family since 1970. I now own the Jeep In Casper, Wyoming. I would like to send a full story in the near future as the Jeep has come a long way. Much thanks goes to my brother Terry and his wife Cindy for the love they put into restoring a family memory."

1953: Todd Bull

Todd in San Diego CA says, "A Willys was my first Jeep and I still have my '46 2A, but I have finished my '53 3B and it is the family car right now. I bought it from Mr. Marvin; my guess he was terminally ill, and he was settling his affairs. His Willys was in pieces in his garage for more than 20 years. I found it on the CJ-3B Bulletin Board, we talked and I bought it. Then almost a year to date, I drove the Jeep over to his house to show him what had become of it, but he had died two months earlier. His son that helped me load the old Jeep (130K JPEG) on the trailer after I bought it was home at the time, and seeing the Jeep he could not believe it was finally running.

"A CJ-3B was one of the first Jeeps I looked at on a used car lot when I was 14. Always wondered ever since; now I don't have to, I have one now. It's too bad that Mr. Marvin never got to see the Jeep finished (120K JPEG), but his family did. "

1953: Chase Estep

"I am 17 years old and I have always wanted a Willys Jeep because my pappy used to own a few of them. I found this CJ-3B sitting over a bank sunk about a foot into the mud. I was told it has been sittin' there for 5 years. Well, I bought it. Up the road there was an old farmer who helped pull it out and he delivered it to my dad's shop where I work on it now. It has a 2300 Ford 4-banger with a T90."

1953: Ron Vogler

Ron in Winston-Salem NC has done a nice job on his first restoration project, and says, "I am normally a stock broker, so this was a different kind of challenge. CJ3B.info has been invaluable in figuring out the 'little details' a novice needs to understand. An example is finding the correct parking lamps. One article referred to the 1176, which I will buy today and complete the turn signal installation. The site is also good inspiration to working on the 3B (now called Max in honor of the dog that has gone to the shop with me every time I have worked on it).

"The history is traceable only back to 1978 when the vehicle came into North Carolina. The windshield has a decal from the Civilian Flight Testing Center in Mojave. It also had an Ohio State decal. It probably was re-worked about the time it came into N.C. A pilot drove it a while and it ended up in a hangar where a friend bought it, did some repairs, sold it to my dad, and then I ended up with it a few years ago.

"It had the brakes re-built, new gas tank. He converted to 12 volts, put in an electric fuel pump, had carb rebuilt (which caused a small fire). I put an alternator, then starters in it. On the fourth starter a friend checked it and pronounced the ring gear worn. My first thought was this was going to be too expensive to have the engine pulled, and the old CJ was not worth the cost. He challenged me, saying he pulled motors when he was ten years old. So with a $20 ring gear and a $30 book from Walcks, the work began.

"While the motor was out, I cleaned and painted it (200K JPEG). Everything went back together well and the motor looked too great for the rest to look so rough, so a new renovation was started. This was not a frame-off, since I am a novice. The body was stripped, Bondo done, done and re-done, sanded and finally painted. It has lots of parts from Walck's (from horn button and recently a horn, thermostat, ignition parts, windshield rubber, tailgate stencil and chain covers, to a Solex carb and many more.) Lots of help from a friend (who did the first work and challenged me.)

"A note on horns: Walck's said it was easy to install a horn wire. It was, for a knowledgeable mechanic. As a novice I pulled the old remaining wire from the bottom of the steering column. The wire was about 12-14 inches long. I fished a wire up to the steering wheel and attached it to the horn wire. An obstruction kept it from returning into the tube it passes through at the bottom. After a few hours and several attempts I got a long metal rod small enough to pass through the tube. It dislodged the obstruction (probable old cloth insulation) and the wire came on through easily. I then learned the horn on the Jeep was a replacement grounded to the fender. I replaced it with an original style grounded to the horn button. It works great.

"The CJ-3B will be used on farmland near Advance, N.C. I have learned something along the way, and salvaged another flat fender."

1953: Matthew Yarbrough

Matthew in Rochelle, Georgia says, "It is in ruff but fixable shape. Mechanics seem to be OK -- if I could just track down the problem in the ignition system I would have the motor running. The transmission and transfer case seem to work well. I bought it from a man who had too many project and not enough cash. He had purchased it from a man who used it to get around his farm and to hunt his land. I have included a couple of picture from the day I towed it home." (See a front view photo, 50K JPEG.)

Matthew made some progress on a plan to build a home-brew fiberglass tub. See the cardboard form for the rear bed (70K JPEG).

1953: Joel Persinger

"I bought 'Lil Red' from a friend three or four years ago. From what I understand he was the second or third owner. I've wanted a Willys since I was a kid. Now I'm a middle aged kid and finally got one. It was in fairly good shape when we got it, but my buddy hadn't used it much or kept up on maintaining it, so we had a little work to do to get it running right. It still has the F-head Hurricane four and a Warn overdrive. That little engine is a joy to work on and has plenty of power for our hunting trips or just 4-wheeling for fun. It runs great and I love it. My son and I (60K JPEG) have taken it over rocks, through mud, over sand dunes (90K JPEG), across streams and who knows what else. If we take it slow and easy, we have yet to find a place Lil Red won't go.

"A couple years ago we went on a one-day Jeep trip out to Coyote Canyon in Borrego Springs, California with several friends who all have big money mega Jeeps. Over and over they kept saying 'You might want to wait here Joel. That little old Jeep might not make it.' Well, there's a good little rock climb at the end of Coyote Canyon. Six of us tried to go up. One mega Jeep broke an axle on the way up. Another got stuck going up and my son and I pulled the poor fellow out with Lil Red. Boy did he have egg on his face. Only four of us made it to the top. Lil Red was one of them. Of those four only three made it back down under their own power. One of the mega Jeeps broke a spring hanger just as he got to the top and spent most of the night putting the thing back together. As I reached the bottom and drove past one of the broken Jeeps the guy nodded his head and said, 'They don't make 'em like they used to.' That was the last time anybody said, 'You might want to wait here Joel.'

"It may be 53 years old, but Lil Red will be hunting with us at the dove opener in September. I'm sure it'll get us there and back again. It's a terrific little Jeep and I wouldn't part with it for love or money. It's mostly original, but some parts are not. I've got a list of stuff to restore like the wheels and tires, tire rack and so on. At some point, I hope to have it back to at least 90% original. In the meantime, it's just a kick to drive."

1953: Jason Duteil

"This Jeep was used by my grandfather (Buckwheat) and a family friend (Mouse) in the Telluride Volunteer Fire Department. It still has the fire lights and siren. I am restoring it in their memory. So far no finished product shots but I thought I would send these in anyway." See the rear body extension and the interior (60K JPEGs).

See also more on the Jeep Body Extension on CJ3B.info.

1953: Mark Dunlap

Mark in Palmer, Alaska says, "I purchased it in 2001 from Tod Colvin of Anchorage. The engine has been changed out to a 350 Chevy. Saginaw 4-speed transmission, original T18 transfer case w/Warn OD. Original axles front and rear, but back is full floater with ARB air locker. This is a sweetheart of a 3B and rightfully now has an inside heated home to dwell in when not being driven."

1953: Richard Klee

Richard in Shasta Lake, California, says, "It was used in Oakland to push and start cars on a car lot. Its owner loved it and stored it in a garage. It has always had its Texas-made Koenig steel top on, which protected its insides. I bought it in 2005 from the owner's son. The engine was almost completely rebuilt by the talented people at A&I in Redding CA I have gone through everything on the Jeep, rebuilding and repainting everything. Everything is original except the stainless steel nuts, washers and bolts.

"It had a brand new, in the box, overdrive by Warn. The rusty wire on the box had never been removed. It is now installed. The Warn wheel lockouts were on the car from the dealer. Those are the only non-Jeep parts added. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don't think this little jewel will get its wheels muddy. I plan to drive it to and from Shasta Dam (8 miles) where I am an armed guard. I have the doors with roll-up windows, but it is summer and we don't need them now. The Jeep will always sleep inside a garage -- the other cars can stay outside.

"Please see the before and after pictures (100K JPEGs) of what my wife calls my 'Last Project'."

1953: Seth King

"My father got this Jeep back in the early 80's and we used it around the place for firewooding, etc. It always ran on three cylinders and jumped out of gear, but it always ran! I learned how to drive in the Willys when I was 11 and had many many hours/miles behind the wheel before I turned 16. This Jeep had had a hard life before we got it and we didn't baby it. I went away to school and one weekend some buddies and I came home and to make a long story short, my friend who said he knew how to drive stick, ended up blowing the engine and tranny. This was almost the end of the Jeep and it sat for years. Then one day my father said he was throwing it out and that's when I got the Jeep and started putting it back together. It was really shot and not really worth restoring but I had a lot of sentimental value for it.

"I gave it a complete frame off, starting with a hammer and removing all the aluminum patching and pounds of bondo from the previous owner, and ending with 1971 Brockway truck orange paint. I wanted it to still have that old Jeep feel but make it very driveable. I swapped in a Buick odd fire V6 punched out .030, Ford T-18 tranny, and 11" drums. I also swapped the steering over to a manual Saginaw setup -- Willys just aren't meant to have power steering! I installed 1" body pucks, and went with Superlift 1" springs, 1" heavy duty shackles and Rancho RS 9000 shocks. It took a really long time to incorporate each mod without losing the nostalgic Willys feel. It runs on 32"x10.5" Superswampers, and has the original Dana 18 with a Warn overdrive. With the granny four-speed, 5:38 gears this thing really crawls! I took it up to a 4x4 park called Paragon (60K JPEG) and my little 3B outdid a lot of high-$ high-powered rigs. And did it with finesse -- you just can't beat the CJ-3B!

"This was my first real project and boy did I learn a lot and have a ton of fun! It took me about three years off and on. I really want to thank Carl Walck of Walck's Four wheel drive in Bowmanstown PA (610-852-3110) for all his help. He ships all over the world and is a phenomenal source for old Willys parts!"

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