On this page we now have over 200 covers that have appeared on "The CJ3B Page" during the website's first 25 years on the web, 1996-2021. Below you'll find a tiny copy of each cover, with some comments from me about each year's highlights. You can also click any image to see an enlargement of that year's covers. -- Derek Redmond

1996-97: I started with only five pages on the website, and the ignition key for my 3B was at the top of the home page. Then the Jeep with the yellow wheels was from a Mitsubishi brochure. It was followed by an illustration from the Willys 1956 Parts List.

1998: I changed the cover a little more often this year. The red Summer cover introduced Jon Paulsen's '58 3B which was the subject of several articles, and the waving man was one of my favorite Willys advertising images.
1999: The Santa cartoons for Christmas '98 and '99 were two of a total of five covers drawn by Roberto Flores over the years. Other special occasions this year were Halloween, Fire Prevention Week and April Fool's Day (the "Kitchen Aid Model 3B"). The cover for Canada Day (1 July) featured a Canadian U.N. peacekeeping Jeep.
2000: The covers just before and after New Year's 2000 poked fun at the whole millenium scare ("Y2K: Is that a carb?"). And for April Fool's Day I noted the growing commercialization of the Web, with "The CJ3B Page is now part of OffRoad.com's Jeep Web." (There had been offers.) Tom McCahill was on the cover when I posted his famous Mechanix Illustrated review.
2001: I began changing the covers on a regular basis this year, with owners' photos and Willys literature, including the great assembly line photo. Roberto Flores' drawing Big North, showing me driving in the Canadian mountains, is still one of my favorites. On 11 September the cover went all black, followed soon by Bob Van Deusen's '61 CJ-3B carrying two American flags, and then Bob Christy's wedding photo.
2002: We had some great owners' photos, including Lawrence Wade's '55 for the fiftieth anniversary of the CJ-3B (250K JPEG). The shot of my '59 in the driveway, which is now the little green icon which pops up here and there on the website, was the summer cover. The archival photo of the black and chrome Meyer snowplow Jeep with white canvas top is still a mystery.
2003: "The CJ3B Monster Page" for Halloween showed a Mitsubishi CJ-3B in a frame from Godzilla 2000. Another Mitsu was the CJ3B-J4C ambulance in Vietnam, which is still one of my favorite photos on the website (see A Soldier's View.) Bob Harris' black and white 1955 snapshot of his 3B pulling a disc harrow was a rare glimpse of an original Farm Jeep at work. And the Beck steel hardtop ad (50K JPEG) announced Bart McNeil's definitive series of articles on early Jeep hardtops.
2004: A lot of sharp Jeeps on the cover this year, but mostly in olive drab. So the bright red and white Ansul Chemical crash truck was a nice surprise, and I liked the orange jack-o-lantern Jeep for Halloween. Christmas in the Maine Woods, 1958 was a unique and nostalgic set of archival photos.
2005: The Royal Australian Air Force "Follow Me" Jeep photos were a great archival find this year, as was the Jeep Avia brochure from Spain. After years of mostly red and green Jeeps on the cover, some people actually complained about too many orange and yellow Jeeps this year.
2006: A couple of fire Jeeps were on the cover during the tenth anniversary year. Also several of the best owners' photos yet, taken out on the trails, including the 1953 archival photo of the Shanks' 3B and trailer in Monument Valley. For April Fools I announced "Rusty Jeep Nets Record Price on eBay." A 1961 color photo of Clifton Clark's mother Janet driving their new '61 Jeep (100K JPEG) was a valuable piece of documentation and a nice Springtime cover.
2007: This was maybe my favorite year so far for covers. Interesting archival finds included the Dutch Police Jeep, the first flight of the Caribou, and the 1953 newspaper ad. And Ros Woodham driving the "Beer Truck" on the beach was probably our most popular cover ever.
2008: The cover showing Rich Mylar's shack in the woods was another popular one, introducing Jeep Stories From the Northwest. This year also had some great action shots, our visit to Spain, and special covers for Halloween and April Fools Day (the winner of the Dilapidated 3B Competition.)
2009: As usual we featured some great CJ-3B restorations on the cover in 2009. The most work I ever put into a cover was the Operation Pineapple collage including a compass and a Boy Scout shoulder patch. I was also very pleased with the information we dug up on the mystery photo of the Conshohocken Fire Jeep and the 1957 Saturday Evening Post magazine cover.
2010: This year there were several covers announcing some new pieces of historical research, including a wildfire in Oregon and Jeep Cross racing in Spain. We also had some beautiful Jeep restorations; the U.S. Air Force Jeep was one of my favorite Photoshop cover photos (70K JPEG). The April Fools Day cover (Abbey Road) isn't included here.
2011: My CJ-3B has been on the cover a few times, and this year it showed up with its snowplow. But we also had the first two repeat appearances by other owners: Rusty Friesen (200K JPEG) and Chet Couvillon (200K JPEG). Another first was the cover with the painting of the Surrey Gala; the first time (other than a couple of special 1-day covers) that we featured a non-high-hood Jeep. And the L.A. Sheriff was a new historical piece.
2012: The pink Jeep on the cover this year was the unique high-hood Surrey. We also had a number of archival photos, including the CJ-3B prototype (130K JPEG) and the colorized U.S. Mail Jeep. The photo from Croatia in 1955 is still a mystery. And for the second year in a row, we featured the impressive but vanishing fleet of Turkish Army CJ-3Bs.
2013: Some nice owners' photos this year, and a side-by-side CJ-3A and 3B from the Spring Willys Reunion. A number of history articles included an MP Jeep in Ethiopia and Traffic Line Painting in Vancouver and Seattle.
2014: "The CJ3B Page" made the big jump to its new location at CJ3B.info this year. Cover photos came from all over the world, including the 1972 Mahindra catalogue. New historical photo features were 100 CJ-3B Jeeps in Vietnam and Delivery Jeep: A Glimpse Into a Bygone Era.
2015: I started using "CJ3B.info" as the heading, to encourage other websites to update their links. One of the wildest cover pages yet, was inspired by my big photo feature on the movie Hatari! We also had a colorful group of owners' photos, including Oldtime's picture of his orange '64, taken just before he sold it. An unusual historical feature was The Men From Tonka, and we had a Saturday Evening Post cover for the Fourth of July. Sharp-eyed readers will spot a cover (lower left) that actually never appeared; it was bumped at the last minute, but the photo of the Chilean Marines is one of my favorites.
2016: The long-awaited historical feature on the 1953 Eisenhower inaugural parade appeared in January, followed by the surprise discovery of the photo of Volcano Watching in a CJ-3B. March saw the debut of Fred the Stretched 3B, and other Jeeps with names who were featured on the cover this year were Wally and Floyd and X98.
2017: One of the most popular covers I've ever posted was the armored machine gun Jeep of the Special Para Group in the Congo in 1964. It was one of four Congo covers this year, including the Irish Army restoration. There were some scenic owners' photos, and a great archival photo of a farm Jeep in the Netherlands. Fred, in a July 4th parade, was not the only stretched 3B this year; there was also one in Turkey.
2018: Some unusual covers this year included the O'Hare Airport CJ-3B dwarfed by a huge 1943 Sterling crash truck. Also six CJ-3Bs lined up at the Spring Willys Reunion, and Doug Wildey's art for a Jonny Quest comic book. My favorite this year was probably the mystery photo of the yellow Jeep.
2019: I had less time to post new material on the website this year, so there were also fewer new cover pages. Interesting international photos in the top row include the yellow Airfield Crash Rescue Jeep in the Netherlands, the Cross Country Camping Rig in Australia, and a trainload of CJ-3B Bravos Made in Spain. There was also Bob Miksch's red Mint 1960 CJ-3B halfcab. And can you identify which of these covers was never actually published? It's the French postcard with the Pink Jeep in the Sand.
2020: There were great photos from new Owners' Photos articles on the cover this year, including some with interesting history like the Los Alamos National Laboratory Jeep and the '54 CJ-3B with a Lilliston "Mow Hawk" mower. I liked the "Peace on Earth" cover from Christmas 2019, and the gentrified Swiss Army Jeep painted in a deep blue. One of my all-time favorites was the amazing picture of thirteen brand new CJ-3Bs awaiting delivery to The Hague police, which I colorized.
2021: Some great vintage photos made the cover during our 25th anniversary year, including Christmas Island 1963, plus the Jeep Cross races in Spain in the 1970s, and Operation Pineapple in 1957. Also several very unusual Jeeps from the Owners' Photos pages, and another Roberto Flores drawing for last Christmas.
2022: It was all Owners' Photos on the home page this year. I didn't have time to post a lot of new technical and historical features, but the links to lots of updates and these new Owners' Photos are on the What's New page.
2023: Fewer Owners' Photos for 2023, as many owners now seem to prefer a week of Likes on Facebook rather than having their pictures and stories archived for posterity on the website. The yellow Malaria Campaign Jeep was a notable exception. A couple of great archival photos were the Turkish cop in 1963 and the Crown Firecoach crash Jeep with the Super Guppy. For Christmas 2022 there was a new 1/43 diecast CJ-3B.

Thanks to Roberto Flores for the drawing at the top of this page. -- Derek Redmond

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