CJ-3B Parts Illustrations



ServiceBelow are selected illustrations from the Willys Motors Jeep Model CJ-3B Parts List (1956) and Kaiser Jeep Universal Service Manual (1965).

Body and Steering

CJ-3B Front Quarter View, 1956 (50K JPEG)

CJ-3B Rear Quarter View, 1956 (60K JPEG)

Body Tub and Interior Parts, 1965 (90K GIF)

Rear-Mount Hydraulic Lift (80K GIF)

Windshield, Dash, and Controls, 1956 (100K GIF)

Windshield, Dash, and Controls, 1965 (100K GIF)

Steering Column (80K JPEG)

Steering System (140K JPEG)

Wiring Diagram, 1956 (40K GIF)

Wiring Diagram, 1962 (420K JPEG)

Fuel System (80K JPEG)

Fuel and Engine

Fuel Pump, Exploded View (100K GIF)

Carburetor, Exploded View (200K GIF)

Air Cleaner Parts (100K JPEG)

Engine, Side Cutaway View (110K GIF)

Engine, Front Cutaway View (100K GIF)

Engine Internal Parts, Exploded View (120K GIF)

Engine External Parts, Exploded View (100K JPEG)

Cylinder Head Bolt Tightening Sequence (35K GIF)

Cylinder Head Parts (100K JPEG)

Positive Crankcase Ventilation, 1965 (85K JPEG)

Water pump, Exploded View (30K JPEG)

Oil Pump, Exploded View (70K GIF)

Oil Filter, Exploded View (70K JPEG)

Brakes and Drivetrain

Brake Lines, 1956 (50K JPEG)

Brake Lines, 1965 (50K JPEG)

Transmission, Cutaway View (190K JPEG)

Transmission, Exploded View (220K JPEG)

Transfer Case, Exploded View (250K JPEG)

Transfer Case, Cutaway View (120K JPEG)

Clutch Linkage (110K JPEG)

Rear Axle, Cutaway View (100K JPEG)

Rear Axle, Exploded View (70K JPEG)

Front Axle Joints (three types) (200K JPEG)

Front Wheel Bearings (early) (80K JPEG)

Front Wheel Bearings (late) (80K JPEG)

Steering Knuckle (250K JPEG)

Front Wheel Parts, 1956 (240K JPEG)

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