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The December 2020 home page for CJ3B.info had another cover illustration by Roberto Flores. It's his concept for a CJ-3B Cruz Roja (Red Cross) ambulance for the town of Burlada in the Basque country of northern Spain. It's not too far fetched; see a real CJ-3B Ambulance in Italy on CJ3B.info.

Speaking of the Red Cross, I hope you would consider making a donation to them this year. They help the victims of many disasters around the world due to war, climate change and more. You can feel safe that your donation is being well used by the Red Cross, which has an "A-minus" rating from Charity Watch.

Doctors Without Borders is another non-governmental organization doing desperately needed work, particularly in refugee camps around the world. Doctors Without Borders has an "A" rating from Charity Watch.

Roberto Flores is an artist in Pamplona, Spain, who likes to combine his art with his love of old Jeeps, and has done a number of illustrations for CJ3B.info.

In 2011 he designed this T-shirt (80K JPEG) for CJ3B.info readers, now a collector's item.

Roberto has an online shop at RedBubble.

Guixaro 2012Here's a poster Roberto created for the big El Guixaró military vehicles show north of Barcelona, in March 2012. Check out the military and civilian Viasa CJ-3Bs, and a fun variety of other 4x4s, in the large copy (870K JPEG).

StewardessRoberto tells the story of this recent piece: "A customer contacted me to draw a caricature to be printed on canvas and on a pillow (70K JPEG) for a stewardess retiring from Iberia airlines, as a gift from her co-workers. And because the customer also likes classic VW vehicles, he thought about the possibility of including one. The airplane in the background is the Airbus A-320 in which she travelled usually. And as a small personal touch, I couldn't resist adding a Willys jeep somewhere! In order to draw this one, I looked at Airport Jeeps of the 1960s on CJ3B.info."

Jeep Bravo
Roberto's illustration for our September 2008 cover page shows a CJ-3B making eyes at a couple of cows bemused by the "horseface Jeep" (as they call it in Brazil.)

You can see his selection of currently available items at RedBubble.

Roberto's Jeep art is inspired both by classic Jeeps and by Jeep modeling. Here's a great illustration of a Jeep modeler (certainly not Roberto himself) completing work on the Italeri Fire Jeep kit :


SAS jeepHe included a CJ-3B Fire Engine in his Spanish comic book called Chiqui (380K JPEG). (And note that it's a story about the perils of internet access.)

SAS jeep
Roberto has also done some nice military jeep models, including this WWII SAS (British Special Air Services Regiment) jeep, painted and weathered to look like it's seen plenty of combat. Reminds me of the Rat Patrol kit (120K JPEG) I had back in the sixties.

AoshimaRoberto also assembled and painted an older kit by Aoshima of a Mitsubishi CJ3B-J58.

by Roberto Flores

This comic strip by Roberto was originally drawn for the Spanish modelling magazine Hobby World, issue 12, March 2001. The title "La Cuadrilla Masilla" translates from Spanish as "The Putty Group." Roberto says, "It's about the dogmatism -- on styles, ways of working, etc. -- on the miniatures scene. As you can see, I have depicted one of the characters at the wheel of a Spanish-made EBRO CJ-3B Jeep. Well, the driver is me...."

Roberto FloresAnd as of 2007, Roberto was finally a CJ-3B owner himself -- a diesel-powered Willys Viasa built in Spain. We saw it when CJ3B.info visited Spain in 2008.

In December 2010 he had the Jeep in the snow (80K JPEG), but in 2019 Roberto finally sold the 3B.

Thanks to Roberto for the artwork he's done for us. For more Flores drawings, see About CJ3B.info, and the illustrations for a number of our cover pages. -- Derek Redmond

Elsewhere on the web, see Roberto's shop at RedBubble.

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