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Introduction -- the need for a roof on your Jeep.

Willys-Overland Steel Cab -- the original halfcab.

Delivery Jeep Bodies -- various manufacturers, and the Post Office.

Carson Car Craft Jeep Body -- "bomber" aluminum construction.

Beck (and Kemco) Cabs -- company bought by Kelly Mfg. in 1951.

Kelly All-Steel Cabs -- details from Mike Kelly.

Worman Jee-Cabs -- "make your Jeep a sedan".

Sears Steel and Aluminum Tops -- mail-order prices, and great photos.

Meyer Jeep Cabs -- roll-down windows for your CJ-5.

Porter & Reed Tailored Tops -- various styles in aluminum, from Kansas.

Koenig All-Steel Cabs -- succesful, heavy-duty Texas product.

Arctic Tops -- military and civilian.

Hardtops of Attu Island -- after North America's only WWII battle.

Thanks to Bart McNeil, who has written a number of historical articles for CJ3B.info, including Soft Tops for Willys Jeeps and Early Civilian Jeep Taillights. -- Derek Redmond

See also the Carraço steel cabs (120K JPEG) made in Brazil, and hardtops made in Iceland and Sweden.

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