High Hood in the Snow

Derek Redmond, Oconto Lake, Canada


Derek 2017 Roseanna took this photo in December 2017, to say Merry Christmas to Willys fans around the world, from CJ3B.info in Canada. (See more Christmas tree photos below.)

Since we moved up to Oconto Lake from Kingston in 2004, the CJ-3B's most important chore has become clearing the snow so we can get out to the road and into town in the winter.

See the snowplow brackets (120K JPEG).

Typically there's some brushing, scraping, maybe digging, and maybe even a battery boost before we're ready to plow the driveway.

Once the Township plow has gone past on the road and created a wall across the end of the driveway, we can start.

If the snow's dry it's not too difficult, but if it's wet then low-range is helpful and we might need to raise the plow a bit and take a couple of passes.

Keeping the window open can be handy, and also helpful in keeping the windshield clear since we don't have a defroster.

Down at the road we have to do a few 3-point turns to clear out the entranceway.

Some of the snow gets pushed down the hill towards the lake.

If we go too far down the hill when the snow is wet, we might need some help from the Liberty to get back up.

Most years I like to take a photo with the Christmas tree. This is 2010-11.

This was 2006-07 with just a dusting of snow.

We had quite a bit of snow in 2008-09.

Christmas 2012 at the editorial home of CJ3B.info.

This sticky snowfall was in February 2013.

2017A late afternoon in December 2017, just before we took the Christmas photo at the top of the page.

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