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I get lots of e-mail generated by The CJ3B Page, but luckily not too many complaints. Feel free to contact me with comments and suggestions. (But please post your tech questions on the 3A and 3B Community.) Here are a few of the comments that arrived in the first ten years (1996-2006). -- Derek Redmond

"I want to thank you, not just for your incredible site, but also for pullingall these folks together. This is truly a feat rarely accomplished. I'vebeen reading your site for over a year, and I'm always in awe at how you'vemanaged to capture the 'good side' of so many people around the world. So I just want to say congratulations on a job well done." -- Chuck

"I really love this website! The crazy thing is, I don't currently even own a 3B of my own. I do own an early CJ-5,and I've been working towards restoring it for over 5 years now. I'm currently learning how to rebuild my F-head engine. I am both excited about my project, and at times a little bit afraid of making a mistake (in the engine rebuild). I just hope you will realize your site positively impacts all Willys Jeep fans, along with all of the 3B fans." -- John

Red Green Show, Episode 19, 1991"You have done an amazing job with The CJ3B Page. There is nothing else like it! I just wish that Red Green had a CJ-3B instead of the Possum Van!" -- Lee

"The coolest Jeep site on the web." -- Juan

"I never imagined there was a webpage devoted to that faithful old bugger that I have in my garage, a 1954 3B. After my plow pump went bad last winter, I wondered how I'd get it fixed. Someone on the Bulletin Board got in touch with me and I now have a replacement pump installed and am ready to go! Keep up the great work, and this page has been added to my frequently visited sites!" -- Dave

"Thanks for the wonderful web page on 3B's. It is truly a one stop goldmine of information that has proved to be essential for my restoration efforts. All I need now is time and money." -- Patrick

"Your CJ-3B site has been a source of some very entertaining and envy-filled hours. Great job. The site is well designed and just full of great stories and photos." -- Brandt

"Thank you for providing The CJ3B Page for us to get our fix. This page has provided many hours of entertainment and valuable information for me. Your accomplishment in collecting all this historical information is something to be very proud of." -- Jim

"This is a 'me too' for sure. I've learned, laughed, and had the chance to help others. I finished the ground up rebuild of my B model this year, and the material maintained here was an invaluable reference source. I thank you for the work in helping us realise the potential of the Internet AND our love of the CJ3B." -- Ed

"I just want to say you have the best web page. I have a CJ-2A I purchased about 2 months ago. When I search the net for help I keep being sent to your site. This time it was windshield wiper install info. The shaft is too long. One of the guys said cut it off, and told how to do it. Just perfect for what I needed." -- Eric

FC Fire Truck "Your work is amazing, man! I'm a Jeep owner in Mendoza, Argentina. Your webpage about Jeeps outside the USA is a great contribution." -- Daniel

"Gracias Derek por este gran sitio que es The CJ3B Page. Saludos desde Argentina para todos los dueños de CJ3B/M606." -- Luis

"The amount of information you have here is nothing short of amazing. It would take the ordinary person a lifetime to gather all you have here -- and they probably couldn't find everything you've found." -- Pat

"Thanks for the no bull****   site." -- Rose

"Learning all kinds of great stuff thanks to your efforts." -- Jim

"The CJ3B Page has saved me hundreds of dollars and provided information which saved us countless hours on the repairs. Every time I have a problem or question I refer to this web site and it seems someone else has suffered through the same issue." -- Steven

"I am 11 years old. I stumbled onto your site while looking at Willys Jeep pickups. I wanted to buy a Willys pickup but now I definitely want a CJ-3B." -- Evan

"I never realized the gold mine that was parked in my favorites folder. Congratulations on putting together one of the best websites that I've come across, commercially or otherwise. I only wish that you had directed your attention to the CJ-5, my Jeep of choice, instead of the CJ-3B." -- Steve

"Of the many sites I need to visit for my job, yours is certainly oneof the best. Extremely rich, highly efficient and professional, very wellorganized, a real pleasure to browse. It almost makes you want to own aJeep." -- Giorgio

"Awesome web page. As both a Jeep lover and a fireman, I feel right at home looking at all of the fire Jeep pix. May start looking for one of my own!" -- John

FC Fire Truck"Your site blew me away -- I am into restoring antique fire trucks and just stumbled onto your site while looking for FC firetrucks. (I had a FC-170 as one of my first vehicles.) I burned up my printer running information off the site. When I get done, I will throw out all of my Jeep books -- they don't have half the information that you have on your site. Publish a book! If nothing else, just on the fire trucks. If you do, PLEASE put me down for the first half-dozen copies. Yours is the most spectacular and informative marque-specific site I have ever seen." -- Stuart
"Yours is one of my favorite places on the Internet. Great subject matter aside, I point people to it any time I find myself in a conversation about great websites. I love the way you've organized the site and the way you do links. It is a pleasure to navigate. The time and effort you put into it make for a great page that I always look forward to visiting." -- Chris

"Can't measure how much your contributions are worth. Can't do without your site." -- Wes

"Only site I spend any time on. You must be some kind of prince to spend your vacation doing this." -- Russ

"You have been an inspiration to a huge number of people and you should feel blessed with the friends you have made and by the friendships you have created between others. Keep it up!" -- Drac

"Derek.... one for you!!! Thanks!!! I actually owe you a couple more but that was all I can afford right now..." -- Tom

"What a find. That is, finding this web site. I originally thought I would jump onto the internet to see if I could find a rough asking price for the old piece of scrap iron cluttering up my driveway. But instead, now I want to rebuild it back into the shape that I know is possible." -- Rob

Parading"I'm sure you've heard it before, but this site is the most complete source of information for Jeeps I've ever seen. I would not know what to do without it. My most recent uses of the page include printing out wiring diagrams for the whole vehicle, the turn signals and the alternator. I have also gotten many parts from my new-found friends on the page. I even got an entire beautiful CJ-3B body from someone on the site and have also given away a nice CJ-3B tub to another person. The final and most important use of the site as far as I'm concerned is the camaraderie that I feel when I'm on-line. I also used to think that I was the only one out there who thinks the CJ-3B is the best-looking Jeep ever produced." -- Bob
"The info revealed on this site extends well beyond the cute little 3B! Happy Jeepin'." -- Chuck

"Everything you need to know about every part of your Jeep in on this website and its links. Takes a long to absorb it all but you will find it. Take the time to search before you start a project. My manual is always by my side but here you will get 'Been there done that.'" -- Russ

Holy web site Batman! How in the heck do you find the time to update this sucker?! Great site. Easy to navigate and photos are great. Makes me want to run out and buy a Jeep! -- Allyson

"This is absolutely the best Jeep site on the net. Life just wouldn't be the same without it!" -- Steve

"I believe you have one of if not THE best web pages I've ever seen. It's so complete and far-reaching in its scope it boggles the mind. Great Job!" -- Chuck

Big North"Operation Shore Patrol 2000 was held in Washington state this weekend and I am proud to say that I purchased a sweatshirt commemorating the event. Though I did glance at the image on the shirt whenI bought it, I did not look close enough, because when I looked at somebodyelse's shirt I noticed that you were the subject of the design. It is the picture by Roberto Flores of you in your Jeep which was on the CJ3B cover page. But this time you're on an island (and the image shows your Jeep as right-hand-drive). I had great pleasure telling people about your website." -- Tom


Note: see all the Cover Pages from the website, starting in 1996.

"I have been looking through your CJ-3B site for a while now, and I have to say it's absolutely phenomenal! Undoubtedly the best Jeep site on the web.Every time I go back I find something new." -- Dan

"I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy The CJ3B Page. Thank you for providing such great information on the best CJ ever, in such an easy-to-use, fun, useful site. The CJ3B Page is one of the best sites on any subject I have ever come across." -- Christopher

JC and Tony"Here is a pic of a couple of guys with their favorite Jeeps, who because of this site and you, have become good friends. Through The CJ3B Page I met Tony of Arizona. While he was on a recent vacation that brought him close to Lake Tahoe, he called and then came to my house for an enjoyable visit. He and his wife are great folks, proving again that only the best can own a HiHood." -- JC

"I often sit here at the computer at my desk at work after the others have gone and look at features of The CJ3B Page. Not only is the site one of the best I've found on the WWW but it's great entertainment." -- John

"Your web page is the greatest thing since sliced cornbread." -- Taylor

"I've done some surfing and I find your site the most informative, best pictures, history and I could go on and on. To be honest I haven't had time to view everything on your site. It is very much like seeing Disney World -- overwhelming, exciting and impossible to take in even in several visits." -- Wayne

"I wasn't a big CJ-3B fan (I have a CJ-5) but I love your site. More history and facts on Jeeps than any other I have found so far. Good job!" -- L.J.

"The 3B site continues to be one of the best sites for all Jeep enthusiasts. The info here is helpful and precise. I reference it when ever I am doing something to the Jeep. For that matter I try to access the page on a daily basis. Seeing something new on 'Whats New on the 3B Page' is just like getting a new magazine in the mail. I even re-read the old articles, because they're so interesting and the pictures are so nice." -- Adam

"The latest issue of Jp Magazine called The CJ3B Page the best Jeep site on the web. They are absolutely right." -- Rick

"All my friends who don't have computers but have Jeeps think I'm the great Jeep Guru, thanks to your page and all the information there." -- Jim

"When I tell someone new about the page and they hook up for the first time they can't believe what's here! Keep up the good work!" -- Randy

"I have learned more from your site in one day than anybody in my family has known about this Jeep in the 30+ years we have owned it. Thanks for inspiring me." -- Chet

"I look at a lot of different sites for different vehicles and your site is by far the best." -- Walt

"This is the best single subject site I have ever seen, and I am in the business! Thanks for the great job, and letting me scratch my Jeep itch." -- Michael

"Thank you! I stumbled across your web page. You have rekindled my desire to complete my one-man, back-breaking, knuckle-busting, money-sucking restoration." -- Jeeeeeeper

"Great site, love it and it makes me want a CJ more than ever. One day...." -- Scott

"You have one of the best sites of any kind on the Web, it's neat, loads quickly, and is easy to navigate." -- Ed

Kamunen"Thanks to you and your web site I now have a 1954 CJ3B, for $3250.00. I purchased a Weber carb new for $250.00 and have ordered the Beechwood Canvas seatcovers for $200.00. I didn't have a place to work on it so I'm having a new garage built for $25,000.00. Electrical, insulation, painting and drywall will cost another $3,000.00. A plow for the Jeep cost me $250.00. The body isn't bad but I want to redo it so an air compressor, sandblaster, D.A. sander and other shop tools cost another $1000.00. All I wanted was a Jeep to plow my driveway with. Now you can see how evil the internet is. Actually all of this is true, but I have been wanting to do it all anyway. Thanks." -- Joel

"After seeing your web site I had to send you an e-mail. This is the best, most informative Jeep site that I have ever seen." -- Lance

"Fine job you have done on the CJ-3B website. It is probably one of the finest, most thoughtfully designed sites I've run across. Regards." Robert

"Even though my preference is for the M38/CJ3A, I find your site a real joy. Keep up the great work!" -- Chris

"I would like to say how much I appreciate the 3B website. It is a wealth of information about the 3B's." -- Dennie

"We've been enjoying your excellent website for about two hours now - many thanks!" -- Jean and Jay

"Sorry for my English but I want to say to you, your page is the bestWillys page in the World, I am serious." -- Jean-François

"Wow. I am writing you this letter to express my thanks for your website -- so complete and so historical (I have a doctorate in history). You have the best Jeep website on the internet." -- Ted

"I must compliment you on a very interesting and valuable resource for those of us beginning Jeep rebuilders, or restorers. I used to think CJ3Bs were pretty stupid looking. Now I'm beginning to wish I had one." -- Bart

"Cool! Awesome site! Very impressed!" -- Pete

Thank you all for the feedback, and of course thanks to everybody who has contributed material to CJ3B.info. For contact information see Contact CJ3B.info.

I've also posted some comments about why I started the website, in About CJ3B.info. -- Derek Redmond

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